Sunny Saturday in Austin
February 25, 2012, 10:16 pm
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What an awesome week it has been! Made friends with some riders visiting from France, Maxime and Erwan, Jessica Ausec came to town, her dude Mike Meister is still here thrashin, the DK Bikes Team is passing through on a trip, FBM homies just got here, my dude just got a new job position he applied for (congrats!) AND its 61 degrees and sunny!!!!
I managed to jam my knee into my stem super hard on Monday at this ledge clipped on the way up :/ It was one of those bleeders that just wouldn’t stop. I tried riding it off all week, and yes that made it worse. Here’s a pic from Day 2, eeew!!

Takin it easy so can still make it through work and hopefully get to ride tomorrow, which is also the last Sunday of the month aka CLOWN DOG BIKE SHOP homies are having their monthly jam. There will be a street spine and some left over ramps from Texas toast!”B.Y.O.B”, (That last B is bikes, beer, babes, brownies, babaganouj, etc.) CLOWN DOG is located at:
2821 San Jacinto Boulevard
Austinโ€Ž TXโ€Ž 78705
United States (indeed)
1pm ish until dark-ish ha all night!

Here’s some pics from this past week:

My tomato plants are sprouting! Yay!



Meisterburger killin it

Marble falls has some weird but fun stuff to ride, and also a pie happy hour, I will definitely be back! $5 for a slice and a drink!


My buddy Dave messaged me while we there and said to checkout “Cottonwood Shores” spot nearby. So we drove around some dirt roads for a bit saw close to 50 deer and then boom! We found it, so awesome:

Pumptrack was runnin nice!


dani Windhausen shredding! 20120225-160627.jpg


February 21, 2012, 11:32 pm
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And there are visitors piling in by the car load and plane load. This week our house had a majority of the CULT team couch surfing and I shared my room with Jessica Ausec, who surprised her sweetie Mike Meister who had just got to town for Valentines Day.

As soon as the rain cleared we’ve been out riding, shooting pics, potluck crashing and just trying to generally be outside. Yesterday I jammed my knee into my stem going full speed at the first ledge of the day, it’s still bleeding. Ha! Here are a few pics from this past week, keep your eyes peeled on Yeah , Chick Flick, and Profile Racing for even MORE!

For one of the first times ever I have finally ran into the “problem”, during an email conversation related to girls bmx class, “there are too many girls that have RSVP’d! We are short on time”-the organizer’s reply to the initial list of girls interested in attending Simpel Session in Estonia. I think they were only initially planning on 6-8 girls, but Angie and everyone reached out and got on the horn and the initial list was unto 12 girls and growing. Ha! BADASS! Especially for such short notice. Woo! Yeah girls!

Tonight is “MARDI GRAS” on 6th STreet, I picked up a shift, hoping to scrape up some dough to get movin on my teeth and get some gas $ for some trips! holla holla! enjoy the pics!

Here’s Mo Malone at T-1, always rocking a huge ass smile!

Me and Jess at the c-ledge downtown
EMPIRE BMX crew RULES!!! <;–click here to BUY a Raffle ticket and WIN THIS BIKE!!! Every ticket helps me with my doctor and dental bills, best of luck and thank you all again for your support!
Random holla from legendary George Dossantos! He just put together a new T-1

Groundhog weekend
February 6, 2012, 4:01 pm
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Groundhog Day doesn’t seem to be embraced as much here in the south where harsh winters don’t even compare to the North’s. I tried making conversation about this holiday tradition with some southerners and they didn’t know who “Punxsutawney Phil” was or what ground hog day is at all ha! I blame the schools.



Aside from working a bunch, The rain kind of put a damper on my BMX plans but managed to cruise the streets for a few hours between sprinkles.
Stoney and I had a marathon day of cooking and baking. Made a bunch of biscuits some crowns for our friends at Empire and some ducks for our friend Connor.
Homies Russ and Lauren started a garden in our backyard over the weekend and also a compost bucket. I have never had one of these but so far I’m stoked! Even saving stuff from other peoples houses ha
The sun came out for a few hours so everyone at the house went for a cruise, I would have shot more pics from the rest of the night but my phone died. Man I need to start chargin that thing overnight!
Russ kills it.
Watched “Dumb and Dumber” again, a must:



The sun is finally out this morning enough of this blog stuff for now, I’m out!

Sunshine and Rain what to do
February 2, 2012, 10:31 pm
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Decided to write this update due to the sun shower


This guy has the right idea haha!

Last few days I caught up on house cleaning, converted Paul rads clips for his lil edit, got my first arm tattoo and hunted down a washer and dryer setup for the crib. Have some new roommates Russ and Lauren, from NY got me motivated to tie up some loose ends at the house, garden and firepot will be goin soon! Can’t wait!! Until then, workin as many shifts as I can this weekend hoping to get the work started on my teeth in next few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ almost there!
Thanks to Jarrett Ward, visiting from Ohio for the ink..


I’ll post some better photos when it’s healed ๐Ÿ™‚


Here is girl Dani new Austin transplant straight outta NY rockin hoop earrings bigger than your moms, shredding at housepark ๐Ÿ™‚

Eew, who knew they made this?! Ha reminds me of Cleveland somehow hehe