Edits upon edits!ย 

If you’d like to see a really well made video covering an event I hosted in December click on this link:
This was the first ever FOX WOMENS BMX JAM I held at the Walnut Creek Pumptrack in Austin, TX.

 My talented friend Angie Marino designed the flier turned out awesome!


If you would like to see an impromptu iPhone edit of a women’s weekend event in Cleveland, OH Last weekend, I shot an edited the entire thing on my phone, click here to watch the link (turn it up if you like 80’s hair metal! If not maybe turn it down haha sorry mom)

So that edit was made on the fly, I was coaching at the event and really not able to ride with a shoulder injury so I figured I would make myself useful and try to showcase the fun vibe as best I could for being on the sideline.  

At this point, if you’ve watched both video edits, the first one was done so nicely the quality, production editing and sound was just beautiful. I really owe Fox Head Inc.a major thank you for supporting the ladies and hiring a Filmer and photographer to cover the event.  It just does not compare to what I was able to scramble out on my phone. The female riders are absolutely progressing so much and I feel there needs to be more coverage and events like Fox supported to keep everyone inspired, motivated, aware, and to want to get involved in this movement. 

Between both videos I’m pleased they were are available to showcase the good vibes, and bring excitement to our scene. Here’s a few last pics and clip from rays:

Swarm! Swarm my pretties! Haha  

I hope to see you at the next one!-Nina B


Edits upon edits! Plus my Dixie Tricks Weekend adventure

I am still catching up on blog posts here, for those of you who didn’t get to peep it, my edit for Freegun Underwear dropped as soon as we got back from the yeah trip!
Major thanks to Angie Marino and Darryl Tocco for major assistance with Final Cut Pro..ha, I finally graduated from iMovie woo!!

I am real excited to have finally finished this edit, I started initially filming for it last November when my Aussie friends Leah and B-dogg were visiting, when I had a good street bail and I ended up tearing my PCL in my knee. This took me out for several months. But after some rehab, and good physical therapy I regained some confidence on the bike a this last trip got me pumped to get this done! Thanks again everyone who helped me film!! (Angie Marino, Lindsay Hale, Stoney!, Jamie Allender, and Danny Downey). Huge thanks goes out to Austin locals heavy jam style band, “Tia Carrera,” especially their drummer Erik Conn for the song recommendation, be sure to follow them on Facebook, maybe we will see them again this year at a Texas Toast after party?! Okay here’s my Freegun edit, share and enjoy!

And now that you’re done watching that one…

I flew out to Frisco, CO about a week after the yeah trip, to help coach at Dixie Trix women’s dirt jumping weekend. It was combined with Plus Size BMX’s “Outlaws of Dirt” contest.
Here are some beautiful photos of from the weekend, the campsite view (a few hundred yards away from the jumps) and I hope thy convince everyone who sees them to come to next years event!


We had some storms that rolled in on us but that didn’t stop my tent buddy Carley Young and I from smiling or entering the muddy downhill slalom and slopestyle events with the MTB gals. “It’s like cutting a pizza with my BMX tires all this mud, ha”


Sometimes a full face helmet is what’s up!
I also got to spend some quality time with legendary bad ass (LBA) Anita Joy Hodgin (left) and my bestie Stacey Mulligan (right).

These gals, together again, on 20’s?! Amazing! In addition to seeing these lovelies I got to shred and instruct with all of my favorite MTB gals I haven’t seen since the good old days at Rays.. Holy wow, what a weekend! Made so many new friends too I can’t wait until next year! Thank you Tammy Donahugh and her dude Jimmy and all of the gals who came out for putting together such an amazing weekend! A Dixie tricks edit just dropped on The Vital BMX site here is the link:,23060/970biking,307

Some parting shots from beautiful Colorado, gals and guys who love bicycles and dirt, don’t miss next years event at frisco!..




Riding a ditch with Beecam and Danny one day while filming final clip or two for edit..

This group of little kids came bombing down into the ditch and one of them did the best run of the evening, blindly pedaling full speed off where the ditch dropped down a few feet into the mossy stream of ditch water, kickstand down, he was soaked and skidded for several feet.. And lived to tell! Amazing entrance I will forever remember at this spot. Here is a photo for you to enjoy of his lil homie with a sweet mullet for the final parting shot..


Finally finished the YEAH ZINE Fise 2013 Edit

So it was kind of really last minute, but I had an opportunity to attend FISE World Series Contest in Montepellier, France for a weekend. This contest has one of the largest crowds I have ever seen! It’s awesome! There was a girls BMX park class again this year, and the weather held up awesome! The airport lost my bike for the first day and a half I was there, so I met up with the girls and filmed their practice runs. Next day my bike arrived, and I rode the first ramp I saw with Cami, it was one of those classic European contest mini ramps, 6ft tall, super wide double coping spine with a sub box on one side..super fun!!

