It may be hot in Texas, but we still have more fun than most!

Did a little roadtrip for the day with some of my girls, Mo Malone, Brittany Campbell (aka Beecam), Dani Windhausen and Denise Baca. We left around 9am, and got to the Allen park around noon. It was easily 100+ degrees out and we had hoped this meant it would be empty but it wasn’t. Swarms of kids on scooters infested every corner of the park. We still managed to have an awesome time, film some clips and shoot some pics.
We headed over to lewisville bowl around 3pm and the heat was so bad that the park was deserted. We discovered real fast that there was barely any shade anywhere. Thank goodness for 7-11 big gulp cups of ice and 2 for $3 gatorades or we would be dead.
We wore ourselves out in the heat, stopped in Deep Ellum for some tacos with our friend Johnny and then booked it over to the Alliance Skatepark for the last few minutes of the session. Here’s a few pics from the trip:

Dani was roasting this bowl, but we still couldn’t escape scooter wrath.

Mo shot this one of me, so stoked! I sent this one to Freegun as a thanks for the new tank top πŸ™‚ thanks Mo!

Alliance skatepark

Mo shredding the vert ramp

Eventually, we made it back home sunburned and dehydrated but amped on going back to Dallas soon nonetheless! Super fun trip! I think we all tried some new things, what a refreshing trip. For more pics from our trip, can peep our Instagram(s) and follow: @denise_baca @beecam @mo_malone and @nina_burrito..

In the meantime I went swimming and riding everyday before work, Beecam and I watched some of the Vans bowl contest at the US open of surfing Huntington Beach, CA, there was a live stream on the computer while we took turns blowing up this floatable donut to bring to Barton Springs.




Then some homies from Long Island came to town, rolling about 7 deep! Hailing mostly from Glen Cove and Locust Valley, we had Steve, Mike (aka Junkyard dog), Jake, Dave, Matt, Pauly C, staying with Elliot and Tom 516. These comedians were a trip, we had a great time showing them around Austin.
Their final day in town we hit up the San Marcos skatepark, went swimming and then hit up Lockhart for some BBQ and and another skatepark Sesh there. Too many laughs, hopefully they will come back soon!






There were several mannerisms and inside jokes from their visit solely based off Junkyard Dog’s “originaaaal” antics. Here we have the arm slap salute:

And Dani learning how to do the “murph”…

Too much fun!

Dani and Denise just finished a little roommate edit, just in time for Yeah Zine video contest! I am stoked to have helped film some clips and contribute to their project..
Watch their edit here:

In addition, Beecam put together a fun little BMX Babes in Austin edit for the same contest filmed mainly at Housepark from majority of the local gal shredders. I have a few riding clips πŸ™‚ thanks B!
Watch that one here:

What an amazing week! I am getting ready to leave for Xgames in a few hours after work..then continuing on the yeah Zine trip! Woo!! Post more soon..
Keep having fun in the meantime πŸ˜‰



“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”

..a quote by Maya Angelou, enlightening. I recently made a decision to leave my bike sponsor of more than 6.5 years, DK Bicycles. I just want to say that I am really grateful for all that they did for me, I got to travel the world, make some of the best friends, got to go on Megatour, and even design signature handlebars! Really, it is the most any company in BMX Freestyle has ever done for a girl, and for that I truly do thank them for all that they have done.

I confided in some of my closest friends and mentors about my relationship with the company and how it has changed over the last two years or so. Face to face confrontation whenever possible is always better, however, across the miles, over a computer, or via text, I learned that a lack of communication can most definitely stir up some frustrations and create misunderstandings. I am someone that believes in professionalism and that it is very important to keep a healthy relationship in business and friendships and love; good communication is key. In life, I believe it is important to work hard, appreciate what you have, who you have in your life, and equally it is also important to feel appreciated and no matter how much time passes, that your hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. I also feel that even though it may be the easier route for some to “just take the money and run,” at the end of the day, I’d rather keep my pride and stay true to my beliefs. Maybe I’m from a different generation, (ex.I don’t live my life for more likes on instagram enough haha), whatever the case, it was time for me to try to enjoy what I’m doing on my bike without any stress or wonder if I am still a part of something. I am still doing what I always do, just without any uncertainty. I just read an interview with a pro skateboarder, Marc Johnson, in which he rips into the skate industry and how a lot of the skaters are just as guilty for “taking the money and run” attitude. The interview seems to parallel my situation with riding for a smaller rider-owned company that merged with a bigger corporation that is moving in a different direction. When you have a minute, read it here.

