Awesome week ends at the doc
March 5, 2012, 9:16 pm
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Today is Afro Pat Schreader’s birthday, please wish him a good one if you know him 🙂

Clown Dog Bikes had a jam in front of their shop last Sunday of the month. They dragged out the street alone and shadow conspiracy grind box coffin, had some tunes and it was on! Girls guys dogs and neighborhood cats came through for a good time.


Here Melanie D myself and Jess Hirn pose for a quick pic with Rockette our furry cheerleader hehe

Stoney Got the urge to cook up some fish, I don’t normally eat too much fish when not by an ocean but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, it was delicious!



My friend bRittany aka “Beecam” invited Stoney and I out for fun time at “Pinnballz,” a BYOB arcade that has almost every pinball machine I can remember and then some as a kid. Even got my fortune from Zoltar ha!


Bee and I killed it at the basketball game and got a bunch of tickets, we all ended up with some friendship bracelets hell yeah!! All winners here 🙂


The next day was even more fun, went down to 9th street with Rob D and Mike Meister and dug out the mud pitts in the “right slacker” line, and even got to ride them!
Thanks rob for the iPhone shot!


Got the trails bug and decided to checkout Red Box, super fun!

And then as if the day couldn’t get any better, stopped by t-1, and Mike, Rob and I got to have a sesh with some of my favorites: Garrett Byrnes, Joe Rich, Bob Scerbo.. So awesome!!

Badass day of shredding made an awesome dinner with friends, and woke up to a grapefruit knee :/
Knee jam in the stem from 2/20 that was healing so nicely erupted in my sleep. Thanks to homies Lauren and Mike for helpin me sort out all the compress and ice attempts this morning before Stoney took me to doc.

I’ve been here at the doctor long enough to write this update ha! So far doc says she will give me a shot of antibiotics in my glute and be on antibiotic pills for next few days. Hopefully this works instead of goin the lancing method where they go in surgically, ugh!!!! Greetings from el doc, but on the upside what an amazing week. Bummed I missed out on Toronto Jam this weekend, Bea at magnolia BMX did an awesome job covering the jam, thanks Bea! Congrats to all the ladies for shredding and making it out in one piece 🙂 woohoo!!
Also, Dk Bicycles is somewhere still in Austin, pumped to ride with them again when my knee thing gets sorted!