Wild day for All Wheels Extreme shows

This past week has been SO wild and Really fun but today things got gnarly!
Scooter Jason dropped in at the wrong time and collided head on with inliner Jaren Grob during our first show of the day. (keep in mind, these dudes are each 200Jaren+lbs). Jaren busted his chin, his knee popped out and extra bummer he slammed directly onto his fresh Tattoos, and Jason got the wind knocked out of him so hard.
This was the first time ever for the crew have to cancel the show and evacuate the crowd midway through.
Jaren is a trooper and managed to make it through the last two shows.
Was able to finally get stitches 6 hours later ha!

We made it through the day!! Races back to hotel to watch the results of America’s Got Talent, thank you to everyone who answered my texts and tweets to vote! Congrats to All Wheel Sports for making the cut!! We are all SO proud of you! Your group absolutely killed it!

Crew waiting on Sharon Osborne to make the final call if they made it!!

So pumped!! Again congratulations to tr crew, It’s been an awesome adventure Covering for them while they were out there!

Last few days were pretty rad, made a visit to Afro pats “office” at American Side show tattoo. He has a sweet Jesus painting he got “for only $8!”

It was SO rad to get to catch up with homie brotha man and see what he’s upto!

Drive by this place, RIP Chenga in North Ridgeville…

Also passing through cedar point was Erica and Mason’s parkour team from Colorado, and surprise! Cosmo Dudley, an old BMX friend was leading the tour! He changed sports, what a small world! If you’re wondering what “parkour” is and have a minute the edits from their last few weeks on the road are up on
There only night in town, consisted of
Hitting 88mph on the dance floor during Romanian night at the local watering hole.

Imagine a crew of 8-10 people doing backflips back walkovers handstanding on bar stools.. The bar security didn’t know what to Think haha!
And since Dan Norvell still has a broken foot I passed him my camera to
Shoot some photos of the shows we are doing. I’ll upload some here soon, here are a few screenshots of my favs!


(haha Trevor loves these treats in between shows Hahahaha)
Here we have, Dorito and I have matching “arm bacon” ha


Jaren “the monster” Grob’s new ink from Eclectic in North Ridgeville, OH..

Looks like the crew we are replacing here at cedar Point get back tomorrow..
Until next time!


Made it through day 1!
July 12, 2012, 4:16 am
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Today was the first official day for us doing shows after 2 days of rehearsals! It was a bit nerve racking especially with record crowds attending today’s shows; however everyone is definitely getting more comfortable with the timing. I’m relieved to finally be loosening up enough to do some box jump tricks again, phew! Such a tight setup other people following close, consistency being a major safety factor it’s been a real learning experience.

After today’s shows a bunch of us stayed after to ride some rides!!
Rhasta banana!



Dorito and Fallon 😍

Erica gave Dan a new look..

Still the number one rollercoaster in the world, Millenium Force!! First time riding it at night..SOOO awesome!

We all then proceeded to join the closing dance off at Cedar point haha so fun.


Ohio!! What a fun day


Group kitchen photo, best wishes to the cast members who flew to NYC this morning for the TV show “America’s Got Talent”
I believe theirs airs July 17th so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to vote!

So, the stunt show rehearsals the past few days have been kind of hectic but only getting better. The choreography is pretty wild but myself and the other replacements are starting to get the hang of it. Here is a preview of the course:

There is trampolines and a few badass “Parkour” and free running along with a Razor Scooter, an inliner, and 4 other BMX riders. If you are visiting Cedar Point anytime soon the show times everyday except Tuesdays are at 3:00, 5:00, and 7:00pm. 🙂

Since today was Tuesday the crew had off from the shows and so a bunch of us set out to ride Chenga 2 skatepark. It took forever to get everyone there between airport runs and borrowing team rental van it was nuts!
Jerren our inline/head guy must have over did it in rehearsal and tweaked his back so after the airport run we got him to Ramsey Chiropractic to see Dr.Jen and Dr.Buddy Ramsey! They were SO awesome and fixed him up right away! He went from gimping around to walking normal in under ten minutes!! Thank you Ramsey family!
Dr.B even lent me his van to go visit his son Porter at Ohio Dreams . Got to ride Chenga 2 with a handful of original Chenga homies and then last minute trip to Ohio Dreams! So fun! It’s almost 2:30am, just made it back! A long but most excellent day.. Enjoy the pics!

This is Mason at the laundromat, Parkour stuff, So wild!

Me, Paul Rad, Dorito, and Smashface Cory Welker at “the deuce”

Cory, with a rocket ice pick Barspin

Crappy photo of Paul manualing across the rail


Some of the DK Bicycles Race team was at Ohio Dreams as well.. Here’s me and Tommy Zula with the DK rig.

Dorito warned me the park was slippery before I got there but I was having so much fun I totally forgot and washed out doing an air straight to my elbow :*(
Yet another “toll to Rock and roll.” 👎

Here’s me Paul with his filthy mustache and a “shitluck” tee shirt on “if you’re scared goto church” (nice one! Campers loved it!) and Porter Ramsey, our friend and awesome shredder Ohio Dreams tour guide 👍
The drive out wasn’t too bad but I don’t think anyone who has AT&T phone service’s phone worked at all until about 30min outside of camp! Ha! If tomorrow wasnt such a long day there was a badass slip and slide used for ski jump practice into a pool, next time I am so hitting that for sure!!!!!! Thank you some of my awesome Ohio family for making today amazing! 😊 goodnight!