Aside from leaving DK, Stoney and I were graced with a visit from my friend Becci and her boyfriend Dustin for two weeks. Aside from getting severely sunburned and attacked by mosquitoes, I think they had a really good time. I drove them all over Austin, upto Dallas and back to ride some spots, took them to shoot guns for their first time, introduced them to quesadillas, and the idea of homecooking instead of their favorite place on earth: Mac Donalds. Ugh! haha Here are a few photos I shot during their visit:


Hmm..Lip tattoos: Denise Baca (Left), Becci (right) got “AUSTIN” tattooed on the inside of her lip 2 years ago her first visit to America, and TX, and first tattoo ever


Dustin needed a souvenir tattoo from TX also..Another fine piece of artwork by our friend Mo Malone from Triple Crown Tattoo here in Austin

Germans in Austin……Homemade quesadillas a la Nina Burrito

BecciandDustinareWEIRD IMG_8182

Why Germans should listen to me when I tell them to put on sunblock..


In America, you only need about $40 and a valid ID or passport to shoot Germany, guns are strictly for military and law enforcement.

In America, you only need about $40 and a valid ID or passport to shoot Germany, guns are strictly for military and law enforcement.

Yep, then after Becci and Dustin’s visit, Tomas Fuentes super nice kid from Chile came to Austin on his way to Woodward West to hang with Coco Zurita. Here is a photo I shot of Tomas at our friend Morgan’s (frenchie)’s back yard..

tomas fuentes

Aside from trying to show people around Austin, shooting pics, and riding, I have been keeping busy, working on a little video edit for one of my sponsors, Freegun Underwear. I am trying to get some local bands to let me use their song for it, which I think will work out great because I love to support the homies, and Freegun prefers I use music that is “cleared” to use. Once I get that sorted, should have a nice little edit out in no time πŸ™‚

A few holidays passed since my last update, including Flag Day, June 14th, which also happens to be my birthday! It’s been a few years since I’ve had a new frame, I even sanded the paint off and clear coated it to buy myself sometime to maybe get a new one, but it never came. So in the end, Stoney bought me a T-1 “Ruben” frame, and it looks sweet and feels amazing! The specs are pretty similar to what I was running but it has a more laid back head tube angle, 74 degrees instead of 75, I can’t believe I notice that much of a difference! It’s only been a few weeks, so far so good, I forgot how exciting it is to build up a new frame! Thanks Stoney!! Huge thank you to Afro Pat for being a good friend, and “get shit done” homie, and Hanson Little at Empire for helping me put this together..seriously, thank you both so much, and Joe Rich for helping Stoney figure out what frame to get me as a surprise. I am so lucky to have so many good friends here in Austin!


Oh yeah, so in the midst of all of these changes, my friend Mo and I decided to take a Motorcyle safety course so we could get our “M” endorsement on our TX drivers license, a requirement in order to take the test here in TX. We opted for Total Rider school’s Basic course since they offered it earlier in the week. I couldn’t afford to take off a weekend from work since the 3-day course was from 6am-noon. Our instructor goes by “Uncle Mullet” and if you ever need to renew your motorcycle license and would like to be entertained while you get informed, this is the guy to go to. I sent these photos to a few family members who agree that they would rather my new hobby be “Basket weaving,” (which incase you didn’t realize, it’s a lot safer).

Mo Malone and I with “Uncle Mullet”



The course still went on “RAIN OR SHINE” and so we went the poor man’s rain gear route and picked up some “fresh” trash bags haha, actually held up pretty good all things considered.


the fleet of Kawaski Eliminators, I think they were 125 cc’s..nothing crazy but super fun!


And we completed our course! We mastered the parking lot! My friend Tom, “Tom 516” from Long Island lives here in Austin now helped us out, threw a new front tire on the Honda we have been trying to get on the road. I bought some side mirrors, we got the timing adjusted, and now whenever we have some extra $, ‘can take it to get inspected, and registered so we can finally go on some rides!!! Yay!! Here she is pre-new front tire and mirrors.


