What a Sweet Day it was
September 8, 2012, 5:19 pm
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My longtime friend who is an awesome baker, Meghan, teamed up with some fellow bakers and opened “Sugar Circus” the ultimate cure-all for your sweet tooth right here in Austin.

“The best sugar show on earth” is located at 2613 E.5th street between Pedernales and Pleasant Valley.

I rode my Fairdale there yesterday morning on an empty stomach which was trouble! Thankfully it was 2 for 1 cupcake special so I scored some extras to share (haha don’t worry I shared). There is a perfect assortment of classic buttercream frosted cupcakes, cookies, and the other half of the items offered yesterday were vegan and gluten-free friendly.


I wanted to bring one of everything home!! I did well though and only bought one of each truffle and a few cupcakes to try.

For the record, this place is also open on Sundays so they can offer regular and vegan cinnamon rolls!!!!
Make sure all of you reading this who will be visiting for Texas Toast Jam 2012 stop in for some treats! It is located a stone’s throw away from this years contest site.
Oh man, so after my little sugar extravaganza, I show up to go for a swim with girl Dani at her pool and she is hopping on one foot making pancakes from scratch!! More sweets!! Ah!!!

So glad I went for a bike ride yesterday after all of that sugary goodness!

Oh and some GREAT news, someone reported the license plate of the truck that hit our friend Joe Bob that took off after. The police are on it! I am so relieved to hear this!!

Happy Saturday!! I’m off to shred before work again 🙂

Joe Bobs last night in the hospital woo!!


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vegan cinnamon rolls !? aarrrrrgghhhhhhhhh !

Comment by french fries

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