Halloween Jam weekend!
October 29, 2012, 6:45 pm
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This year since Halloween falls mid week on a Wednesday, it is almost a week long extravaganza! I’ve dressed up for work the last two shifts, and will again on Wednesday! I’ve been holdin it down as Pocahontas but am thinking about changing it up again for Wednesday ha!

Halloween jam 2012 at 9th street trails, the infamous downtown dirt jumps of Austin, went down this passed Saturday and it was a blast! I missed out on this great event last year as I had broken my jaw a few days before it, so this year was extra exciting for me to show up and ride in costume with all of the homies on the one year anniversary of my crash! This years raffle $ went to Doug E-Fresh a fellow rider who was injured in a motorcycle accident a few months back. He is still in a wheelchair but making great progress and starting to learn how to walk again!! Thanks to all of the sponsors who donated prizes to raffle off I’m sure Doug and his family are grateful for their support.
One of my favorite costumes of the weekend was my buddy jake dressed up as a Mer-man, riding a dolphin! This was quite the spectacle and looked amazing watching him ride the dirt jumps. It literally looked as if a man was riding a dolphin over the jumps hahaha so good!



Here are some of the ladies in costume that rode at the jam (full update on Yeah Zine site)


Another exciting highlight was finding out that “French Mike” Molineri who has been staying with us had never carved a pumpkin before. So an impromptu pumpkin carving party went down after a trip to the grocery store. I am very excited to share and keep this seasonal tradition going.

This was a mess but super fun. Our Colorado friends Shane and Denise came over along with Liz and Phil, And girl Dani and here’s what went down:



Fun times!! Looking forward to Wednesday and digging out my hoodies and jackets since its finally cooled down here in Austin 50’s and 60’s ha!
In other news, keep our friends and family in the northeast in your thoughts as a huge hurricane is pounding down on them. My hometown of Port Washington is flooded pretty bad and so are several parts of Long Island, NY. :/ all of the schools are closed public transportation and toll roads are suspended. I hope everyone takes this seriously so they can be safe! Ill keep you posted xo


Halloween is almost here!
October 26, 2012, 9:24 pm
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Lindsay are deciding what to be for Halloween, I have to dress up for the next three shifts at work and also for Halloween Jam at 9th street jumps tomorrow ha!

Ha! I’m in the middle of going through a box of costumes from halloween’s passed. Looks like a killer clown, grim reaper, Pocahontas, geisha and remnants of a pirate costume. Haha I think I will be set! Also picked up some “cheech and Chong” accessories real cheap yesterday. See if you can spot them in this breakfast taco coffee table montage ha:

The last few days have been jam packed with riding mainly 9th street housepark and t-1.
I went in early to decorate for Halloween weekend yesterday at Shakespeare’s and it is looking SO festive with tons of cob webs everywhere and the fog machine going strong!


My friend Toni turned 21 and came in last night to celebrate with her mom.

a few people were already out on the town in costume, this photo made my night!

Killer bunny from Donnie Darko.
Ha! I am getting way excited for Halloween seeing as last year I spent it in the hospital getting my jaw wired. So this year there is lots to celebrate!! 🙂 ill keep the updates coming!

My prototype signature Etnies Viking Princess boot covers hahaha

Red light group shot with Joe Rich, Shane, French Mike, burly Matt, a strong attempt to capture the fancy tranny’s on bikes behind the crew em route to burger night, failed. Haha

A long overdue blog update, what have I been up to?!
October 23, 2012, 9:17 am
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Where do I begin?! Since I returned from Interbike in Las Vegas, issue 6 of Yeah Zine was released and we premiered our trip DVD at Shakespeare’s Austin, the bar I work at to kick off one of the most bad ass contests of the year, Texas Toast! As soon as I got back from Vegas, had to remove one of the worst roommates I have ever had (a non-bmxer too ha!) and have been tied up helping out with the contest and hosting out of towners who came in for the event. Thankfully my new roommate kicks ass, and has been a pleasure to show around Austin and work next to on Toast ramps. Here’s Lindsay Hale, Utah snowbird in Austin, notorious for going backwards


Home life has been a LOT easier and it’s been exciting to have my other roommate Navaz back in town for a minute, (even though I think he just left town to film stuff again!). I cleaned, repaired and sanitized the house as best I could before their arrival. It’s like a new beginning! Thanks to my close friends and family for helping me through that!

