Last week was a doozie! Full of not so awesome surprises like my car got broken into, my credit card # got hacked, I got a ticket for a new traffic law sign (I’m going to fight it!) and a stomach bug took me out for a whole night off work. Despite this storm cloud, I managed to get through it.

I had a surprise of my own to look forward to that would make this all seem not so bad..I flew home to NY surprise my mom early for her birthday!!
Austin, TX to Queens, NY isn’t exactly a weekend roundtrip in the car, and with my last few days “off” for the next month I figured this was the time! Thanks to a Southwest buddy pass, I flew home and “Mookie” my step dad and my “brother” aka “Biscuit” scooped me up from the airport. Mom was chillen at home working on some accounting homework and I just ran in like” hey mom!” I scared her she gasped at me like I was a ghost. I think I saw her eyes tear up with joy it almost made me cry too haha, it was intense! We proceeded to enjoy the rest of their Sunday Football ritual together cheering for the NY jets, DoH! They didnt win but we had a nice dinner out later, and it was exactly what I needed to put my bad week behind me.

Mom and I have a great time just hanging’s a pic of us from the summer spent the day at the beach, Point Lookout, still one of my favs.

The next day or two I got to hang with Biscuit for a bit, took him to the vet for an ear ache turned out to be a pretty bad infection so we got him all fixed up and also updated on his shots. Yikes $$$$!! But how can you put a price on this mug:


Going home to visit for such a short time is so hard because you want to try to see everyone, all of your family and friends but it’s just SO nuts, everyone is spread out and on different schedules, it’s hard! And attempting to surprise mom, I didn’t call anyone really except for Mookie, and my dad and Dana. I got to visit dad, Dana made some homemade chili, and then I kidnapped Tami, my 14yr old sister to the mall. Ha! We had a good time as always and shared some good laughs, miss ya Tam!!


This trip was definitely too short but much needed to help lift my spirits from last week. I had some time on my return travels in the airport to recap on some pretty awesome things I have done this summer, people I have met, so many great friends and the best family ever! It helped me to remember that no matter how hard it rains sometimes, my life and the people in it are amazing!!

I went through some of my phone pics from summer here to reaffirm the “amazing” part of my epiphany :
Got to see Iron Maiden with some of my girls Mo Malone, and Dani W at Circuit of the Americas..thanks ladies!
#bmxbabe #heavymetalparkinglot

We got photo bombed by a security dude ha

These pics make me smile and laugh, cannot forget these good times in Austin..

“..Skeet skeet right now!” Ha


It’s officially October and Texas Toast is around the corner! I volunteered the last few days help with whatever to move wood, sweep and paint before I have to be at work at night. It’s been taking it out of me doing both “jobs” but I love it!!
Dani and Lindsay framing out some ramps..

Dani giving Monty a mouthful ha


In the midst of my few days home now, some GOOD surprises came my way!
Homegirl Terry Seeberg shipped me a pair of “impossible to find” Fly Bikes Ruben Alcantara signature pedals in PINK!!! Doc had overheard me mention I was striking out on my internet search for a pair in pink and happened to have a pair laying around!! He gave them to terryburger to ship and OMG I freaking LOVE them!!! THANK you guys!!!

In addition, one of the more badass bonus updates is that I got a box load of parts from Tree Bicycle Co!! I am all smiles and will post a for real photo of the whip when I get all of the new parts on. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am really excited about Tree because I have known these guys from ST.Louis area from as far back as my first summer at Woodward Camp in PA circa .2002. They have always been a supporter of the BMX ladies and any zines I have ever worked on. They are the kings of “rad!” Haha celebration photo of the package arriving:

Way stoked!!!!!! Time to go shred!
Current soundtrack:


::::air guitar!!::::


Edits upon edits! Plus my Dixie Tricks Weekend adventure

I am still catching up on blog posts here, for those of you who didn’t get to peep it, my edit for Freegun Underwear dropped as soon as we got back from the yeah trip!
Major thanks to Angie Marino and Darryl Tocco for major assistance with Final Cut Pro..ha, I finally graduated from iMovie woo!!

I am real excited to have finally finished this edit, I started initially filming for it last November when my Aussie friends Leah and B-dogg were visiting, when I had a good street bail and I ended up tearing my PCL in my knee. This took me out for several months. But after some rehab, and good physical therapy I regained some confidence on the bike a this last trip got me pumped to get this done! Thanks again everyone who helped me film!! (Angie Marino, Lindsay Hale, Stoney!, Jamie Allender, and Danny Downey). Huge thanks goes out to Austin locals heavy jam style band, “Tia Carrera,” especially their drummer Erik Conn for the song recommendation, be sure to follow them on Facebook, maybe we will see them again this year at a Texas Toast after party?! Okay here’s my Freegun edit, share and enjoy!

