More Action Shots, and AGT! Don’t Forget to Vote TONIGHT 8pm EST!

So apparently with the time zone difference, I posted the wrong time earlier, please tune in to NBC TV tonight 8pm EST (that’s 7pm CST!! like right now!) and vote for All Wheel Sports team! They have made it to the semi-finals, tonight there will be 12 groups, but only the top 3 can advance! These are some really talented performers I had the pleasure of working with and helping to replace at Cedar Point this summer while they were in NYC killing it on this show. You can vote up to ten times by phone, Skype, text or online.

The voting lines are currently closed but will open at the end of tonights show for everyone to vote, here is the link you can click on to find ALL WHEEL SPORTS and vote for them up to ten times aside from calling or texting their specific voting line phone # that will flash on the tv screen later tonight, click here to help them out:

Thank you in advance!

I will most likely be tuning in from Brackenridge Hospital visiting Joe Bob Montgomery, with a posse, some plain unsweetened iced tea and our lap tops to fire out some extra votes 🙂

Here are some action shots I promised, these are from the All Wheels Extreme Show at Cedar Point:

So much going on! (I’m in the blue helmet) Passing with Jaren “the Monster” Grob, while Erica Madrid is on the tumble track, Kyle Banks and Andy Anderson on the trampolines in the background..ha!

This is during one of the finale passes during the show with razor scooter pro Tanner Markley, awesome timing!

Tanner is in NYC right now! So yes, vote vote vote!!

Here are some action shots from the weekend riding ninth street I promised:

andreas the greek with a no footed can

Levi Peachy, boostin’ right line in “slacker” at 9th street

look mom, one lazy hand! ha

100+ degrees, no shade at house park, Lexie Green and I talking about “cool places” to stay “cool”

Stoney killin’ it

…my purple shorts.

Scotty Mescal, THEE mayor of Housepark, circa 7:45am this morning



Labor Day weekend gimp update??

This past weekend I am pretty sure there was a full moon out..

“it’s that time..of the season..”-mommas and the papas

I worked every night Thursday-Sunday and managed to not Labor on labor day after all. This may have been one of the busiest weekends all summer, we were really busy and I love when it’s busy!! More tips and more live-drunken dancing-on-the-stage entertainment at Shakespeare’s.
I had a few high noon 100+degree sessions at house park, where I ran into Francis, local kid I heard about having “shit luck” over the years. This time he was cruisin around with two broken wrists!! “who wants to Ride some trails?!” I can’t believe this kid. Poor guy..I was introduced to Francis last year sometime as the “kid who got shot in the ass by some local thugs while he was riding a ditch.” and now this:

Get well Soon dog!
I also had the pleasure of riding at 9th street here and there over the weekend! If there even was a missing link in the good vibes of the Austin scene, it was the ninth street trails! They are mostly running again, making for a great time just before sundown everyday there! The bugs, absolutely love me, so I re-upped my bug repellent stash. The shelves of the local grocery where all the Off! is were looking pretty bare after news reports that there is a strong presence of the west Nile Virus in surrounding areas of central Austin :/ yikes! If you are hittin’ the trails, be prepared people! Douse yourselves in that Deet! Haha

Here we have even more gimps, in the heckler section: Andy Martinez coming off of a broken ankle.. And girl Dani with a broken tibia kickin it next to “slacker” line at 9th

I have still yet to upload some of the action shots from the weekend…
However I want to put a HUGE reminder to everyone reading this, “PLEASE SHARE THE ROAD and WATCH OUT FOR CYCLISTS!!”

After a fun weekend of riding, I got a phonecall that my buddy, Joe Bob Montgomery, was hit by a truck yesterday on his way into work. :/

He is in the hospital with a broken back, surgery still pending, no health insurance, and as it turns out, the incident was a hit and run! This makes my blood boil..
He is in good spirits though, hangin tough! Healing vibes Holmes!


The impact was so crazy his bike is mangled, pedal and seat melted, grips all shredded, headset all jacked, I’m pretty sure the frame and forks are twisted too :/


Joe got lucky this time. Yikes! Healing vibes kid!! Follow him on instagram for more updates @farmlife

Aside from crazy news got to take this lovely lady out for some Thai food for her birthday, happy birthday Marilyn!
Sorry my phone camera didn’t do our lunch justice ha


Also exciting news congrats to our friend Mo Malone for completing her first mini triathlon! An excuse for celebration dinner and girls night here’s some more pretty ladies:

Congrats Mo!