In addition to new bikes, motorcycle education and parts, I invested some birthday cash into a portable radio I call the “ghetto blaster” that uses the same battery as my drill and is rechargeable! Woo!! This little thing kicks so much ass! Took it to San Marcos park on 4th of July for a session before work, and it got everyone at the park going! It was about 100degrees out, no shade, but the jams kept everyone’s energy in the bowl and gave everyone a boost to keep the session going; I love this thing:


I have been loving life, and appreciating everyone I have in it, my friend Adrianne just had another birthday, her and I lived together in Arlington, TX at one point circa 2005 and have had so many laughs! Cheers to many more! Shot from birthday dinner at Bouldin Creek, babe-fest..


Oh and even though I had to work, you better believe that I was cheering for the annual Nathan’s International Hot Dog eating Championship, held every 4th of july in Coney Island, NY! Reigning champion, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, ate 69 hot dogs for the win this year in the mens division and Sonia “the Black Widow” Thomas ate 36 3/4 hot dogs for the ladies title. HA! That’s a lot of freakin dogs people! Screen shot of the TV from the preliminary..


All of this excitement, and then a trip home to Long Island to see family and good friends?!!! SO RAD!!!! I broke down my bike and flew home with it, july 5th to try to catch a family gathering, my mom and her sisters at our cousin’s place in East Hampton. Unfortunately, one of my aunt’s wasn’t feeling well and they left a few hours before I got there, but mom and I made the best of this beautiful place to ourselves, played scrabble and swam laps in the pool.

IMG_8484 IMG_8487

I almost forgot how beautiful Long Island is, driving passed all of the wine vineyards, farms and lush green caves of trees..and then there’s the BEACH! and the pizza, and the bagels, delis, lots of family and some of my best friends ever! Here are some photos from the trip, I got to see Steph and Sam, hang out with Biscuit (Mom’s dog aka my bro-ski), :


tar beach (Marie’s rooftop in flushing), dinner at moms, Point Lookout (a lot smaller since Sandy)..

TAR BEACH dinner at mom and chris's POINT LOOKOUT

Point Lookout with mom and ice cream <3, and a different beach day with aunt diane, aunt janette, marie, cousins nick and alex


Marie’s crazy Fish ornament, haha we had a blast

Marie's crazy fish ornament

Got to shred some BMX while I was home, great session joined by Thad, Dave Hall, Darryl Nau, and Jimmy at Owl’s Head skatepark in Bay Ridge, we rode as long as we could in the rain until the ramps just got too wet.


I also had the pleasure of attending my cousin Laura’s engagement party, congrats Laura and Joey! Dad, Dana and I and we danced our bums off ha or as dad says, “we cut the rug.”

IMG_8519 IMG_8528

My buddy Brian Kaminsky hit me up on his way back from the beach threw my bike in the back of his truck with the surfboards and we went to visit the “Boondocks” some Long Island trails. Got to catch up with Chris Hald and Darryl Nau and helped dig for a few hours. IMG_8522

Got to spend time with little sister, Tami ha she is 14 and almost at tall as me now!


And I finally got to meet my friend Dave and Lauren’s baby, Penelope! They are having a destination wedding in 2 weeks in Mexico, Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but we had dinner and then a nice evening of ping pong, skeeball, and Cinnabags, a signature cocktail at the Tender Trap in Brooklyn joined by John Lynn and Thad and even ran into “Wormz!” as he rode by, haven’t seen him in forever!

Lauren, Penelope and DAVE GHANDI HALL! TENDER TRAP! Brooklyn

I also got to see Nana and Aunt Terry before my trip ended, it made my trip to see you both! Dang! I wish I had more time!! At least I got to see my friend Tara and her boyfriend Adam, they are still relocated since Hurricane Sandy, holding up alright in their temporary spot until they get their place back together or find a new one. I made a pit stop to see Pete Miranda, better known as “Pistol Pete” and his lady and family who live right by my dad for a hot minute on my way home from the trails. Ah!!! And then there’s Chris Rubinich!!! Unfortunately I missed out on getting to seeΒ his son Joseph,nor did I catch hisΒ lady this trip, (she has a wild schedule nursing school and work) but he filled me in. My friends are the best, catching up like we didnt miss a beat, embracing whatever short time we have. Everyone is doing as good as they can be, and that makes me feel at ease. Smiles for miles, I made it home safe, and eventually so did my bike and the bagels! I miss you all already, thank you mom and chris, dad and dana, and marie for driving me around and feeding me lots of NY delicacies. Until next time……..

