Initial verdict on my knee..
November 27, 2012, 10:58 pm
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Just got home from visiting the doctor, from his strength tests, he concluded that I have sprained the Posterior cruciate Ligament of my knee. As per Joe Rich’s initial advice I ended up doing some of my own research to see what exactly he was describing and get a better understanding of what I did to myself.



This description is pretty dead on, blunt force while my ankle and knee were flexed as I hit the street from the top of the ledge I bailed off of.

Treatment: ice the back of my knee, ibuprofen for two weeks until follow up appointment. Projected healing is 4-6 weeks off of the BMX and limited to flat road bike rides. I’m hoping to take care and be back ASAP!

To pass the time, yesterday the Aussies and I went to the gun range. It was my first time at an indoor range, and the Aussies, and our friend Emily’s first time shooting a gun. It was ladies night so it was only $7.50 an hour plus the cost of ammo. Not bad!We started with some 9mm handguns then worked our way up to the rifles. This photo collage posted by b-dogg ha! #america #tx




Fun fun fun. Leah came with me today to see dr.Mullins he pinpointed the problem with her back she has an inflamed nerve. So we hit up the craft store on our way home today and grabbed some paint. Leah got some acrylics and I got some clear coat and spray paint. Going to pull my bike completely apart and give it a make over to pass the time. Here is a before photo:

Also hi Afro pat! (He just moved to Florida) 👹


Some photos from King Fest


King Fest 2012 went down, out in Spicewood, TX. Place is more of a compound, with an indoor vert ramp layered with birch wood. Every year there’s a jam/fundraiser to raise money for more concrete so they can continue building more pools and complete the snake run they just started. The lineup of bands and the skating is usually off the chain! I attended this backwoods jam last year while my jaw was wired. I just shot photos the whole time and didn’t even bother with my dry erase board to “talk” with anyone because the majority of the crowd was wasted or trippin’ on something ha! I was in my own mute world. This year I wasn’t able to stay and camp over night but I did go for a few hours during the day to shoot some pics and hang with some homies before work. I don’t think I had ever gotten to see some of these dudes that frequent the t-1 ramp I ride at, skate a vert ramp,quite the treat!


Luke McKirdy

Shred. Luke

Luke rippin’ again

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly. roast.

Eric Hennessy gets a grind in during one of the bands..

night shot

Justin from Indiana


willy from Cleveland

Conner O


I shot so many photos, I still have yet to upload..I’m thinking about just making a zine of all of the pics I shot from King Fest’s passed, or maybe even this one alone hahaha enjoy











Thankful indeed
November 27, 2012, 9:19 am
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After FFF fest, Austin built phase 1 of a racetrack and hosted a Formula 1 Grand Prix race just outside of downtown. It brought over 200,000 people to the city. Thankfully since the track was way east the downtown crowds weren’t as gnarly as expected. However everyone I talked to who went said it was pretty cool, super loud and worth seeing for yourself. Maybe I’ll get to go next year.

Aside from working and riding a lot, I have been enjoying some good eats with some good visiting company. Our friends Leah and Brendan (B-dogg), a BMX couple from Canberra, aka “the Aussies” have been a treat to show around Austin. They cook, clean and shred on their bikes!

Mexican dinner, Aussie style with signage and what meal isn’t complete from down under without a tube of Vegemite ha! (On the counter)

I’ve also been shooting a bunch of photos for my skateboarder friend Jon Wilinksi aka “Hollywood” around town. I’ll post some action shots later here’s a “man vs board” shot I like, in between hours of attempts at this one clip.

I took the Aussies to a flea market in the hill country, it was my first time at one here in Texas. This one had everything from used washer and driers, custom leather belts, knives and throwing stars, cowboy boots and just about anything else you can think of. Oh and birds!
Leah just got her pet bird named “Lady” tattooed on her arm and we saw a cage full of them:

Crossbow pistol anyone?!

“Everything’s bigger in Tejas!”


Then oh yes Thanksgiving!!! I wasn’t able to go back to NY to celebrate for this decided to stick around work and try to save enough $ for a ticket home for Christmas. I had an awesome thanksgiving. Brined a freerange bird I got from the local food co-op wheatsville and threw it in the oven on my way up north to Austin for lunch. Stoney’s family invited me to enjoy thanksgiving with them, lovely spread!

Stoney knows how to carve a bird or two!