And now that you’re done watching that one…

I flew out to Frisco, CO about a week after the yeah trip, to help coach at Dixie Trix women’s dirt jumping weekend. It was combined with Plus Size BMX’s “Outlaws of Dirt” contest.
Here are some beautiful photos of from the weekend, the campsite view (a few hundred yards away from the jumps) and I hope thy convince everyone who sees them to come to next years event!


We had some storms that rolled in on us but that didn’t stop my tent buddy Carley Young and I from smiling or entering the muddy downhill slalom and slopestyle events with the MTB gals. “It’s like cutting a pizza with my BMX tires all this mud, ha”


Sometimes a full face helmet is what’s up!
I also got to spend some quality time with legendary bad ass (LBA) Anita Joy Hodgin (left) and my bestie Stacey Mulligan (right).

These gals, together again, on 20’s?! Amazing! In addition to seeing these lovelies I got to shred and instruct with all of my favorite MTB gals I haven’t seen since the good old days at Rays.. Holy wow, what a weekend! Made so many new friends too I can’t wait until next year! Thank you Tammy Donahugh and her dude Jimmy and all of the gals who came out for putting together such an amazing weekend! A Dixie tricks edit just dropped on The Vital BMX site here is the link:,23060/970biking,307

Some parting shots from beautiful Colorado, gals and guys who love bicycles and dirt, don’t miss next years event at frisco!..




Riding a ditch with Beecam and Danny one day while filming final clip or two for edit..

This group of little kids came bombing down into the ditch and one of them did the best run of the evening, blindly pedaling full speed off where the ditch dropped down a few feet into the mossy stream of ditch water, kickstand down, he was soaked and skidded for several feet.. And lived to tell! Amazing entrance I will forever remember at this spot. Here is a photo for you to enjoy of his lil homie with a sweet mullet for the final parting shot..


Yeah Trip update long overdue..
October 2, 2013, 5:51 pm
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“How was your trip?!” Wait which one? Ha I am lucky to have made a few this summer but “what’s up with the lack of blog updates?!” That seems to be the question lately! Sorry mom!

Phone problems, aka “I take too many photos-problem” resulting in a “storage almost full” message, which caused me not be able to update software or apps including the wordpress app that I use to update my blog from my phone ๐Ÿ˜– (Angie and Lindsay blame me for taking pics of our food on the road ha!) So I finally backed up some flicks and got the situation taken care of temporarily. Here it goes!

Summer only got better in August when I left the blazing heat of Austin to join the Yeah Zine trip kicking off at X-games in Los Angeles.
Angie said she was able to score one of the vans from S&M Bicycles/Fit Bike co. for us to do the trip in. As soon as I walked out I the curb at the Long beach airport I saw the van!!

Haha oops! As it turns out legendary Filmer and Austin homie, Stew Johnson, borrowed the van and was there to pick up his lady who was on the same flight as me. Ha!! Whoops, wrong van, total “psyche out!!!”
Angie and Lindsay arrived shortly after and what an amazingly hilarious reunion laugh we all had as they pulled up in this more low profile space ship, this was going to be a blast๐ŸŽ‰

Four days at X-Games with not so awesome credentials in the sun seems like ten days. Thankfully we had the pleasure of meeting and riding with Nikita Ducarozz aka “Nikita BMX girl,” 16 yrs young, has her own clothing company FDV Clothing, and is one of the hardest working young riders out there I know. Her team riders and mom and aunt drove down together to support her and volunteer at the event. We did demos in the blazing sun and gave lessons as part of GRO to any girls in the crowd who wanted to try BMX or skateboarding.

We also had a visit from GoPro camera ambassador, BMX legend Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla during one of our demos. He caught this Toboggan I did during one of the demos, fun times!

Nikita’s mom caught this other angle thanks!


After a few hot days in a little white tent at X-games, my homie Jush Allen picked up Lindsay and I the last day and took us to his local trails, the OG!, Olive Grove! There was a jam going on and tons of people enjoying themselves and doing trains through all of the different lines. The locals were super welcoming and encouraging and got me
to give the line called “Cro-bar” a go. I had SO much fun and got way further than I thought I would ha. Shout out to new thunder buddy Jon Sanchez for getting me to keep going ha! Group photo by Lindsay (brakeless, not feelin it, but maybe next time! Thanks for shooting some pics!)

Made some new friends, learned how they do things and helped patch a lip, added my “ladies touch” haha then went swimming and ate pizza. Thanks for rescuing us from downtown LA Xgames scene Jush!! Lots of bikes in a Cadillac ha!!