So the Texas Toast Jam which was only a few blocks away from our house, so Lindsay and I made it a point to go volunteer everyday we could that it wasn’t raining. A solid crew of volunteers, I got to use some power tools, radial saws, heavy duty nail guns, frame out some ramps and move tons of wood and debris around to get the lumber yard where it was being held ready to go! Such an exciting thing to be a part of!

My roommate Ryan Navazio, aka “Navaz” had a great weekend as well, it was his world premiere of the long awaited CULT video, “TALK IS CHEAP.” Here are some details about it on the ESPN website, (yeah it’s kind of a big deal): This video turned out amazing, I’m so proud of Navaz and all of our friends that had full parts in it! Congrats! I didn’t get to see the video at the premiere because I was bar tending but thankfully he hooked it up and let me watch it here at the house hehe.

Our Yeah Zine video premiere the night before CULT also at shakespeare’s was a great warmer upper for the toast crowd, and was received really well! Our friend Leo shot some pics up on his blog we’ve linked in our site here. Thank you Angie for kicking’ ass and editing this video, she just started school again back in Buffalo, NY but managed to finish editing this, and come down for the premiere with her Dad! Yeah Jerry! Nice to see the Marino family rolling deep 🙂 Our video is for sale now and it is only $5 you should pick up a copy of our DVD 😉 click to order yours and maybe one for a girl you know..

Watch the trailer:

I was really excited to have so many friends came to town from all over, we had a tent full of Utah people in our yard, a few Clevelanders, a Colorado homie, an occasional car party of Floridians aka the “Banned!” crew and maybe some New Yorkers, PA kids and other people I sort of lost track. It was awesome, fun and also a little insane haha! Here are some photos from the weekend, even t hough I still had to bartend during yeah zine premiere and cult premiere I managed to enjoy some fun at home in between Toast jam riding playing tour guide and after parties:


<;;- toast dirt course





At some point I came home to Kyle Painter jumping off of our roof..

“Dorito’s” first time in Austin, also one of my favorite photos i ever shot..

Paul Radosevich getting “rad” at t-1



t-1 sessions were deep! I’ve been trying to build endurance in my neck muscles and rock the full face a little more often so I can wear it for longer periods of time at the BMX racetrack thank you Troy Lee Designs!


Other news I left out…hmm…happy birthdays to my mom and cousin meghan oct.15th! Denise Baca and her boyfriend Shane moved here from Colorado a few weeks ago, as well as our new friends Phil and Liz from Tampa, and Carl Espy (PA) and his wife Lauren from Utah. Austin is the place to be! Also, congrats to my BMX racing friend, Chris Williams and his new wife Ashley they got married during Texas Toast Weekend! Shout out! Goo..some sad news in the mix, RIP BMX racing Olympic medalist, legend and Texan, Kyle Bennett.

I recently got a fisheye lens and have been enjoying it at the new Pflugerville park. Here are some photos I shot with it:

“Hollywood” Jon, first time at pville, christening the vert wall

This pic rules..
Stoney, saved his hat that blew off on his way up, good save!

Phil Bailey sneaks in a toothpick grind down this rail (metal pegs aren’t allowed)

speaking of which, our lawn mower broke down, and i ended up splurging for plastic pegs instead of buying a newer one to avoid getting kicked out of pflugerville, my first time running plastic, went with the Animal “butcher” pegs w/plastic sleeves. so far so good! hope it doesn’t rain much, our yard is huge and our lawn gets tall!

I’m sure there are so many things I didn’t get to put in this update!! Although I am enjoying myself here in Austin, I really do miss my family back in NY so much! Thank you so much for shipping me some of Grandpa’s items, the TV is killer! Been having mini video premiere’s and movie nights galore. And the copper tea kettle from Colombia, used daily. Thanks again xoxoxo I am working hard to save some $ to make it back for Christmas.

In the meantime…keep shredding, stay healthy and don’t forget to stay “up!” smiles are contagious!









;Russ Barone got a “smiley face” tattoo on our outdoor couch from his girlfriend Lauren, via Cult teammate Trey Jones’s tattoo gun. Yikes! I may or may not have tattooed Trey’s leg as well. Ha!! Enjoy the parting shot