This year the girls got a lot more practice time on the course, they let us ride during pro practice! So I was able to step up and film a little bit of everyone the first few days before our finals. Since only 9 girls appeared for their runs, we skipped qualifications and just had a final on Sunday. This probably worked out better since we got to do a demo for the crowd Saturday and have even more time on the course to film. The ladies absolutely ripped, Katherine Diaz from Venezuela pulled several tailwhips on a quarter, Shanice Silvacruz from Rotterdam pulled several flairs, consistently on the street spine, and Cami had ultimate style and flow all weekend! I pretty much just grinded the whole course in good fun. Stoked on metal pegs again! ha It was great to see a lot of the French girls return this year with some new moves, my French improved and their English AND riding improved. Tre bien!

I also got to meet and hang with FREEGUN france crew, and a few other of the FREEGUN USA teammates: Alex Jumelin, AJ Anyaya, Daniel Sandoval and Leon from the UK!

Either way, I had a great time! I hope you enjoy this edit, I am having a lot of fun learning how to do these. Thank you DK Bicycles for hookin’ me up to go over there! See you next year FISE!

<p><a href=”″>FISE 2013 YEAH ZINE edit</a> from <a href=”″>Nina Buitrago</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Yay!! My bike finally arrived!


Goulven Gothier shot a few pics
Here’s one:

Hung out with some French lady shredders!

Huge crowds!!



And somehow I rode well enough to get first..


It’s almost Saturday!

Greetings from a Uhaul somewhere in Austin, It looks as if my trailer hitch didn’t come with lights so I am killing time until they get them installed! “Trailer lights? What are you towing?” Looks like I am going to have to bring the Honda in for some TLC, brake fluid is leaking and the clutch cable keeps popping out..eek! Super stoked on acquiring this motorcycle thank you Logan! Can’t wait to get it purring again!
Here’s the car, getting the stinking trailer lights installed..

The gals have been taking it back to the parking lot basics, bunnyhop a and manuals.. Pretty stoked on these sessions haha we drug out the left over Bunnyhop Pizza we built for Texas Toast Jam last year.



Haha making fun of paparazzi-dog-watching-mom-shred-BMX Sesh..

I got a copy in the mail of Chickflick BMX DVD and did a little/big video premiere in our backyard the other night.
We projected it up on the wall, a lot of people stopped by for it and were stoked! Here’s the link to the trailer again:
The video is for sale now at Empire BMX
My photos of backyard BBQ premiere aren’t anything to post here really but!

If you missed it, we are going to show the video THIS Saturday to warm up the crowd before the Subrosa “Get Used to It” video!! 21+up only and I will be bartending! Come support the ladies and Subrosa! And enjoy some $5 Liquor pitchers until the videos are over..

Don’t be square, be there!

Latest sightings, I had an evening off with Stoney, pedaled up to the White Horse to see his friend Jordan’s band jam out, and wow! I heard someone yell my name and boom! My college friend from NY, Ro was in town her first time in TX! Great to see her ๐Ÿ™‚ so random!


She looks exactly the same, cutest little thing! Hehe

Aside from that I am getting stoked on this Colombia edit!! Clips are sorted, music chosen, now it’s time to throw it up on a timeline..

Any day now!

And a late breakfast for lunch with fresh eggs from Brent our homie at Project Loop straight from his chicken coop! I scored at a friends birthday gathering he brought them to, everyone there was vegan except for me! Ha, Bon appetit!

Thank you Brent!
I made a delicious scramble: Carmelized onions, garlic, sauteed kale, tomatoes, pinch of salt, touch of mild cheddar, black pepper and some cayenne with avocado..mhm.


After this uhaul bit is done I’m dropping the Moto off and headin to the trails before work! ๐Ÿ˜œ
Ps thank you to Austin local Kim for catching some flicks of me and some homies at Housepark the other day..
Click this link to peep some pics maybe she caught one of you?!
Photos by KTYarborough


Finally coming up for air!

That last week and a half was crazy, lots of hours working to make up for not being at simple session, which we ended up watching Sunday morning.

I got so many amazing shout outs from announcer homies Darryl Nau and Zack “Catfish” Yankoush, and twitter shout outs from girls everywhere, Aaron Ross, and text messages from homies all over the world giving me a hard time for not making it this year..AgaIN!!!!! Second year in a row. Bummer I couldn’t make it but I am so grateful to have been there in spirit!!
The ladies class was awesome to watch, Vanessa Gerner had one of the most entertaining runs, pedal sliders across the course, just pure fun! I was stoked to see some new faces this year Katya (Russia), Georgia Wheatey (UK) and Minato from Japan to name a few.
All of the girls threw down. They didn’t show the first part of becci’s run and her peg manuals but I know she killed it! Angie flowed the course well, shanice went for some flairs and Cami took advantage of the street course and grinded up and down ledge and banger was hangover toothpick down the rail! So stoked on this! Wish I was here SOOO badly, words cannot describe….

