February 21, 2012, 11:32 pm
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And there are visitors piling in by the car load and plane load. This week our house had a majority of the CULT team couch surfing and I shared my room with Jessica Ausec, who surprised her sweetie Mike Meister who had just got to town for Valentines Day.

As soon as the rain cleared we’ve been out riding, shooting pics, potluck crashing and just trying to generally be outside. Yesterday I jammed my knee into my stem going full speed at the first ledge of the day, it’s still bleeding. Ha! Here are a few pics from this past week, keep your eyes peeled on Yeah , Chick Flick, and Profile Racing for even MORE!

For one of the first times ever I have finally ran into the “problem”, during an email conversation related to girls bmx class, “there are too many girls that have RSVP’d! We are short on time”-the organizer’s reply to the initial list of girls interested in attending Simpel Session in Estonia. I think they were only initially planning on 6-8 girls, but Angie and everyone reached out and got on the horn and the initial list was unto 12 girls and growing. Ha! BADASS! Especially for such short notice. Woo! Yeah girls!

Tonight is “MARDI GRAS” on 6th STreet, I picked up a shift, hoping to scrape up some dough to get movin on my teeth and get some gas $ for some trips! holla holla! enjoy the pics!

Here’s Mo Malone at T-1, always rocking a huge ass smile!

Me and Jess at the c-ledge downtown
EMPIRE BMX crew RULES!!! <;–click here to BUY a Raffle ticket and WIN THIS BIKE!!! Every ticket helps me with my doctor and dental bills, best of luck and thank you all again for your support!
Random holla from legendary George Dossantos! He just put together a new T-1


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