BBQ weekend fast forward to Las Vegas!

Man, despite all of the rain we had this weekend in Austin, I managed to hit up two kickass BBQ’s.
I had heard the reviews about Stoney cooking at our buddy Chase Hawk’s place back in the day, and since its been awhile since they’ve gotten together to cook the rain this weekend was a great excuse! I finally got to indulge! Homemade mashed potatoes with hatch chiles, plump brined chicken grilled to perfection with homemade BBQ sauce, corn on the cob, burgers and steaks our friend Scotty brought from Austin Land & Cattle some jalapeño cornbread.. Everything was SO good!!

Chase and Lauren’s English bulldog Lucy just got back from the doggie groomer and got her “nails did” haha
As Chase and Sean’s bartender at Shakespeare’s, I know if they are out that they usually order 3 Olives Rootbeer flavored vodka w/coke. So I brought them a bottle 100proof rootbeer vodka made by Smirnoff. This discovery was made courtesy of Mason Fleet at the Cedar Point shows in Ohio ha! I warned everyone, this stuff is no joke! Our friend Hollywood had been watching football all day drinking beer got into it and drank about half of the bottle! 😲
He seemed okay but when we dropped him off at Stoneys and came back from pedaling around town, the dude at thrown up all over..even worse; all over Stoney’s dog!!!! Poor dog!! And poor Stoney for having to smell that for the last few days wooF!!

Then Sunday afternoon i got a phonecall from Portland homie Shad Johnson that he was in town with lady!! I met up with them Forrest and Allan (other nice Portlanders living in Atx) at Home Slice for some delicious Pizza!!! Even though they do not have Canadian bacon at Homeslice (Shad’s favorite) he still seemed to enjoy it 🙂


Later that afternoon i got a picture message from Aaron Ross, he got his new smoker running, and cooked up a storm of smoked brisket and ribs! I fired out some veggie kabobs and boom! Another feast among BMX homies!

Some veggie Kabobs I made



In a slight food coma, I managed to start my application to be a substitute teacher in Austin; a way for me to use my degree in the meantime! Woohoo!! College transcripts are on the way! I spent yesterday running around mailing stuff working on my resume and reconnecting with friends and former co workers who are also teachers. I don’t have a degree in education but hopefully having a Bachelors Degree, being world traveled, bilingual and spending several years at summer camps with kids and a clean background check will help me get the position.

So I spent most of last night preparing cookie dough to help with Yeah Zine sales at Interbike for the next two days.

My buddy Ryan Corrigan (master ramp builder) hit me up about a “soft opening” for the new concrete ramp park in Pflugerville! (north east Austin) my toe has been SO painful and mad at me but of course I couldn’t say no and stuffed a shoe on well enough to try to ride! This park has been done for the last few months but no one has been allowed to legally ride it because the city hadn’t yet finished the landscaping!! Torture for the locals! Well today is finally the day, It will be open to the public, BMX and skateboards. A heads up to fellow grinders out there either remove or switch to plastic pegs before you go! There aren’t many rules at all, not even one about helmets!! (which I highly recommend along with a mouth guard-this place is fun but SLICK!!!) So be sure to at least respect that one rule about the stinky plastic pegs so there won’t be any beef and the city will hopefully continue to build more parks.






Well, I made it to the airport and so Las Vegas here I come! stocked with cookies and Flat Track Coffee. Hoping to network it up!

Speaking of which, I already met a gentlemen on the plane named Emil who is Lebanese and as it turns out he and his wife run the huge “Mediterranean Festival” here in Austin the end of every September! AND!!! Its next weekend!! I am SO psyched!! He gave me the lowdown on the few Lebanese food spots around town, and shared a bit of the history of the Lebanese families here in Austin how long ago they made it here to TX back in the 1800’s, and how most of 6th street used to be owned by the Lebanese. Pretty interesting! He filled me in on what parts of town they predominantly lived in back in the 1930s and 40s. I shared with him what little Arabic I do know and he said my accent is great! Feeling a bit inspired! There may be a trip to half price books in my future- soon! Even more confirming why he looked so familiar ha! Lebanese brother! Haha he looks like a bunch of relatives on my moms side. Craziness.

Anyway, I am killing the rest of the time on this flight by finishing this update. I packed a bike lock (heavy duty kryptonite U-lock) with me in case I am able to borrow a bike to go to Kinkos off the strip to pick up some business cards I had made for Yeah Zine. Getting through TSA with it on my carry-on wasn’t too bad but I wouldn’t recommend it. It seemed to depend on how that particular TSA agent personally felt about bike locks ha! Somehow I got lucky and made it though, phew! I learned something new!

Vegas, (sigh), I am already tired.


In case you missed it..
September 17, 2012, 1:39 am
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There are some photos up from the “Yeah Trip!” from this summer on the Transworld RIDE Bmx site.

Click on this link:

Photo Gallery: Girls BMX Tour | Article, Features | TransWorld RIDE bmx.

