And the burrito earns another year on earth!
June 19, 2015, 5:39 am
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Yikes! It has been awhile since my last post but I feel like I have had so many great things  going on in my life lately that I have barely had time to post more than a few tidbits here and there on Instagram or Facebook.  I just remembered that I have this place to document it all and am making the time to start it up again.  Welcome back!

I am not sure really where to start so I’ll start with some photos and just caption it up from here.

I met an amazing man, Ryan, who moved here from Baltimore with his band, the Hard Dads, with his best friend, Marv. There isn’t enough time in one day to enjoy everything here in Austin but they are usually jam packed with lots of fun, bikes, music, entertaining friends great food and other fun beyond our imagination..

(Example: when Aaron Ross invites you to go swimming, and this happens


Marvelous Marv 📷 by Brittany aka @beecam


Ryan and I at his cousin’s wedding in Maryland

👆🏻 Ryan’s the band name to peep their band site and hear the  “hard dads” and/or follow @harddads on Instagram

In other exciting news!! This year the ESPN allowed me to invite five other girls to ride the park course in an effort to eventually earn our own girls BMX category of competition at the Xgames here in Austin. I have been advocating for a girls class for quite some time now and have been at Xgames in Los Angeles almost every year since 2004 with petitions and teaching clinics introducing BMX to young girls in the crowd. The Austin Chronicle did a nice write up on females at Xgames, and asked me a few questions about the event and where we stand so far.  I believe the link to the online version is here:

The print version was out last week available everywhere in Austin:It was hard to choose only 5 girls with so many other talented female riders around the world. The girls who attended absolutely killed it and we had SO much fun, hopefully we are a few steps closer to riding for the crowd next year!! Thanks to all of the media friends who came to support and help cover our time on the course Devon Hutchins, Autumn Spadaro, Kim Woozy from Mahfia TV… Some shots stolen from social media:

    Here’s a little edit of the girls from Mahfia TV


I’m sure there will be more coverage surfacing soon, but in the meantime, summer is here and we are bracing ourselves for even more Texas heat!  Speaking of which here is my Segue way to yell, Sunblock!!!!! (Reminder, please wear it 😘) lets just say although we made it out in one piece we all came out a little bit on the crispy side.

Then on barely any sleep straight off the plane I was supposed to go to work and then holy crap, what day is it again? Flag day? June 14th? Another birthday of mine had arrived! As soon as the plane landed I was already going to be late for work, at which point Ryan had invited me to go on a party boat with some rad local bands playing. So I made the call into work and did the irresponsible awesome decision to go on the party boat with Ryan and my roommate Brittany! From one wild night in Denver to a party boat on Lake Travis:


Three bands played: Major major major, the Hikes, and Chipper Jones ended up getting only one song in before the captain had to call it due to lightning and rain.


“our first cruise” haha

And as if that wasn’t an awesome impromptu birthday celebration, I ended up going to see the Sonics play at red 7 later that night!! Click to hear–> The SONICS ! Band from the 60’s Tacoma, WA still killing it!
And then I installed my first aftermarket car stereo thanks to some help YouTube

And then I spent the next day riding bikes with friends, swimming at the Greenbelt before work..
And then my friend Joe Bob made Us his famous pot pie!

Hmm that’s kind of a lot for just a few days one breath update so.. Stay tuned!