Labor Day weekend gimp update??

This past weekend I am pretty sure there was a full moon out..

“it’s that time..of the season..”-mommas and the papas

I worked every night Thursday-Sunday and managed to not Labor on labor day after all. This may have been one of the busiest weekends all summer, we were really busy and I love when it’s busy!! More tips and more live-drunken dancing-on-the-stage entertainment at Shakespeare’s.
I had a few high noon 100+degree sessions at house park, where I ran into Francis, local kid I heard about having “shit luck” over the years. This time he was cruisin around with two broken wrists!! “who wants to Ride some trails?!” I can’t believe this kid. Poor guy..I was introduced to Francis last year sometime as the “kid who got shot in the ass by some local thugs while he was riding a ditch.” and now this:

Get well Soon dog!
I also had the pleasure of riding at 9th street here and there over the weekend! If there even was a missing link in the good vibes of the Austin scene, it was the ninth street trails! They are mostly running again, making for a great time just before sundown everyday there! The bugs, absolutely love me, so I re-upped my bug repellent stash. The shelves of the local grocery where all the Off! is were looking pretty bare after news reports that there is a strong presence of the west Nile Virus in surrounding areas of central Austin :/ yikes! If you are hittin’ the trails, be prepared people! Douse yourselves in that Deet! Haha

Here we have even more gimps, in the heckler section: Andy Martinez coming off of a broken ankle.. And girl Dani with a broken tibia kickin it next to “slacker” line at 9th

I have still yet to upload some of the action shots from the weekend…
However I want to put a HUGE reminder to everyone reading this, “PLEASE SHARE THE ROAD and WATCH OUT FOR CYCLISTS!!”

After a fun weekend of riding, I got a phonecall that my buddy, Joe Bob Montgomery, was hit by a truck yesterday on his way into work. :/

He is in the hospital with a broken back, surgery still pending, no health insurance, and as it turns out, the incident was a hit and run! This makes my blood boil..
He is in good spirits though, hangin tough! Healing vibes Holmes!


The impact was so crazy his bike is mangled, pedal and seat melted, grips all shredded, headset all jacked, I’m pretty sure the frame and forks are twisted too :/


Joe got lucky this time. Yikes! Healing vibes kid!! Follow him on instagram for more updates @farmlife

Aside from crazy news got to take this lovely lady out for some Thai food for her birthday, happy birthday Marilyn!
Sorry my phone camera didn’t do our lunch justice ha


Also exciting news congrats to our friend Mo Malone for completing her first mini triathlon! An excuse for celebration dinner and girls night here’s some more pretty ladies:

Congrats Mo!

I got up early this morning to meet Beecam at house park to shoot some last minute photos for the next issue of Yeah Zine today is my day to sort through all of my photos since the last issue and write some stories! Got my work cut out!!

Ill post more here later today from the coffee shop, but I also wanted to remind everyone that my homies from cedar point, All Wheels Extreme will be on NBC tv show America’s Got Talent tonight!!! 9pm EST I think so tune in they need your votes!!! 🙂

Signing off from house park parking lot ha..-Nina B

Few parting shots:

the OTHER Taylor brown


Paul Rad sent me this (it’s dorito’s van, still has oatmeal all over the back of it from my last visit to Ohio..sorry Holmes! Hahaha drive it down here so I can clean it!)

Autumn Spadaro had an exhibit at local gallery spot called Common House which was pretty sweet you can buy her photo book at DoMy Books Austin

And everyone loves a little “yazz” flute in their lives haha #anchorman