Finally finished the YEAH ZINE Fise 2013 Edit

So it was kind of really last minute, but I had an opportunity to attend FISE World Series Contest in Montepellier, France for a weekend. This contest has one of the largest crowds I have ever seen! It’s awesome! There was a girls BMX park class again this year, and the weather held up awesome! The airport lost my bike for the first day and a half I was there, so I met up with the girls and filmed their practice runs. Next day my bike arrived, and I rode the first ramp I saw with Cami, it was one of those classic European contest mini ramps, 6ft tall, super wide double coping spine with a sub box on one side..super fun!!

This year the girls got a lot more practice time on the course, they let us ride during pro practice! So I was able to step up and film a little bit of everyone the first few days before our finals. Since only 9 girls appeared for their runs, we skipped qualifications and just had a final on Sunday. This probably worked out better since we got to do a demo for the crowd Saturday and have even more time on the course to film. The ladies absolutely ripped, Katherine Diaz from Venezuela pulled several tailwhips on a quarter, Shanice Silvacruz from Rotterdam pulled several flairs, consistently on the street spine, and Cami had ultimate style and flow all weekend! I pretty much just grinded the whole course in good fun. Stoked on metal pegs again! ha It was great to see a lot of the French girls return this year with some new moves, my French improved and their English AND riding improved. Tre bien!

I also got to meet and hang with FREEGUN france crew, and a few other of the FREEGUN USA teammates: Alex Jumelin, AJ Anyaya, Daniel Sandoval and Leon from the UK!

Either way, I had a great time! I hope you enjoy this edit, I am having a lot of fun learning how to do these. Thank you DK Bicycles for hookin’ me up to go over there! See you next year FISE!

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Yay!! My bike finally arrived!


Goulven Gothier shot a few pics
Here’s one:

Hung out with some French lady shredders!

Huge crowds!!



And somehow I rode well enough to get first..



Jams, birthdays hellos and goodbyes

It’s amazing to me that my first downtime to update this blog is on an airplane!
First off, one of my best friends “Afro Pat” Schreader and his lady and Livvie their pup are finally reunited here in Austin! Congrats on getting the rest of the fam down πŸ™‚

Pic of pat and Sarah)
Here’s a photo of Sterling and Livvie playing Frisbee haha

Our friend Lil John had some German lady friends visiting him in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and were bumming out on the grey rainy and snowy weather so we put them up for a week in sunny Austin. Linda and Janette had a blast, we even got to canoeing πŸ™‚



OMG/this next blurb is why I am stoked on thrillerburrito to “blog” about occasional mishaps as such..
So we took the German ladies on a bike ride and one of the girls got a flat on my spare bike. The nearest shop we ended up being able to walk to in the direction we were headed was Mellow Johnny’s, which is Lance Armstrong’s bike shop. I have only been in there once or twice but thought it would be a novelty stop to show the ladies. PffFft!!!! They were really nice, but I didn’t even think to ask beforehand how much it is to change a flat. I figured at the MOST it wouldn’t be more than $10-12. It was almost double!! $18.40 to change a single speed flat?!! You must be on steroids! I have NEVER in my life been charged so much to change a flat!!!! Thanks Lance, sorry but next time I’ll walk a few miles home instead and patch the tube myself for free!!!!!


The ditch that Lindsay and Dani and I had been building some concrete stuff in was about to see some traffic for BMXFU 4/20 jam. We met up with Big Rob and Jeremy to try and get phase one of a concrete mini ramp built but some ditch goers ( aka ditch people, sketchy neighborhood kids) wrecked our forms. Frustrated and defeated wasting all of thay time and $ it was bound to get wrecked we bailed on that idea :/


And only a few hours after..


But either way the 4/20 jam had a badass turn out! Our friend from the NW, Natalie Noble was in town and Beecam and I had a few hours left to with her to ride and chill at the ditch before her flight. I am saving the action shots from my good camera for the next issue of Yeah Zine sorry homies here’s an iPhone pic:


Stoney had a birthday and turned 31! We went out to Lockhart for some BBQ and skating. This time we hit Smitty’s BBQ, the sausage was probably the best tasting sausage I have ever had!! No forks policy brought us back to medieval times ha! We made the awesome rounds of eating BBQ before going to the skatepark so we were definitely feeling a little wonky like fat kids on wheels afterwards.. Usually we eat after the session. Oops!


One more reason I love Austin, is the Alamo Drafthouse!! It’s a full menu full bar movie theater that had amazing themed events. They did a free showing of BMX Bandits on the big screen sponsored by Toy Joy, gave out Vegemite sandwiches and slap!!!
I worked the night before but got my bum out of bed and pedaled there fast to meet Joe Bob, Emily, and Lindsay. BMX Bandits was Nicole Kidman’s first starring feature film.. If you haven’t seen it, try and Netflix it.. So good def up there with “RAD!”

Another reason a lot of other people love it here is a WEIRD Austin tradition to celebrate a Winnie the Pooh character’s birthday. This year Eeor turned 50, and hippies everywhere rejoiced in Austin wearing watermelon helmets, ridiculous fairy outfits, or nothing at all besides body paint..if we were lucky. Ha! There was some unsightly topless people of all ages shapes and sizes just letting it all
Hang out, no big deal. There was also unicycle football, a farthest egg toss, live music, beer tents and tons of people who were probably on psychedelics camping out in the woods. This event was about 5 blocks from the skatepark I go to everyday and I could not help it, i HAD to go see this for myself. Stoney and I walked around laughing for an hour or two…here’s a glimpse of what we saw:




All I have to say is, YIKES!!!

So then I went to ANOTHER birthday gathering, this time not as weird for my girl Lindsay Hale! It was a birthday / going away party. She even scored a birthday dress as a gift from the Mexican market haha so good! We had a great day of riding at the pumptrack first. Its always rad to see her in a dress hahaha especially a Mexican fiesta dress!


Last few laps in the Subaru brat for now with Dani and Lindsay in the back (best seat in the car!)



This cracks me up her new Biltwell helmet she got already stickered up from our buddy Leland.. “Hardcore drinking team” haha if you know Lindsay, you know that she doesn’t drink haha.

Farewell Lindsay! She loaded up the Brat with all of her bikes and motorcycle and clothes and is headed home to Utah before returning to work in the Grand Canyon as a river boat guide.. Amazing! Safe travels and see ya for TX toast in October!

After several hellos, goodbyes a jam and quite a few birthdays.. This final jam I helped set up was so rad! It was the “Tooth Fairy Jam” at the Ninth street trails downtown Austin. it was a benefit jam for our friend Phil Bailey who broke his jaw and lost a lot more teeth than I did! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽSeveral bike companies and local businesses threw down some really nice product for us to raffle off. Hopefully the jam was a good jumpstart fund of $ for Phil to get a new “grill” so he can bite into some food sometime soon πŸ™‚ The turnout was wonderful, we saw generations of BMX and ninth street locals in attendance. Thank you to everyone who came out helped with the jumps shredded and donated for a good cause. Good luck Phil you rule!




Jack behal took a run in his newly acquired pair or Freegun underwear haha sick’