Thank you Woodward West!

It is Girls Week at camp Woodward West !

The Yeah Zine Trip has been a blast so far. We got to meet up with Tammy Donahue and the rider formerly known as Miss Cory Coffey who is now Mrs.Cory McGee (congrats!)


It was great to catch up with the girls and ride with the campers! Woodward West totally hooked us up and let us come shred for a few days, wish we had more time to stay longer, this weeks crew was so fun!
Last night I rode the dirt jumps with Cory, Tammy, and all of the BMX campers!!!! Roasting marshmallows after around a bonfire was the jam 🙂

We gave out some product had a couple games of “foot down” this morning


We got a bag full of fresh ripe avocados on the side of the road..California freshness! Been adding those to every camp meal we remembered to bring em to!
Oh and SO random, Kareem J.Williams made an appearance at Woodward camp. Photo opp!!


Thank you Shawn Dorton, and everyone at Woodward for having us, Letting us follow you though the lines in the bowls and at the jumps, and for overall being awesome! Until next time..

This update is brought To you by 4 hour a traffic jam off of hwy 14 south en route to Long Beach. Ha! Hit ’em with it! Btw, Lindsay has “punched muffins” while on a riverboat trip and “cheeses” “deli meats”..”and it feels cool!”

Yup. Story Time on the road hahaha!


Woodward West bound!
June 23, 2012, 8:36 pm
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First of all, this photo is for Stoney:

Our last few sessions in Utah were amazing! We got to ride Layton and Matt’s yard again during daylight and then Sandy!
On our way out of Utah we had the pleasure of catching up over breakfast with our friend and huge supporter of Yeah Zine, Terry Seeberg. Thank you for breakfast Terry it was a lovely way to start our trip back on the road!!

We made some new friends at a truck stop petting zoo off of I-15 in a town called Scipio:


But yeah then we stopped by Lindsay’s family’s house where her mom hooked us up with a spread of sandwich items and we made a super nice lunch! Here is Lindsay with her mom holding a plate with a photo of baby Lindsay.

Thanks Linda!
On our way from there we pit stopped in Cedar City to ride with some of Lindsay’s friends, “Indian Greg” and Logan. We had a really fun session at “exit 59” park, mostly small prefab ramps, but with good people who shred and have a sense of humor we had a super fun session.
Here is “Mini Park” doing a tire tap in the mini at the park haha

The cedar City homies:

We the also then stopped at a concrete park in St.George for the last 10min until lights went out on us. Short but sweet!

We were all super tired so we booked an affordable hotel outside of the strip in Vegas, and proceeded to sleep hard! All of the riding in the sun, dehydration and driving it was so nice to catch up on some much needed rest. We just got some more issues of yeah zine printed at kinkos and are on our way to Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA. We will be there through Monday, kicking off the beginning of girls week at Woodward!!!

Here’s a few more photos from Utah..I will be back someday!!

“Sandy” concrete park Where we met Alex Gren, a girl that I’ve always heard about who shreds! the haze above the mountains was from wildfires not too far away. Our van was covered in ashes at the end of our session here.

A closer view of wild fires we could see from I-15 in Saratoga Springs super close to Lindsay’s familys house

Lindsay killin Beringer’s garage

Playing the cool!

Driving through Vegas


June 21, 2012, 6:16 pm
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Here is a Yeah Zine blog update about the trip we are on for the next 11 days

Salt Lake!!!!!!

We got to SLC, and visited “The Wood Shop” an amazing rider-owned bike shop by Cameron Wood.
I got super lucky, he happened to have a 3/8 Profile axle with some extra 14mm adapters to replace the one I broke back in Colorado Springs. Huge thanks to Cam and his buddies Rob Wise and Shawn “Elf” Waters for rigging up my wheel!
This shop is super nice, all of the displays were made by Cam from mostly free pallets and scrap wood found around town.





After the Wood Shop, we headed to Matt Beringer’s house to shred his backyard. His roommate, Ethan, hooked us up and took us through the lines, so much fun! It had been a dream of mine to ever get to ride this yard, definitely one of my top favorite backyard set ups ever!

In addition to the yard, the garage ramp was a trip as well, totally ramped out. Did some air guitar before we rode it..

Afterwards we met up with Redbull homie Fuzzy Hall and his family for dinner, thank you!!

