Keeping busy here..

Since my knee is still jacked, been trying to chill out, ice it and only cruise around on my big bike, the fairdale .
Grackle’s rule everything around me..

These birds are everywhere here in Austin.
Rolled around with some homies to 5-hip and shot some more photos, even cruised the new grosso setup for filming. Thing is a beast, can monster truck over any cracks in along the way. Don’t worry I took it easy 😉

Denise and Lindsay hiking away after a good sesh at the infamous 5hip ditch.


Speaking of 5, f you have 5 minutes, I just read a really nice interview of a really good friend, Gervais Rousseau. It’s up on a mutual friend’s blog in Florida covering his latest adventure there, lots of good words and beautiful photos, really inspiring, the man is 41 and still killing it! 🙂 read it here:
Hell yeah homie!

Ooo!! Other exciting news, I got a nice package from Freegun Underwear and will be riding for them this coming year! Woo!! Some fresh skivvies and swimwear yippie!! Keepin it fresh


My roommate Lindsay is a sweetheart and hooked me up a pair of bar ends (for your handlebars mom 😜) custom made by legendary Matt Beringer himself. They are available online via her local rider-owned shop back in Utah, The Wood Shop. Thank you Linzeeburger!

They come shipped literally in a block of wood, and arrived while I was eating a taco off my fake wood plates ha too good!!
I managed to catch a few games of backyard ping pong last night with some of the Credence bikes homies. Played the “stinger” version where the winner gets to whale the ball at the other persons back whatever the point difference is. Ha! Good thing I kicked some ass!

Unfortunately I have some friends who decided to join my “gimp” life. Nice to have some company on midnight runs to “Wally Martinez” when you run out of paint stripper. Hahhaa these guys:

Its 4:27am, day 3 of rawing my frame and it is coming along!!!