It’s “only” 82 degrees..
April 30, 2012, 9:08 pm
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..and still I am loving Austin. Greetings from housepark, what a crazy week it has been. I got my official first real crown put in can finally chew on the right side of my mouth yay! Four dental visits in one week and a second crown prep later I am 1/3 of the way finished fixing my teeth 😄


Amazing that this little tooth is over $1,000 ha!

This past Thursday was Stoney’s birthday, went skating with homies enjoyed some more beautiful weather and got to enjoy a nice lunch with him and his mom at Polvos they have the best queso!

Here’s some flicks from the weekend:
This one is of me and Dave rockin curly hair at airport mini, half my face is numb from the dentist



Beecam throwin down! ⬆

They didn’t have any tim tams at The store so I got these fudge covered Oreos for Aussie Adam “if I had some Tim tams they would fix me right up”


Me and thee “Sheps” doin a birthday shot for Stoney at Kdogg an Rdoggs place

And Dave got a new bike and our screen door is hung finally woo!!!!!!! Yeah Monday!!!


Music Monday
April 25, 2012, 6:49 am
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Last night I met up with some friends from Cleveland here in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse for their Music Mondays feature film, the Weird World of Blowfly.

Though Cleveland is a rough place at times, it still rocks in its own way, especially at Now That’s Class in my mind is one of the best bars and music venues ever! While living in Cleveland and bartending at NTC, I was fortunate enough to experience live performance by the Blowfly himself aka Clarence Reid and his band, one of the greatest southern soul singer song writers of all time. The bar only three years young risked it all to book the Blowfly for their 3rd year anniversary party. I was bartending the night of his performance and got to hang out and serve food and drinks to Blowfly and his band, which amazed me after hearing some of the raunchiest lyrics I’ve never heard! It blew my mind that someone so sober could write such songs! A legendary black weird al meets 2 live crew but better Hahahaha

Needless to say the blowfly movie was a trip and I would recommend for anyone with a sense of humor and good musical taste.


Pre blowfly extravaganza, I ventured up north to cedar park, TX to the brushy creek skatepark, “no bikes” but
Somehow managed to not get kicked out or have the cops called and had a blast! That bowl is gnarly but fun, smaller concrete version of the skatepark of Austin bowl RIP..



On our way back from shreddin this spot we got to pick up Aussie Adam from hospital, woo! here he is sigh of relief that they had kept his passport safe 🙂


Get well soon Adam Hough!
April 21, 2012, 7:17 pm
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Our homie visiting from Australia had a crash at housepark yesterday, hit his head pretty hard when he looped out in the street section off one of the tall wedges, smashing his head sans helmet resulting in a Fractured skull, bleeding on the brain. Let’s all keep him in our thoughts and hope this becomes one of his millions of stories he has to share with us.
I went to visit him last night he was able to talk a bit so that is a good sign!! 🙂 man I hate hospitals, get well Adam!


TGIF! 4-20-12
April 20, 2012, 6:08 pm
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What a week!! After a long visit with H&R block last weekend, I got empowered and motivated to attempt to do my own taxes this year, despite living in two different states etc. thank you Jess Ausec for the link! I was able to Do my taxes for the low rate of $4.95 instead of $400+ (H&R block’s unjust rate which was more than half of my return!) ha and my Return was accepted! Woo!! Done and over with!

I got a message from Mischa, the first lady over at T-1, “a tree branch fell on the ramp” so beeCam and I decided to come help out! I borrowed a handsaw from Stoney, pedaled over there and holy cow! It was more like half of a tree fell in the ramp!! Hahahaha between my handsaw, Adrian and his hand held electric saw and the our combined strength of Aimee Mac, Ruben Alcantara, bee cam, and Mischa we got that “tree branch” out in 2 hours woo! Haha



In other news this past week, I attended my first crawfish boil


Got the first of a few temporary crowns put in by the dentist and it came out after a few days, but I went back and got it put back in, phew!!