Jams, birthdays hellos and goodbyes

It’s amazing to me that my first downtime to update this blog is on an airplane!
First off, one of my best friends “Afro Pat” Schreader and his lady and Livvie their pup are finally reunited here in Austin! Congrats on getting the rest of the fam down πŸ™‚

Pic of pat and Sarah)
Here’s a photo of Sterling and Livvie playing Frisbee haha

Our friend Lil John had some German lady friends visiting him in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and were bumming out on the grey rainy and snowy weather so we put them up for a week in sunny Austin. Linda and Janette had a blast, we even got to canoeing πŸ™‚



OMG/this next blurb is why I am stoked on thrillerburrito to “blog” about occasional mishaps as such..
So we took the German ladies on a bike ride and one of the girls got a flat on my spare bike. The nearest shop we ended up being able to walk to in the direction we were headed was Mellow Johnny’s, which is Lance Armstrong’s bike shop. I have only been in there once or twice but thought it would be a novelty stop to show the ladies. PffFft!!!! They were really nice, but I didn’t even think to ask beforehand how much it is to change a flat. I figured at the MOST it wouldn’t be more than $10-12. It was almost double!! $18.40 to change a single speed flat?!! You must be on steroids! I have NEVER in my life been charged so much to change a flat!!!! Thanks Lance, sorry but next time I’ll walk a few miles home instead and patch the tube myself for free!!!!!


The ditch that Lindsay and Dani and I had been building some concrete stuff in was about to see some traffic for BMXFU 4/20 jam. We met up with Big Rob and Jeremy to try and get phase one of a concrete mini ramp built but some ditch goers ( aka ditch people, sketchy neighborhood kids) wrecked our forms. Frustrated and defeated wasting all of thay time and $ it was bound to get wrecked we bailed on that idea :/


And only a few hours after..


But either way the 4/20 jam had a badass turn out! Our friend from the NW, Natalie Noble was in town and Beecam and I had a few hours left to with her to ride and chill at the ditch before her flight. I am saving the action shots from my good camera for the next issue of Yeah Zine sorry homies here’s an iPhone pic:


Stoney had a birthday and turned 31! We went out to Lockhart for some BBQ and skating. This time we hit Smitty’s BBQ, the sausage was probably the best tasting sausage I have ever had!! No forks policy brought us back to medieval times ha! We made the awesome rounds of eating BBQ before going to the skatepark so we were definitely feeling a little wonky like fat kids on wheels afterwards.. Usually we eat after the session. Oops!


One more reason I love Austin, is the Alamo Drafthouse!! It’s a full menu full bar movie theater that had amazing themed events. They did a free showing of BMX Bandits on the big screen sponsored by Toy Joy, gave out Vegemite sandwiches and slap!!!
I worked the night before but got my bum out of bed and pedaled there fast to meet Joe Bob, Emily, and Lindsay. BMX Bandits was Nicole Kidman’s first starring feature film.. If you haven’t seen it, try and Netflix it.. So good def up there with “RAD!”

Another reason a lot of other people love it here is a WEIRD Austin tradition to celebrate a Winnie the Pooh character’s birthday. This year Eeor turned 50, and hippies everywhere rejoiced in Austin wearing watermelon helmets, ridiculous fairy outfits, or nothing at all besides body paint..if we were lucky. Ha! There was some unsightly topless people of all ages shapes and sizes just letting it all
Hang out, no big deal. There was also unicycle football, a farthest egg toss, live music, beer tents and tons of people who were probably on psychedelics camping out in the woods. This event was about 5 blocks from the skatepark I go to everyday and I could not help it, i HAD to go see this for myself. Stoney and I walked around laughing for an hour or two…here’s a glimpse of what we saw:




All I have to say is, YIKES!!!