Aside from Simpel session Natalie and Morgan Wade posted some photos from the first ever premiere of Chickflick BMX in Tyler, TX! Follow them on Instagram @texasmwade @nataliebwade for the pics..
This just in.. The first 5 orders of Chickflick BMX will receive a signed poster!


In between riding sessions catching up with what’s happening at 9th street and Housepark, the weather has been beautiful! I am still going through all of our photos and clips from Colombia..
Figuring out what to do..attempt an edit?

Last night of sxsw after hitting my knee again at 9th street and getting cut loose from work, I ventured out to see final show of NY homies the Unstoppable Death Machines at Holy Mountain.
There was a drunken-high Ollie contest set up by “No Comply” the local skate shop ..decent amount of pro skaters were in town and tuned up ready for their of the Baker dudes Brandon Sansafeankski (<–butchered name) could barely push forward and crashed several times headfirst before he could even ollie. More sad then entertaining really but yet again Austin's own local skate beast Tyler Tutaj still dominated.. I think last year he cleared 6 decks, switch!

Unstoppable ripping it up:

These dudes are from Queens! I met them in Cleveland at Now That’s Class the bar I used to work at whenever they played there. Funny that we rolled in the same hood and it took until Cleveland to meet each other. Ha! Anyway, they had a fun set and the rest of the night was a tired awesome mess. I found this photo of Jimmy Finley, (skate legend/former BMX rider/concrete worker) after he ate it bad bombing a hill. Loose trucks on his skateboard or maybe a rock in the road.. Lets just say, this photo just about sums up how we all felt by the end of SxsW. Scraped up bloody delirious and somehow, still smiling:

So glad it’s over!
And now peaceful life shall continue, riding bikes bikes bikes, eating and sleeping normal hours, and attempting to transport cool stuff via my Fairdale like starter plants for the garden ๐Ÿ™‚

They made it! ๐Ÿ™‚

ยกGracias Bogota por todo!

Oh my how the time flew by!! Initially, we didn’t have much of a solid plan for places around Colombia that we wanted to visit. All we knew was that we were going to meet some girl riders, eat some great food, hopefully ride some cool spots, see some sights, and get to know the culture.
DK Bicycles Colombian distributor Oscar and his wife hosted us for the first week or so, he took us to several parks, and had us sign posters for the locals.

About a week into our trip we got word that a girl rider from Ecuador named Monica heard we were going to be in Bogota, and hopped on a 3 day bus ride just to meet us and come ride with us! Unfortunately, during her travels, there was a bus strike, and she got stuck somewhere half way, and 3 days turned into 7 days until she finally got on a plane to make it. Diana informed us later that Monica had sold her camera to pay for her flight. Anxious for her safe arrival we changed locations to stay with our new friends Diana and her husband Ruper so we could at least get to spend some time with her the last few days of our trip whenever she finally arrived.

Diana and Ruper were great tour guides!! not only did they also make us breakfast every morning, but they pedaled with us all over the city, introduced us to new fruits and breads we don’t have in the states. They even hiked up AND down Montserrate with us! Their 6 year old son Matthew did the hike too ๐Ÿ™‚ what a trooper! Our legs were destroyed for the next few days after that one ha!
One of the first days in the van with Oscar..and the posters we had to sign:
We even went to “el salitre” BMX race track, and met some kids who ride for Community BMX’s DK racing team..
It was amazing to see so many kids at the track the few days we went, they were killing it! Some of Colombia’s fastest! ” El dragon” Juan Pablo 8yrs, Linda Rubiano 15yrs, Santiago Suarez “hurricaneโ€ข

The rest of the time was amazing here are some photos..
๐Ÿ” There were not only lots of dogs in the streets but also horses!!!
We hiked up to top of Montserrate and back down, and were sore to walk for days…across from the top was the virgin of Guadalupe, beautiful! Elevation Circa 10K feet!
The crew that made it!! Even 6yr old matthew!! 20130309-090502.jpg20130309-090532.jpg
The view was gorgeous! Lots of beautiful flowers and plants, we even ate some tamales at the top ๐Ÿ™‚
Bogota used to be “Santa Fe bocota” the capital of the region now known as Colombia. There’s a lot of history here, a lot of battles and gold! The lake behind Montserrate used to be where El Dorado and several families would throw their wedding offerings into for good luck. At some point in time when the Spaniards arrived and got wind of the gold in the lake, they even tried to take a chunk out of the lake and drain it to get to the gold! To this day you can still see where they attempted it but most of the gold has been recovered and is in the “Museo del Oro” another awesome stop. If you’re interested in the history of metals, jewelry, weapons and trade, this place is awesome! And less than $2 USD to see!