Now that my knee is all healed up, Hansen Little at empire helped me buil up a profile “totem” hub set thanks to Mike Meister and Matt at Profile Racing and DK Bikes for the rims! Lookin fresh 🙂 I forgot how AmAZING profile hubs look, feel and SOUND!! So good!! And now onto finishing some more filming for Chick Flick due out in June some time holy smokes!!


March? I missed it ha
April 19, 2012, 10:09 pm
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Just kidding, this update is long overdue! Sorry folks! With music festivals like SXSW, couch surfers, and beautiful Austin weather and lots of bike riding and now a newly acquired basketball, I have been keeping super busy! So much has gone down since the last update, I have a ton of photos, but I will try to just post the highlights.

First off, RIP Mike “Tag” Tagliavento, a true legend not only in  BMX but as a human.  I met Mike about 10 years ago on one of my first  big road trips to Ithaca, NY, dude has been keeping it real on and off of his bike ever since!  Diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma not that long ago,  I don’t think any of us realized how far along his condition was, in my mind, I was like, “oh, it’s Tag, he’s a beast, he’ll beat it…” he fought it hard, refusing to acknowledge he was sick, a true G. Tag you lived a badass life, and influenced more of us than you will ever know, life is short, Rest in peace man.

Some “kids” came to visit austin, and left the mark in the Shakespeare’s bathroom, perhaps   you know who they are..

Got lucky enough to catch up with Garrett Byrnes at T-1 still rippin!
That was my last session before I woke up with an infected knee, It goes back to that deep gash I got at the shady ledge when Jessica was in town, had been healing fine, but must’ve healed over before it was done healing from inside out. Hospital visit, shot of antibiotics in my bum, and some take home pills thankfully avoided surgery!! Phew!  That was a crazy day as well, Stoney dropped me off at hospital, decided to kill time and go skate and took a crash, I ended up driving him in the middle of the night to the ER with some busted ribs.  With both of us gimp walking into hospital, they couldn’t tell which one of us was there to be seen haha. We are both healed up now. (yeah blog slacker!)
SXSW was a lot of fun, I worked a few 14 hour shifts and managed to still wake up and rock out with some out of town friends. Main venue of choice was the Scoot Inn, Thrasher Skate Mag had a mini ramp “death match” and all of these badass other bands I haven’t seen in awhile or thought I’d never see, CroMags, Black Cobra again! woohoo and original members of Fear, to name a few. Big Island and some homies from Hawaii came in to town during this wild week of music and tattooed Ruben Castillo a few hours before his flight, good times!!
After SXSW it took me about a week to recover physically from no sleep and so much rocking out, but I worked hard and caught up on some bills and spyed on the Sister Session over in Estonia (part of Simpel Session) which was badass!  It killed me to not be able to make it there, especially since I also saw that Darryl Nau was announcing this one too! WTF! TWO major girl classes and Darryl Nau, I wasn’t able to make it!! but I was every gal’s biggest cheerleader from across the miles.  Congrats to all of the girls there for killin it! And at this point Hulk Holgan can “eat his heart out” with all of the backflips going down haha!
EMpire BMX held a huge raffle contest for a limited edition BMX bike to help raise some $ to help with my dental bills, which was bad ass!! between that raffle and fellow DK Bicycles teammate Brian Kachinsky raffling his bike I was able to get my dental work started first temporary crown put in the other day woo! Feels great to be able to almost bite in to a sandwich 🙂 Thank you John Povah at Etnies Footwear for donating that bike!
In trailing end of this long ass update news, just want to wish former roommates Russ Barone and Lauren Napoli happy safe travels as they continue on from Austin to Portland and beyond! I’ll see you back on Long Island (NY) hopefully sometime this summer 🙂
 oh yeah and I can’t forget our blond couch surfer homie
Dave Krone and his teacup chihuahua “Twinkie” too ——>