More Action Shots, and AGT! Don’t Forget to Vote TONIGHT 8pm EST!

So apparently with the time zone difference, I posted the wrong time earlier, please tune in to NBC TV tonight 8pm EST (that’s 7pm CST!! like right now!) and vote for All Wheel Sports team! They have made it to the semi-finals, tonight there will be 12 groups, but only the top 3 can advance! These are some really talented performers I had the pleasure of working with and helping to replace at Cedar Point this summer while they were in NYC killing it on this show. You can vote up to ten times by phone, Skype, text or online.

The voting lines are currently closed but will open at the end of tonights show for everyone to vote, here is the link you can click on to find ALL WHEEL SPORTS and vote for them up to ten times aside from calling or texting their specific voting line phone # that will flash on the tv screen later tonight, click here to help them out:

Thank you in advance!

I will most likely be tuning in from Brackenridge Hospital visiting Joe Bob Montgomery, with a posse, some plain unsweetened iced tea and our lap tops to fire out some extra votes 🙂

Here are some action shots I promised, these are from the All Wheels Extreme Show at Cedar Point:

So much going on! (I’m in the blue helmet) Passing with Jaren “the Monster” Grob, while Erica Madrid is on the tumble track, Kyle Banks and Andy Anderson on the trampolines in the background..ha!

This is during one of the finale passes during the show with razor scooter pro Tanner Markley, awesome timing!

Tanner is in NYC right now! So yes, vote vote vote!!

Here are some action shots from the weekend riding ninth street I promised:

andreas the greek with a no footed can

Levi Peachy, boostin’ right line in “slacker” at 9th street

look mom, one lazy hand! ha

100+ degrees, no shade at house park, Lexie Green and I talking about “cool places” to stay “cool”

Stoney killin’ it

…my purple shorts.

Scotty Mescal, THEE mayor of Housepark, circa 7:45am this morning



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