We then raced to the Layton Park to catch the last 10min.before the lights went out to shred with a girl rider named Chastity who driven an hour and a half to ride with us!
That was awesome she was stoked I followed her for a run along with every other kid who was trying to get there last runs in. Good times!
Looks like the Hall family acquired a new furry family member, Fuzzy’s daughter Madison couldn’t let go of this stray kitten another rider found running around the fence of the park haha!! Still not sure what they are gonna name him/her, “Tranny” cat? haha


This morning we woke up and Lindsay made us breakfast, thanks girl!

Then her Angie and I pedaled down to the Tanner trails to scope them out, pretty cool spot!!! Hopefully we can find someone to follow through the lines later today 🙂 the hike back up the mountain was INTENSE!!! Glad I ate three pieces of French Toast for breakfast ha!


Thankfully we conquered the hill!!


Just loaded the van, picked up Mini and Jess, and now we are headin to the Layton park to ride with Chastity and anyone else who is down! 😄 been a rad day 6 and 7 of the #yeahzinetrip

Driving to SLC!

Beautiful sunset view from the Parker bowl.

Denver was awesome, a day and a half is not nearly enough time to see or do a lot but we made the most of it!
I didn’t get to catch up with everyone I wanted to but top person on my list, long time best friend and partner in crime Stacey Mulligan was a highlight!
Stacey is the first other girl rider I met about ten years ago. We moved to Cleveland together, lived kn Pittsburgh together and have traveled the world together. I love that we always manage to catch up somewhere. Magnolia BMX did a recent interview here.
Highlight was getting her back on a bike for her first time in years at the new Arvada Park!! She can still bunny hop and killed the bowl first run like she never missed a beat!!
Old school flick of us from the Chenga days circa 2004

It was SO great to see her and get her pumped on riding again!!!!
Here are some pics from a few spots we rode in and around Denver:

My new buddy from Lafayette park Wesley:


New park in Wheat Ridge about to open next week:

We rode the Valmont dirt jumps after a few awesome hours at the Boulder Park. It even had a line for Jess!



The bowl at Parker was rad too, unfortunately we didn’t get to film everything we wanted to because the lights went out at 10 and we didn’t get there until 8..amazing park though!

After a rad long day of bikes in Denver, it was time to reload the van did begin our drive to Salt Lake City!!! This will be my first time actually visiting there and not just driving through! And since Lindsay is from SLC she will be our tour guide.


Here’s out route we started about 6 hours ago ha!


Broken Axel and filled with Pizza

After driving through the night and sleeping in Pueblo we woke up with the sun and finished the final hour of driving. We made it to Memorial park and had almost the entire place to ourselves!
I’m super bummed I broke my axel mid grind down one of the rails there and rolled my ankle pretty bad. I must have done the rail at least ten times just fine but I guess I’ve just been grinding SO much since I got those hub guards the axel finally blew up.

20120618-150837.jpg 😦

But!! The best part of this crappy situation was that Duncan Gore, Colorado Springs legend and longtime friend came to save the day! He showed up to loan me a spare rear wheel he had until I find another axel. My DK BICYCLES teammate Dane Beardsley showed up with some other flat landers and rode with us. I mainly just took photos since my ankle blew up too


Then Duncan hooked it up and took us to Louie’s for Pizza!!! That ruled!! Thanks Dunk! Here’s him with his kiddies 🙂


And now we are off to Denver to pick up Jessica Ausec!!! So stoked!!

Yeah Zine issue 5 release Jam was a hit!
June 18, 2012, 4:14 am
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FIRST off, HaPPY Fathers Day dad!!!!! and to all of you dads out there hope your day is kickin ass!

HUGE thank you to all of the locals at Walnut creek Pumptrack in Austin, TX for helpin us get the place in shape all week long!!

The beginning Of the Yeah Zine trip kicked off after my Birthday week and Mini Park, Lindsay Hale, and Angie Marino made the trip to Austin to start the trip. We spent the last day and a half riding and filming around Austin, and got on the road today for Colorado to pick up our good friend Jessica Ausec.
Go to Http://YEAHZINE.COM to follow web updates and Follow @yeahhhhzine on twitter.
Thank you to Terry Seeberg for donating some scrilla for the hot dogs chips and cases of water at the jam!
And to Beecam for bringin her BBQ and being grill master while also shreddin 🙂

Here is a nice parting shot from the road before we headed into some rain in Sweetwater, TX..


We are currently lost in Amarillo somewhere ha!