Groundhog weekend
February 6, 2012, 4:01 pm
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Groundhog Day doesn’t seem to be embraced as much here in the south where harsh winters don’t even compare to the North’s. I tried making conversation about this holiday tradition with some southerners and they didn’t know who “Punxsutawney Phil” was or what ground hog day is at all ha! I blame the schools.



Aside from working a bunch, The rain kind of put a damper on my BMX plans but managed to cruise the streets for a few hours between sprinkles.
Stoney and I had a marathon day of cooking and baking. Made a bunch of biscuits some crowns for our friends at Empire and some ducks for our friend Connor.
Homies Russ and Lauren started a garden in our backyard over the weekend and also a compost bucket. I have never had one of these but so far I’m stoked! Even saving stuff from other peoples houses ha
The sun came out for a few hours so everyone at the house went for a cruise, I would have shot more pics from the rest of the night but my phone died. Man I need to start chargin that thing overnight!
Russ kills it.
Watched “Dumb and Dumber” again, a must:



The sun is finally out this morning enough of this blog stuff for now, I’m out!


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Yummy food Nina, please send some cookies over 😉
I’m loving the cooking time also around here…
sending some tasty though over to you
Glad you can eat now

Comment by Marie Meuret

Hey, what’s the story behind Groundhog day, I did see the movie in the past and did love it, is the movie about the story behind it?

Comment by Marie Meuret

MOCK!!!!!!!! YEAAAAH!!!! ING!!!! YEAAAH!!!!!

Comment by afro

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