So then I went to ANOTHER birthday gathering, this time not as weird for my girl Lindsay Hale! It was a birthday / going away party. She even scored a birthday dress as a gift from the Mexican market haha so good! We had a great day of riding at the pumptrack first. Its always rad to see her in a dress hahaha especially a Mexican fiesta dress!


Last few laps in the Subaru brat for now with Dani and Lindsay in the back (best seat in the car!)



This cracks me up her new Biltwell helmet she got already stickered up from our buddy Leland.. “Hardcore drinking team” haha if you know Lindsay, you know that she doesn’t drink haha.

Farewell Lindsay! She loaded up the Brat with all of her bikes and motorcycle and clothes and is headed home to Utah before returning to work in the Grand Canyon as a river boat guide.. Amazing! Safe travels and see ya for TX toast in October!

After several hellos, goodbyes a jam and quite a few birthdays.. This final jam I helped set up was so rad! It was the “Tooth Fairy Jam” at the Ninth street trails downtown Austin. it was a benefit jam for our friend Phil Bailey who broke his jaw and lost a lot more teeth than I did! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽSeveral bike companies and local businesses threw down some really nice product for us to raffle off. Hopefully the jam was a good jumpstart fund of $ for Phil to get a new “grill” so he can bite into some food sometime soon πŸ™‚ The turnout was wonderful, we saw generations of BMX and ninth street locals in attendance. Thank you to everyone who came out helped with the jumps shredded and donated for a good cause. Good luck Phil you rule!




Jack behal took a run in his newly acquired pair or Freegun underwear haha sick’


It’s almost Saturday!

Greetings from a Uhaul somewhere in Austin, It looks as if my trailer hitch didn’t come with lights so I am killing time until they get them installed! “Trailer lights? What are you towing?” Looks like I am going to have to bring the Honda in for some TLC, brake fluid is leaking and the clutch cable keeps popping out..eek! Super stoked on acquiring this motorcycle thank you Logan! Can’t wait to get it purring again!
Here’s the car, getting the stinking trailer lights installed..

The gals have been taking it back to the parking lot basics, bunnyhop a and manuals.. Pretty stoked on these sessions haha we drug out the left over Bunnyhop Pizza we built for Texas Toast Jam last year.



Haha making fun of paparazzi-dog-watching-mom-shred-BMX Sesh..

I got a copy in the mail of Chickflick BMX DVD and did a little/big video premiere in our backyard the other night.
We projected it up on the wall, a lot of people stopped by for it and were stoked! Here’s the link to the trailer again:
The video is for sale now at Empire BMX
My photos of backyard BBQ premiere aren’t anything to post here really but!

If you missed it, we are going to show the video THIS Saturday to warm up the crowd before the Subrosa “Get Used to It” video!! 21+up only and I will be bartending! Come support the ladies and Subrosa! And enjoy some $5 Liquor pitchers until the videos are over..

Don’t be square, be there!

Latest sightings, I had an evening off with Stoney, pedaled up to the White Horse to see his friend Jordan’s band jam out, and wow! I heard someone yell my name and boom! My college friend from NY, Ro was in town her first time in TX! Great to see her πŸ™‚ so random!


She looks exactly the same, cutest little thing! Hehe

Aside from that I am getting stoked on this Colombia edit!! Clips are sorted, music chosen, now it’s time to throw it up on a timeline..

Any day now!

And a late breakfast for lunch with fresh eggs from Brent our homie at Project Loop straight from his chicken coop! I scored at a friends birthday gathering he brought them to, everyone there was vegan except for me! Ha, Bon appetit!

Thank you Brent!
I made a delicious scramble: Carmelized onions, garlic, sauteed kale, tomatoes, pinch of salt, touch of mild cheddar, black pepper and some cayenne with avocado..mhm.