Then it was a mad dash home to get my bird out of the oven and carved before I had to be at work! We had a potluck style thanksgiving at our place. A lot of “first time I’m spending turkey day away from my family” friends so everyone was extra thankful I have a place to go, plenty of food and good company. My bird turned out awesome, left overs for the last few days have been a treat!

Friends from Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin and foreign lands of Oz and France were in attendance. Lindsay made us all go in a circle and share something we were thankful for. It took awhile with so many people but everyone was a good sport! The “microphone” was a fifth of Bullet Bourbon Beecam brought over ha! I gave thanks, and dashed out for work.

I took a spill the other day, these white ledges are actually sticks of butter I think..

Front wheel washed out as I was hopping out into the street over the fire hydrant. We filmed this clip a few times but when we fired out the skateboard to get a rolling shot, “one more time” just as the bell rings, I unexpectedly got ejected at top speed, nice! I knew I had about five minutes left before adrenaline wore off. Went back and got the clip. Ugh, ripped my jeans bruised my palm, thank god for Fox gloves! My palms would really be screwed.

‘Been gimping around the last few days jammed my knee pretty good! But lots of ibuprofen, elevation a little ice and lots of Chillen seem to be helping!

Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr.Roy Mullins, local Austin chiropractor extraordinaire. Thankful I worked on Thanksgiving so I could afford an appointment my neck is still really stiff from last years jaw-breaker crash. I try to see Mullins only when it gets real achy and stretching only does so much. This reminds me i am also thankful for and truly do miss my Cleveland family Jen and Buddy Ramsey, if you’re near Ray’s Indoor Mtn Bike Park and need an adjustment, this is the place!! Ramsey Family Chiropractic!
I will keep you posted after tomorrow’s visit with Dr.Mullins..

Yet another super long update but I will post pictures of more recent “American” and Texas adventures with the Aussies, some action shots from King fest 2012, and then some soon.

Oh yeah and happy birthday to Phil our friend from Tampa who just moved to town with his gal Liz, here’s to many more!


Happy birthday dad!
November 14, 2012, 7:07 am
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The guy in the yellow helmet is my dad. Irv is an ironworker in NYC and I miss him dearly! He works outdoors in the elements year round on bridges and steel frames of buildings in the winter. So tough! I hope he didn’t have to work too hard today!! Miss ya dad we will celebrate when I make it home for Christmas xo

Vote for DK!
November 10, 2012, 5:32 pm
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Some of the DK Bicycles Team and I took a trip out to Woodward West one of the best summer camps on earth made friends with campers and made this sweet edit! We entered it into the Woodward West “shoot out” video contest and need your votes to help uswin!! A lot if $ is up for grabs!
Watch our video and vote for DK by clicking HERE

Screen shot of some of the fun 🙂

Please share the link with all of your friends and family and vote for DK! You can vote once a day from your smart phone, iPad, computer so vote once a day from each device daily and help us out!! Thanks again!!! Go DK!!!

Ps happy birthday Tamilyn Rose!
November 7, 2012, 4:42 am
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Happy birthday to my little sister!! You are beautiful Xoxooxoxo!

And remembering a happy birthday from our friend RIP Mike Tag..

Thanks to Meghan Krasnoff at sugar circus for getting everyone together!
A beautiful and delicious vegan red velvet cake custom designed for the “shitluck” homies “when it rains it pour”

Pictures of people taking pictures

Obama won!! Woo!!!

Here are some #FFF fest pics hope you didn’t forget to vote!
November 7, 2012, 2:32 am
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Started today off official:


Some highlight iPhone pics I shot from Fun Fun Fun Fest “Ride the Plank” ramp sesh thanks to Project Loop read more about project Loop here (badass new local non profit you should show much love and support for!)
Got tagged on Instagram catching some air on the vert part of the mini probably my fAVORITE part of the ramp set up..

Put in some long days riding and bartending late then waking up early to shred the ramp all day until work again each night. I did however get to enjoy some of my favorite live bands in between, here i caught my homie Todd aka “Shred-dog” crowd surfing during the Spits set…

De La Soul bumpin it up!

And then there was “Turbonegro” I was really pumped to see them but not so jazzed on their new singer..comparable to Van Halen vs Van Hagar..


We then rode downtown to hang out and explore Austin. Grateful to see some love for people back east:


Skycrawler at red7..


Oh yeah Eric bought an Aaron Ross pro model complete! Took it to pump track today..great sesh!