I got up early this morning to meet Beecam at house park to shoot some last minute photos for the next issue of Yeah Zine today is my day to sort through all of my photos since the last issue and write some stories! Got my work cut out!!

Ill post more here later today from the coffee shop, but I also wanted to remind everyone that my homies from cedar point, All Wheels Extreme will be on NBC tv show America’s Got Talent tonight!!! 9pm EST I think so tune in they need your votes!!! 🙂

Signing off from house park parking lot ha..-Nina B

Few parting shots:

the OTHER Taylor brown


Paul Rad sent me this (it’s dorito’s van, still has oatmeal all over the back of it from my last visit to Ohio..sorry Holmes! Hahaha drive it down here so I can clean it!)

Autumn Spadaro had an exhibit at local gallery spot called Common House which was pretty sweet you can buy her photo book at DoMy Books Austin

And everyone loves a little “yazz” flute in their lives haha #anchorman

Whats up blog?! Been awhile since I updated it..

The last few weeks since my All Wheels Extreme trip have been non-stop, after facing plenty of ups and a few downs, I’m happy to have made it back to the surface!

It all started not even week or so home from Ohio! I was home and starting to catch up with friends and beat the heat. I decided to meet up with my good friends Adrianne and Sam for a swim at Barton Springs pool. After a nice long swim, we parted ways, and in the midst of carrying my pile of clothes towards the exit, my phone rang on vibrate and I totally fumbled for it in the pile of stuff I was carrying and splash! It fell right in :/ Thanks to a group of little girls swimming around exploring with goggles, they volunteered to fish my iPhone out for me. After a day or two of trying the bag of rice trick and no luck, I was able to get it replaced for only $50! Thank God for Apple Care Plus insurance!!! phew!!!! That was kind of sucky few days of not having a phone, thankfully I had backed it up just in time!

Carrying on, I believe it was a day after the phone incident, a bunch of us got together for a session at the Walnut Creek Pumptrack. It’s so peaceful out there, but occasionally when you’re trying to get psyched up to hit the jumps, you need some music to help you through! My gal friend Dani and I always crack each other up whenever we ride at pumptrack together. Before we do trains through main line we always try to belt out a fun-get-psyched tune. Anything ridiculous from our favorite Salt N’ Pepa “Slide, Push it..” straight into making guitar sounds from Black Sabbath “Supernaut” haha we do our best to keep the energy up and the laughs going each lap, anything helps when you’re attempting to beat the heat and get some good runs in. We were having a great session for awhile until Dani did a sweet toboggan over the first one in main, got way stoked, and over shot the second jump a little far right, almost going over the berm. She bailed and put her leg down a little weird and ghost rode her bike. I thought she was alright because she seemed to be laughing, but when we ran over to help her up, we realized her leg was pretty jacked. A bunch of us helped carry her down the trail and out to the car, gave her a harmonica’s worth of cigarettes to puff on to feel better. (haha even though I don’t smoke and can’t stand cigarettes, I felt like this was a more than appropriate occasion to encourage smoking multiple stogies at once haha and in my car no less her leg looked jacked!!) We loaded her in the back of my Subaru “forester”, which was now converted into a rally car style ambulance blasting Metallica “Motorbreath” on full blast to the hospital. It would take a few days to find out for sure what she broke. Bummer!

Photo by Octavio Octurno from Yeah Zine issue 5 Release jam

So I end up going to my first ever pilates class the next morning with Adrianne, super rad! And as I’m leaving feeling awesome, my cousin Melanie hit me up with some sad news; our grandpa Yayo had passed away. I was floored by the news as I had just spoken to him a week before. :/ ‘walked my bike home that day.

The next day I also got a phone call that my friend and Etnies teammate Aaron Ross was feeling under the weather and was supposed to be spending the day with some cancer kids at a local children’s hospital. Since the kids immunes systems are already challenged it’s best to keep anyone not 100% good health from getting too close. This actually was amazing way for me to keep my mind off of grandpa bring some excitement and smiles to some kids facing some real challenges. Aaron hooked me up with a bunch of Odyssey and Sunday stickers to pass out along with whatever Etnies and DK stickers I had. It was definitely uplifting to share and put some smiles on some new faces, these kids go through a lot, and having them do some little bike races in the hospital courtyard was a lot of fun. One kids dad even joined in haha good times!




After my visit with the kids, I got home to a package of goodies from Freegun Underwear! There were some swimsuits, bras and underwear, thank you Fat Tony for the hookup! So with only a few hours to kill before work and then getting on a plane to NY for grandpa, I figured I’d try one of those swimsuits out down at Barton Springs if the rope swing was up. I got there and it sure was! Thanks Freegun!