After this uhaul bit is done I’m dropping the Moto off and headin to the trails before work! 😜
Ps thank you to Austin local Kim for catching some flicks of me and some homies at Housepark the other day..
Click this link to peep some pics maybe she caught one of you?!
Photos by KTYarborough


This week is INSANE! #sxsw #chickflickbmx #sistersession #simplesession

We just got back from Colombia in time for one of the craziest weeks of the year in Austin, South by Southwest (sxsw.). What this means is almost every type of music and celebrity you can think of will be in town and yours truly will be bartending downtown at Shakespeares Pub.. I have a had a few 16hour days already!
Tonight is also the first ever premiere of the long awaited Chickflick BMX video! First ever all girls bmx video with full parts from Natalie Wade, Jessica Ausec, Camila Harambour, Angie Marino and Nina Buitrago. The DVD is now available for pre-order at a discount of 15%off until it gets back from the distributor. Visit the website to order yours now! I will be working on an Austin premiere as well. Watch the trailer:

In other fun girls BMX news, Simpel Session is going down this weekend in Tallin, Estonia. The top 13 spots have been filled for “Sister Session” the girls class. Again I SO wish I could be there with all of my ladies right now, I had to make the call with my knee, still pretty fresh after hitting it again in Colombia, I cannot risk crashing on it again until it heals a bit more. I have been following all the girls on Instagram and watching the Yeah Zine site for updates. Looks like they are cold, bundled up and LOVING the course! I am off Sunday to watch the Sister Session live stream 11:20am Eastern Time click here to watch. Go girls! The course looks amazing!! Mark your calendars! I set several alarms haha.

In the midst of all of this awesomeness, I have managed to catch some skateboarding and music before my shift yesterday. Here are some photos I shot at the Thrasher Death match event at the Historic Scoot Inn where my friend Beecam (Brittany Campbell) works.

I got to see Chelsea Light Moving one of Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth’s side projects..

And enjoy a set by the Black Angels local psychedelic rock from Austin.


It was great to see some friends outside of work πŸ™‚ everyone seemed to be in between “sessions” either riding or skating, or working too. Nice little one hour reunion with friends got me even more stoked on this week.


Β‘Gracias Bogota por todo!

Oh my how the time flew by!! Initially, we didn’t have much of a solid plan for places around Colombia that we wanted to visit. All we knew was that we were going to meet some girl riders, eat some great food, hopefully ride some cool spots, see some sights, and get to know the culture.
DK Bicycles Colombian distributor Oscar and his wife hosted us for the first week or so, he took us to several parks, and had us sign posters for the locals.

About a week into our trip we got word that a girl rider from Ecuador named Monica heard we were going to be in Bogota, and hopped on a 3 day bus ride just to meet us and come ride with us! Unfortunately, during her travels, there was a bus strike, and she got stuck somewhere half way, and 3 days turned into 7 days until she finally got on a plane to make it. Diana informed us later that Monica had sold her camera to pay for her flight. Anxious for her safe arrival we changed locations to stay with our new friends Diana and her husband Ruper so we could at least get to spend some time with her the last few days of our trip whenever she finally arrived.

Diana and Ruper were great tour guides!! not only did they also make us breakfast every morning, but they pedaled with us all over the city, introduced us to new fruits and breads we don’t have in the states. They even hiked up AND down Montserrate with us! Their 6 year old son Matthew did the hike too πŸ™‚ what a trooper! Our legs were destroyed for the next few days after that one ha!
One of the first days in the van with Oscar..and the posters we had to sign:
We even went to “el salitre” BMX race track, and met some kids who ride for Community BMX’s DK racing team..
It was amazing to see so many kids at the track the few days we went, they were killing it! Some of Colombia’s fastest! ” El dragon” Juan Pablo 8yrs, Linda Rubiano 15yrs, Santiago Suarez “hurricaneβ€’

The rest of the time was amazing here are some photos..
πŸ” There were not only lots of dogs in the streets but also horses!!!
We hiked up to top of Montserrate and back down, and were sore to walk for days…across from the top was the virgin of Guadalupe, beautiful! Elevation Circa 10K feet!
The crew that made it!! Even 6yr old matthew!! 20130309-090502.jpg20130309-090532.jpg
The view was gorgeous! Lots of beautiful flowers and plants, we even ate some tamales at the top πŸ™‚
Bogota used to be “Santa Fe bocota” the capital of the region now known as Colombia. There’s a lot of history here, a lot of battles and gold! The lake behind Montserrate used to be where El Dorado and several families would throw their wedding offerings into for good luck. At some point in time when the Spaniards arrived and got wind of the gold in the lake, they even tried to take a chunk out of the lake and drain it to get to the gold! To this day you can still see where they attempted it but most of the gold has been recovered and is in the “Museo del Oro” another awesome stop. If you’re interested in the history of metals, jewelry, weapons and trade, this place is awesome! And less than $2 USD to see!