Man, that was a really fun trip! It definitely made my summer for sure 🙂

Angie has worked pretty hard the last 2 months editing the footage for the “Yeah Trip!” DVD, which we are hoping to show a sneak preview this week sometime in Las Vegas at Interbike.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO TRAILER Interbike is North America’s largest bicycle industry trade show. I’ve attended over the last few years with other bike companies I’ve ridden for mainly to distribute the new issue of whatever zine I’m working on and rep the ladies in BMX. Not only will we be trying to take over someones TV screen at their booth to show our dvd, we will also have the latests issue of Yeah Zine available. If you are going, be sure to find us! Look for one of us with the back pack and fresh baked cookies that they will come with and be sure to have some cash $ for the cause.

I’ll post another update later with all of this lovely rain we are having in Austin! The trails and swim spots need this!

Here are some more “Yeah Trip!” photos I found in a lost folder from the trip, I am so bummed I just found them now, after the fact that the new issue is out figures I clean up my desktop and find them now, sorry Ang! enjoy!

Woodward West Girls Week session at the crater: L-R: Nina B, Tammy D, Mini Park, Angie Marino, Cory Coffey McGhee, Jessica Ausec, Lindsay Hale

Homemade chair at “The Wood Shop” Cam Wood’s Bike shop in SLC, Utah

my new roommate to be is a badass, Lindsay Hale, yard sale-in in Tehachapi

Rainy day in Austin..
September 13, 2012, 8:20 pm
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Yup, that is indeed a piece of candy bacon on the ground.
Only a few more days to go until my roommate moves out! Aside from a ton of yard work and massive cleaning, I’ve been busy keeping an eye on the fort.
My friend Jess and her boyfriend Bob lent me their lawn mower while they take mine to repair. The birds love the freshly cut grass!

This week was super tight financially, so I spent some time going through all of my clothes and made a trip to the Buffalo Exchange. You can buy/sell used clothes and earn some cash. I was able to get rid of a dress, and some fancy tank top things that didn’t work out for me ha! I made $15! The catch was that girl Dani and I waited in line for about 45minutes to sell our clothes. $15/hour? Not bad for sitting on our asses.

Joe Bob Made his way out to Housepark. It is truly amazing to see him standing and moving around. The heckler-section was large at this night session.

My toe was bothering me a LOT so I took it easy. It was bothering me for the last few days, so much that I finally looked up a foot doctor. As it turns out, I had an in-grown toenail and they did a mini procedure to fix it:


Unfortunately I am stuck wearing sandals for the next few days, this thing hurts like hell!!!!
Before the rain hit, and my toe surgery, I woke up at 6am to catch the free swim at Barton Springs. I met up with Liz, fresh out of Tampa she just moved here the other day with her boyfriend Phil (he rides BMX-I met them at Housepark) she tagged along and we met up with Adrianne and Jess Hirn. There was a bit of a cold front that rolled in that night, it was 65 degrees out but the water brisk enough remained a constant 72. We took the plunge and froze our asses off! Got a good swim in, I think Once my foot heals up I will work more on actually swimming form and stroke. This time around it was more like “do whatever you can to warm up!” ha!
Here is Jess in her wet suit, she had the right idea 😜


The mornings in Austin are beautiful. I can’t wait to get my swim on again!! 🙂

Yesterday there was a lot of moisture in the air, and as we went to drop off a get well package at t-1, there was a beautiful rainbow:

Today the rain finally came,

Today, the rain finally came, another beautiful sight:


I am excited for fall and trail season, this rain is awesome!

What a Sweet Day it was
September 8, 2012, 5:19 pm
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My longtime friend who is an awesome baker, Meghan, teamed up with some fellow bakers and opened “Sugar Circus” the ultimate cure-all for your sweet tooth right here in Austin.

“The best sugar show on earth” is located at 2613 E.5th street between Pedernales and Pleasant Valley.

I rode my Fairdale there yesterday morning on an empty stomach which was trouble! Thankfully it was 2 for 1 cupcake special so I scored some extras to share (haha don’t worry I shared). There is a perfect assortment of classic buttercream frosted cupcakes, cookies, and the other half of the items offered yesterday were vegan and gluten-free friendly.


I wanted to bring one of everything home!! I did well though and only bought one of each truffle and a few cupcakes to try.

For the record, this place is also open on Sundays so they can offer regular and vegan cinnamon rolls!!!!
Make sure all of you reading this who will be visiting for Texas Toast Jam 2012 stop in for some treats! It is located a stone’s throw away from this years contest site.
Oh man, so after my little sugar extravaganza, I show up to go for a swim with girl Dani at her pool and she is hopping on one foot making pancakes from scratch!! More sweets!! Ah!!!

So glad I went for a bike ride yesterday after all of that sugary goodness!

Oh and some GREAT news, someone reported the license plate of the truck that hit our friend Joe Bob that took off after. The police are on it! I am so relieved to hear this!!

Happy Saturday!! I’m off to shred before work again 🙂

Joe Bobs last night in the hospital woo!!

More Action Shots, and AGT! Don’t Forget to Vote TONIGHT 8pm EST!