Ohio so far..
July 9, 2012, 9:01 pm
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After an awesome two nights home of working at Shakespeare’s I left only two hours after my shift for Sandusky, OH.
Sunrise in Austin:

Birds eye view of downtown Cleveland over Lake Erie..


No sleep, no bike and no ride when I finally arrived…welcome back to Cleveland! Ha!! I think After all of the years I’ve traveled with my bike, I have been lucky to not ever have to deal with it being lost or delayed. I was definitely overdue for an incident. In addition, my ride from airport fell through and two hours later the car service lady finally called me to apologize and send someone out. I was too tired to be or sound upset about the situation and four hours later the diver showed up…in a limo! Haha how often does THAT happen?!

Its a Limo batman!

On my way to meet the “cast” of the All Wheels Extreme show..

July 6, 2012, 10:43 pm
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Bananas for my homeless buddy and his clan under the tree, no $ for you dogg sorry! Keep Austin weird!

And a sweet three days home it has been! Got to hang with my man, ride bikes with my girls, witness some arm wrestling, see some fireworks and swim!
Well at this point since its not looking too bright financially for me to get a last minute ticket to Germany for the BMX Worlds I have gone with another opportunity to do stunt shows at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio for the next two weeks. It’s been a quick visit home I miss you all already! Gotta run and go pack before work tonight since I leave on one of the first flights out!

OhHh!!! Real quick, DIG BMX Magazine issue 89 just came out and I got a SIX page interview, holy cow batman that’s by far the longest one I’ve ever gotten! It’s out now in the UK, and will be out soon on this side of the pond. Thank you Ryan Corrigan for hookin me up with your subscription copy to mail home to mom 🙂 I’ll hit you back when I get another! 🙂
Here’s a preview of the first 2 pages.. Initially I didn’t realize this portrait Dolecki asked to shoot while my jaw was wired was going to be for anything other than just a fun portrait. Haha thanks Rob!


And some photos from the last few days here in Austin..

This homie named “Spanky” decked out for the 4th..

A final photo of my grill by the jaw surgeon taken yesterday for my 6 month follow up. Still numb on the bottom row but cleared and smilin again! Woohoo!! Good to go!

Here is a text between my winter roommate Dave Krone and I related to the new issue of DIG BMX mag, him and a lot of our friends and house guests all got write ups in the same issue haha!

And this was my last breakfast for awhile with Stoney this morning xo


Stay classy..Austin! Ha

X games weekend 2012

So after Woodward West we made our way to Long Beach, CA and stayed with our friend “B-Dubbs” [ben ward]. He was an amazing host and even had pizza waiting for us!

Thanks B! He showed us around, we hit up the MLK park, drove past VIP records (totally the record shop from snoop dogg’s music video “what’s my name” they were all standing on top
Of yeahhhh!!)

Then got some food at Pike bar, a restaurant around the corner from his crib owned by the drummer of social Distortion and ran into our modwest friends who Aaron Bostrom, Burly Matt of
Neighborhood BMX shop in the LBC shared some fish and Chips with Jess while this band killed it, steel guitar rules!

Then off to Xgames we went at the Staples center downtown LA. This year marks the 7th year for girls at Xgames having a presence, doing what we do, spreading the good word of BMX to all the young gals in the crowd at the interactive ramp park who want to try BMX. The yeah zine trip ladies held it down and had a blast. We even got to break away to watch some of men’s park and street.

While we were there, we also continued to get more signatures from Xgames fans on our petition to get Women’s BMX their own category at X games!!
Learn more and sign the online version here

Having, The legendary “Condor” aka Matt Hoffman sign our petition made my weekend!



I spent a lot of time in the sun passing around our clipboard to get more signatures, the crowd seemed baffled that there wasn’t any girls events for BMX, and overall the feedback and support is great! Just need ESPN to recognize and acknowledge us now.

Some fliks from girls BMX sessions


Long days in the sun riding and trying to gain the attention of Xgames goers to see that girls ride BMX too PLUS having minimal credentials to get around the event was exhausting!! Totally didn’t get to call or see anyone that wasn’t at Xgames this year. I guess I will just have to come back! Haha

California was a blast, so was the Yeah Zine ! We left after BMX big Air Sunday to return the rental van back this morning. Ha! LONG ass drive but we made it!

“Big Island” Mike and his beautiful gal

Me and Chick Flick bMX producer Natalie Wade rockin our HEX nano wristbands

Angie and I with some big Cactus somewhere in Arizona! Drove straight through, stoked to be back in Austin for a few days!

Donuts with Lindsay before her flight in LA..
Mountains of Arizona

I missed it here in Austin, can’t wait to see my Stoney and his doggies and wish my two bffs Adrianne Franscini and Jim Hunt a happy July 3rd Birthday! 🎂🎉