Jush dropped us off and we got some rest then loaded the van and took off the next morning.

If you are on Instagram, search hashtag #yeahzinetrip #yeahtrip and users @yeahzine @linzeehale @a_ngiemarie @nina_burrito for some more photos from the trip our new friends along the way tagged us in:

Our ultimate plan was to drive up to Portland, Oregon and stop and visit other girl riders and fun spots along the way. What hospitality we had run into!
We stopped in Santa Cruz and camped on the beach. Our friend “jah Murph” showed us around, Murph rules!

this spot was in Etnies grounded, in Ruben Alcantara’s part, he wall rode over the top of this full pipe:
Buena Bowl:


Ran into our friends “Chunk” and Monica who just moved to Santa Cruz from Austin two weeks earlier!

Then We stopped in Fresno aka FresnOOoo!! Thanks to the local shredder Chad Osburn for showing us around. He took us to some pools on the return part of the trip when we stopped there again but unfortunately they were busted up when we got there..RIP!

the locals we met were some true characters, I got a few of them yelling “dammmm Gina!!” Whenever something sweet went down, haha made my night!

So we continued north and pit stopped at Nikita’s house in Sonoma County which was SO beautiful, wine country!! Her family was SO amazing to us let us crash, fed us garden fresh fruits and veggies, let us ride their ramp do laundry and sent us off with a BBQ! Please send Nikita to Austin sometime so I can attempt to return the favor!



Our compiled list of spots to stop at was amazing, thanks to Joe Rich for taking the time to fill us in and also note some
Good coffee shops along the way โ˜•๏ธ
Here are my notes from Joe I jotted down as he gave me the lowdown from I-5 as we pulled into Oregon:
” Ashland,*coffee noble coffee
Grants pass
Myrtle creek (joes favorite if t1 were a bowl)
River swimming by millsite park
Good place to park and camp!
Break off take old 99 towards Winston fun little skatepark (before roseburg)
Just north of Rosenberg take 138w to coast hit reedsport skatepark (one where Morgan did double loop!)
From there keep going north..
Florence (one with the doorways to carve over)
Waldport funniest bowl with Berms head north to
East a few miles is Toledo
Siletz park
Lincoln City (no bikes but at least stop and look, it will piss you off but seriously a work of art)
Has a downhill snakerun thing
*theres s coffee spot looks like little white shack serves stump town coffee
Then if keep going north towards the coast on 101 hit up
Astoria (where goonies was filmed)
And also Seaside little town just below Astoria has a good park.. Then can CUT OVer down rte 26 to Portland

New Vancouver, Washington park is also a good tool”

Killed it!!! Even though we didn’t make it to all of the spots, we hit most f them
And then some!
Woke up with the sun in Ashland:


hooked up some kids at Grants pass with some parts for cheap to help
With gas $
Myrtle creek was amazing!

We stopped in Eugene to hang with girl rider Sarah Lampert for a few days another hospitable tour guide!
She also worked at Dutch Bros.Coffee and hooked us up!

Here’s some spots we visited in Eugene..

tank top thunder buddies (Sarah) ha
We also got to shred Franks backyard with Frank himself and Riley..


We hen proceeded to shred Portland and met up with Sam Lyons and Natalie Noble and friends who showed us all over!

Cruising the streets of Portland at night was awesome

We of course needed some famous Voodoo Donuts



Mandatory morning burnside sessions..

Jared Souney had a lot of really cool BMX photos on display at GOODS BMX shop. Major shout outs to Shad Johnson, Andy Merral, Nick Vergillo and friends for being such awesome hosts and tour guides! We teamed up with goods and had a jam at the Vancouver park on our last day up north. Great turnout!

So many rad people came out for the jam including some longtime friends and shredders came out like Katie Pitello, Jon Bristol, Ryan Barrett, dusty Horton and his lady who rips on a bike Maggie Lahet, Joe “Toledo Joe” Prisel, Shawn Mac and Tope Sosonya tons of other homies. Tony Archibeque jr shot some amazing photos of us all, here are a few he sent of me:



And then we packed up the van, stopped To pet some goats downtown Portland, eat some amazing ice cream and drive through the night to get back for our flights home from California.



We drove through the night which was rough but worth it to make it back to California with a spare hour or two To stop in San Jose to ride the Lake Cunningham park with BMX legend, Ron Wilkerson, inventor of so many tricks I still don’t even do haha. This park was amazing! And huge!



This was a great trip!!!
Thanks to everyone who let us crash at their place or took us to spots and just helped us have one of the best trips ever!

Keep your eyes peeled for The Yeah trip video…hopefully finished soon!