We also stopped in Simon Bolivar’s house at the base of Montserrate. Beautiful beautiful garden..



On Sunday the girl from Ecuador still hasn’t arrived, so we participated in “ciclovia” which is an all day Sunday bike ride. The city closes down a lot of roads just for bicycles from morning until late afternoon. So fun!


La plaza de Bolivar, the capital.. A lot of history here, this is where everyone comes to protest anything and everything.



There isn’t really much of a middle class in Bogota, it’s seemingly poor or super rich.. This plus the government finally compromising some what could be “temporary peace” with the drug guerrillas and terrorists are just a few reasons Bogota hasn’t been very popular for tourists. There is definitely some sketchy areas to avoid, we saw a car in front of us get robbed at a red light, (lock your doors!)..yikes! These areas are easily avoidable if you have the right tour guide..being on the look out, always looking 360 was key to having a safe trip here. “Ojos buenos”

In a nutshell We learned that Colombian people poor or rich, truly have the biggest hearts, and make sacrifices second to no one here in the states. We got to ride some amazing spots, make some amazing friends and learn a lot about Colombia and its history..and food! Oh my gosh the food!!! Everyday there was a new type of mango or fruit I have never heard of that was delicious! Fresh juice on every corner and so cheap!


I definitely need to come back to Colombia!! (When there isn’t a bus strike) we have yet to visit Baranquilla, Girardot, Cali, Cartegena, Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, and the amazons.
Our friends Alejo and Cassie from Chicago drove all over Colombia a week before we arrived and brought us back some “Hormigas De Colona” or famous fried, big-booty ants. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, choked one down, woof! Tasted like crunchy salty popcorn kernel mixed with dirt. Eh, not my favorite.. Somehow didn’t yack.

Colombia is crazy, so much talent, and SO many riders, but sadly, very few will ever afford the visa to visit the USA. Hopefully our friend Diana can find a way! She can bunnyhop higher than most dudes and has a lot of style when it comes to jumping. Keep your eyes peeled for a little video edit of our trip ๐Ÿ™‚

Longest blog update for me ever!!! Ha, thanks for reading, quite a gap without wifi to play catch up. Finally home safe in the states, time for SXSW here in Austin..aka Work work work!! Come visit at Shakespeare’s Pub on 6th


Some love and healing vibes for my friend teammate “Maddog” in Colombia:

Everyone loving some Freegun underwear stickers

And some Empire BMX goodies as well (thanks Hanson!)



More Action Shots, and AGT! Don’t Forget to Vote TONIGHT 8pm EST!

So apparently with the time zone difference, I posted the wrong time earlier, please tune in to NBC TV tonight 8pm EST (that’s 7pm CST!! like right now!) and vote for All Wheel Sports team! They have made it to the semi-finals, tonight there will be 12 groups, but only the top 3 can advance! These are some really talented performers I had the pleasure of working with and helping to replace at Cedar Point this summer while they were in NYC killing it on this show. You can vote up to ten times by phone, Skype, text or online.

The voting lines are currently closed but will open at the end of tonights show for everyone to vote, here is the link you can click on to find ALL WHEEL SPORTS and vote for them up to ten times aside from calling or texting their specific voting line phone # that will flash on the tv screen later tonight, click here to help them out:

Thank you in advance!

I will most likely be tuning in from Brackenridge Hospital visiting Joe Bob Montgomery, with a posse, some plain unsweetened iced tea and our lap tops to fire out some extra votes ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some action shots I promised, these are from the All Wheels Extreme Show at Cedar Point:

So much going on! (I’m in the blue helmet) Passing with Jaren “the Monster” Grob, while Erica Madrid is on the tumble track, Kyle Banks and Andy Anderson on the trampolines in the background..ha!

This is during one of the finale passes during the show with razor scooter pro Tanner Markley, awesome timing!

Tanner is in NYC right now! So yes, vote vote vote!!

Here are some action shots from the weekend riding ninth street I promised:

andreas the greek with a no footed can

Levi Peachy, boostin’ right line in “slacker” at 9th street

look mom, one lazy hand! ha

100+ degrees, no shade at house park, Lexie Green and I talking about “cool places” to stay “cool”

Stoney killin’ it

…my purple shorts.

Scotty Mescal, THEE mayor of Housepark, circa 7:45am this morning