Austin’s craziest final months of 2013 ha
January 2, 2014, 6:24 pm
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So yet again I have been too buried to post an update in awhile handling a ton of events, hosting out of towners all while working full time and managing to juggle baby showers holiday feasts and insurance claims ha!

Texas toast jam was a great time, the ramps were a LOT of fun! A ladies session went down 8am Saturday morning of, and we got to shred! Flavia Santos came in from Brazil and so did Heather Scully from PA, Jessica Ausec from CO, Natalie Noble from WA, Angie Marino came down as well but got her bike stolen the morning of our session :/ thankfully a day or two later after plastering the internet with photos to keep a lookout some out of town NW homies spotted it locked up and managed to get it back for her!
Here are some photos by Fat Tony of me and Dani:



A few days later my badass little cousin Megan came to stay with us for a nice little 5 day vacation! Hailing from Orlando, FL we pedaled all over Austin, saw some sights, ate some delicious food and almost carved pumpkins haha (I ate a piece of butter pie or two and passed out in a food coma real fast, oops!! thanks Emily! Ha)



After Megan came to visit there was the annual Halloween Jam at the 9th street dirt jumps, downtown Austin. Afro pat tagged up my motorcycle helmet with some stickers and his lady sewed up a cape for my costume as “Nina Knievel,” it’s almost January now and those stickers are still on my helmet ha! Here are some fun Halloween jam photos:

Jake Tappan always has amazing bike costumes as well ha seeing a man ride a unicorn over the jumps will forever make me giggle.

The dudes Scotty Mezcal and big Rob out together a nice little prize package for the gals who rode, including some bottles of wine and empire BMX goodies.

After Halloween barely one week later was Fun Fun Fun Fest! Matt Hoffman had his vert ramp
set up and Project Loop provided a really fun mini ramp, box jump to ride near one of the three stages with some of my favorite bands playing while we rode. Dead milkmen, Descendents, some reunion sets by black flag, Cro-mags, man I can barely remember everyone we saw but even Ice-T performed with his metal band called “Body Count” and then he did a set as Ice-T himself, the rapper ha! Icing on the cake was that we got to enjoy this weekend with my girl Stacey Mulligan and Eric! They drove down from Colorado to ride bikes, eat some good food and even get their twerk on during big Freedia’s set at FFF. I miss you already stace dog!


My mom mailed me some leaves because I told her that I miss seeing the leaves change in NY. ❤ the note read, "I wasn't sure how else to get the autumn to you!" Thanks mom, you made my day!


The following weekend was the US Grand Prix formula-1 car race here in Austin. Thanks to Brent at project loop for the tickets at turn 9 day 1 and to some of my Shakespeare’s customers from Boston for hooking me up with their extra ticket for the big race finals! This was a lot of fun, my ears were ringing for days these cars were so loud!


Pauly C, Stoney and I rode out there on our motorcycles worked out better with parking and traffic.


Then just before Thanksgiving, I had a bit of a car accident 😱. A man failed to slow down and rammed into the back of another car, pushing it into oncoming traffic (my direction) and into the rear side of my car pushing us across two lanes. The man who caused the wreck took off running while leaving behind an injured 7-month along pregnant girl and a 3 yr old in the smashed up car. Horrendous! Thankfully this real “piece of work” returned to the scene several times to retrieve items from the car and argue with fire and ems workers that they should stop what they are doing and pursue the “driver that ran off wearing a purple shirt!” Lucky for us, he was too much of a hot mess to realize we acknowledged that HE was wearing a purple shirt underneath his “disguising” jacket. Police arrived over an hour later but he was gone again. Thankfully the officer on the scene called us to give us some peace of mind a few hours later; on a separate disturbance call, when the officer arrived boom! There was purple shirt dude in the mix!
So now it’s a been over one month, several chiropractor visits and still no car. It’s in the shop still but thankfully in good hands! (Thanks Rene at oak hill auto!).
Poor Subaru :/


In the meantime, something positive that came from this I was kind of forced to get the Suzuki 650 s40 boulevard on the road to get around besides bicycles. Finally got this thing inspected with plates and I got my official motorcycle license. Thanks to Tom Passero for helping me get it all legit and safe: Swapping the tires and bars and making me a replacement tail light/license plate bracket! And thanks to Stoney for the spark plug change I most def would have dropped the tank on the floor that was so tricky to get off haha! So excited she’s Rollin good! Oh and Thanks to YouTube I was able to successfully change the oil on my own, how rewarding!
How you transport loads of stuff when you don’t have a car, thanks “john prolly” for this photo of my adventure to Toms shop with new parts and tires

Tom welding new tail light light/license plate bracket.. Thanks homie!


We tried putting the new seat on, but my frame actually scoops more for a pan style seat then straight across like on a Harley.. Oops! No go on the seat! But the rest of the bike is looking and feeling so much more comfortable!




I thought I posted this update while I was in the airport on my way home to NY for the holidays.. Oh boy ha! If you made it this far reading this, thank you. Thank you all for a wonderful 2013! Looking forward to 2014!