So apparently with the time zone difference, I posted the wrong time earlier, please tune in to NBC TV tonight 8pm EST (that’s 7pm CST!! like right now!) and vote for All Wheel Sports team! They have made it to the semi-finals, tonight there will be 12 groups, but only the top 3 can advance! These are some really talented performers I had the pleasure of working with and helping to replace at Cedar Point this summer while they were in NYC killing it on this show. You can vote up to ten times by phone, Skype, text or online.

The voting lines are currently closed but will open at the end of tonights show for everyone to vote, here is the link you can click on to find ALL WHEEL SPORTS and vote for them up to ten times aside from calling or texting their specific voting line phone # that will flash on the tv screen later tonight, click here to help them out:

Thank you in advance!

I will most likely be tuning in from Brackenridge Hospital visiting Joe Bob Montgomery, with a posse, some plain unsweetened iced tea and our lap tops to fire out some extra votes 🙂

Here are some action shots I promised, these are from the All Wheels Extreme Show at Cedar Point:

So much going on! (I’m in the blue helmet) Passing with Jaren “the Monster” Grob, while Erica Madrid is on the tumble track, Kyle Banks and Andy Anderson on the trampolines in the background..ha!

This is during one of the finale passes during the show with razor scooter pro Tanner Markley, awesome timing!

Tanner is in NYC right now! So yes, vote vote vote!!

Here are some action shots from the weekend riding ninth street I promised:

andreas the greek with a no footed can

Levi Peachy, boostin’ right line in “slacker” at 9th street

look mom, one lazy hand! ha

100+ degrees, no shade at house park, Lexie Green and I talking about “cool places” to stay “cool”

Stoney killin’ it

…my purple shorts.

Scotty Mescal, THEE mayor of Housepark, circa 7:45am this morning


Labor Day weekend gimp update??

This past weekend I am pretty sure there was a full moon out..

“it’s that time..of the season..”-mommas and the papas

I worked every night Thursday-Sunday and managed to not Labor on labor day after all. This may have been one of the busiest weekends all summer, we were really busy and I love when it’s busy!! More tips and more live-drunken dancing-on-the-stage entertainment at Shakespeare’s.
I had a few high noon 100+degree sessions at house park, where I ran into Francis, local kid I heard about having “shit luck” over the years. This time he was cruisin around with two broken wrists!! “who wants to Ride some trails?!” I can’t believe this kid. Poor guy..I was introduced to Francis last year sometime as the “kid who got shot in the ass by some local thugs while he was riding a ditch.” and now this:

Get well Soon dog!
I also had the pleasure of riding at 9th street here and there over the weekend! If there even was a missing link in the good vibes of the Austin scene, it was the ninth street trails! They are mostly running again, making for a great time just before sundown everyday there! The bugs, absolutely love me, so I re-upped my bug repellent stash. The shelves of the local grocery where all the Off! is were looking pretty bare after news reports that there is a strong presence of the west Nile Virus in surrounding areas of central Austin :/ yikes! If you are hittin’ the trails, be prepared people! Douse yourselves in that Deet! Haha

Here we have even more gimps, in the heckler section: Andy Martinez coming off of a broken ankle.. And girl Dani with a broken tibia kickin it next to “slacker” line at 9th

I have still yet to upload some of the action shots from the weekend…
However I want to put a HUGE reminder to everyone reading this, “PLEASE SHARE THE ROAD and WATCH OUT FOR CYCLISTS!!”

After a fun weekend of riding, I got a phonecall that my buddy, Joe Bob Montgomery, was hit by a truck yesterday on his way into work. :/

He is in the hospital with a broken back, surgery still pending, no health insurance, and as it turns out, the incident was a hit and run! This makes my blood boil..
He is in good spirits though, hangin tough! Healing vibes Holmes!


The impact was so crazy his bike is mangled, pedal and seat melted, grips all shredded, headset all jacked, I’m pretty sure the frame and forks are twisted too :/


Joe got lucky this time. Yikes! Healing vibes kid!! Follow him on instagram for more updates @farmlife

Aside from crazy news got to take this lovely lady out for some Thai food for her birthday, happy birthday Marilyn!
Sorry my phone camera didn’t do our lunch justice ha


Also exciting news congrats to our friend Mo Malone for completing her first mini triathlon! An excuse for celebration dinner and girls night here’s some more pretty ladies:

Congrats Mo!

I got up early this morning to meet Beecam at house park to shoot some last minute photos for the next issue of Yeah Zine today is my day to sort through all of my photos since the last issue and write some stories! Got my work cut out!!

Ill post more here later today from the coffee shop, but I also wanted to remind everyone that my homies from cedar point, All Wheels Extreme will be on NBC tv show America’s Got Talent tonight!!! 9pm EST I think so tune in they need your votes!!! 🙂

Signing off from house park parking lot ha..-Nina B

Few parting shots:

the OTHER Taylor brown


Paul Rad sent me this (it’s dorito’s van, still has oatmeal all over the back of it from my last visit to Ohio..sorry Holmes! Hahaha drive it down here so I can clean it!)

Autumn Spadaro had an exhibit at local gallery spot called Common House which was pretty sweet you can buy her photo book at DoMy Books Austin

And everyone loves a little “yazz” flute in their lives haha #anchorman