We also stopped in Simon Bolivar’s house at the base of Montserrate. Beautiful beautiful garden..



On Sunday the girl from Ecuador still hasn’t arrived, so we participated in “ciclovia” which is an all day Sunday bike ride. The city closes down a lot of roads just for bicycles from morning until late afternoon. So fun!


La plaza de Bolivar, the capital.. A lot of history here, this is where everyone comes to protest anything and everything.



There isn’t really much of a middle class in Bogota, it’s seemingly poor or super rich.. This plus the government finally compromising some what could be “temporary peace” with the drug guerrillas and terrorists are just a few reasons Bogota hasn’t been very popular for tourists. There is definitely some sketchy areas to avoid, we saw a car in front of us get robbed at a red light, (lock your doors!)..yikes! These areas are easily avoidable if you have the right tour guide..being on the look out, always looking 360 was key to having a safe trip here. “Ojos buenos”

In a nutshell We learned that Colombian people poor or rich, truly have the biggest hearts, and make sacrifices second to no one here in the states. We got to ride some amazing spots, make some amazing friends and learn a lot about Colombia and its history..and food! Oh my gosh the food!!! Everyday there was a new type of mango or fruit I have never heard of that was delicious! Fresh juice on every corner and so cheap!


I definitely need to come back to Colombia!! (When there isn’t a bus strike) we have yet to visit Baranquilla, Girardot, Cali, Cartegena, Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, and the amazons.
Our friends Alejo and Cassie from Chicago drove all over Colombia a week before we arrived and brought us back some “Hormigas De Colona” or famous fried, big-booty ants. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, choked one down, woof! Tasted like crunchy salty popcorn kernel mixed with dirt. Eh, not my favorite.. Somehow didn’t yack.

Colombia is crazy, so much talent, and SO many riders, but sadly, very few will ever afford the visa to visit the USA. Hopefully our friend Diana can find a way! She can bunnyhop higher than most dudes and has a lot of style when it comes to jumping. Keep your eyes peeled for a little video edit of our trip πŸ™‚

Longest blog update for me ever!!! Ha, thanks for reading, quite a gap without wifi to play catch up. Finally home safe in the states, time for SXSW here in Austin..aka Work work work!! Come visit at Shakespeare’s Pub on 6th


Some love and healing vibes for my friend teammate “Maddog” in Colombia:

Everyone loving some Freegun underwear stickers

And some Empire BMX goodies as well (thanks Hanson!)



What a Sweet Day it was
September 8, 2012, 5:19 pm
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My longtime friend who is an awesome baker, Meghan, teamed up with some fellow bakers and opened “Sugar Circus” the ultimate cure-all for your sweet tooth right here in Austin.

“The best sugar show on earth” is located at 2613 E.5th street between Pedernales and Pleasant Valley.

I rode my Fairdale there yesterday morning on an empty stomach which was trouble! Thankfully it was 2 for 1 cupcake special so I scored some extras to share (haha don’t worry I shared). There is a perfect assortment of classic buttercream frosted cupcakes, cookies, and the other half of the items offered yesterday were vegan and gluten-free friendly.


I wanted to bring one of everything home!! I did well though and only bought one of each truffle and a few cupcakes to try.

For the record, this place is also open on Sundays so they can offer regular and vegan cinnamon rolls!!!!
Make sure all of you reading this who will be visiting for Texas Toast Jam 2012 stop in for some treats! It is located a stone’s throw away from this years contest site.
Oh man, so after my little sugar extravaganza, I show up to go for a swim with girl Dani at her pool and she is hopping on one foot making pancakes from scratch!! More sweets!! Ah!!!

So glad I went for a bike ride yesterday after all of that sugary goodness!

Oh and some GREAT news, someone reported the license plate of the truck that hit our friend Joe Bob that took off after. The police are on it! I am so relieved to hear this!!

Happy Saturday!! I’m off to shred before work again πŸ™‚

Joe Bobs last night in the hospital woo!!