Stoked on the Freegun swimsuit

I then raced home got ready for work. The trip home to say good bye was by far one of the wildest. I worked until 4am, barely slept, made it on a flight eventually to North Carolina, and due to stormy weather, any and all flights out of charlotte into the tri-state area were cancelled! The delays had already made me miss the final day of the wake, and now almost the funeral the next morning! No trains, planes or buses were going to be able to get me to NY until the following evening, after grandpa would already be buried. Not accepting of this,it was 7pm on a Sunday, I rented a car, and drove 700 miles from Charlotte, NC to NY. I was delirious! Had my friends sending me funny photos and calling me to stay awake. I rolled into NJ around 4:30am, not even realizing what time it was had texted a few friends as I passed their exits. Haha sorry homies! Oddly enough, my homie George D hit me up and he had just rolled up back in to NJ from his band playing a show in Boston! Met up at a rest stop to say what up, and I think honestly that totally saved me from falling asleep at the wheel for the last leg of the trip. It was rad to see George for like 10 minutes, first time in like 10 years haha! Still shreddin’ bikes, playing music and driving the VW!


pretty much how i saw the road signs pulling into NY as the sun was rising

700+miles, 4 coffees, a gallon of water, some flaming hot cheetos, and $41 in tolls and about 12 hours later, I made it to my mom’s in NY, changed my clothes and went straight to the funeral. I did it! I got to say good bye to grandpa yayo! I slept so hard that night. It was so hard to say goodbye, but I feel so much better that I got there in time and got to catch up with family.

He lived 89 years, was a hard worker, and a great man. When I was younger I couldn’t pronounce “Gustavo” his name too well or at all, and “Yayo” was how I managed to say it and it stuck haha! Yayo, in 1960 he moved with my grandma Olga, my aunts Liz, Janette, uncle Gus and my dad, Irving, from Colombia to NY. He worked for Pan Am, and eventually Avianca the Colombian airlines as an airplane mechanic. He was old school, very traditional values, and a man who only wanted the best for everyone. I feel like our time together wasn’t long enough, but I’m happy to have known him and even after the fact learn what an interesting life he lived. I miss him dearly, and already miss making him crack a smile over the phone..

Grandpa Yayo and I in the lobby of his place, on one of my crazy short NY visits last year, RIP gramps, I already miss ya!

Man that was rough, but it was rad to see family and catch up and be there for each other. Not even two days home in Austin, I hopped on a plane to Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA for DK Bicycles week with the campers. My friend Brittany had been meaning to go visit her friends and Juke Life teammates and so I told her I was going and that she should too! So she booked her ticket and boom! We were both at Woodward West about a week later shredding!!

First day there and we got to shred the Megaramp quarter! 28 ft tall!

I sent Mom a photo of me riding the quarter and this was her response ha!

Camp was a blast, we all learned “surfers” from my teammate Dane Beardsley, among some other new moves..

And so it was a fun week at Woodward West, I got off the plane back in Austin and went straight to work again until 4am, and then woke up and it was the Fun Fun Fun Fest Aqua Olympics! Basically a really fun PRE-party for the organizers of the Fun Fun Fun fest a huge music festival that takes place in November here in Austin with an indie stage, hip hop stage and a metal stage usually has a mini ramp and some amazing bands. This Aqua Olympics thing had a huge mega-ramp style roll-in lake-jump! It was my first time lake jumping ever!!!! I hopped on some other peoples bikes and bombed into the lake all day. Even got Mo Malone to give it a go! However, the next few days I felt like I fell out of a building haha after a few 360’s landing head first into the water I imagine that’s what did me in. ha! Oh well, here’s some sweet photos my friend Hippi Josh posted:



Sooo yeah ahhaa the adventure continues!!!!! I managed to catch up with girl Dani and her busted ass leg, turns out she broke her tibia, and had to get surgery to fix it. Pretty cool procedure they did, instead of putting a metal plate in with screws, they now use a “tight rope” which is supposed to help improve overall healing and range of motion after the fact, and will be less likely to have to be removed later on.



I took her to her appointment to get her stitches out, and so far so good!! Here is a view of the tight rope. Healing vibes your way girl!


Aside from that, I’ve seriously been just playing catching up. From blogs, laundry, bills, roommate beef, you name it haha it is good to be home. I will add some more photos later. Even though this one is long I can’t believe how much I still left out! Well, I will go ahead and end this long ass update with a quote from Ferris Beuller, (fun fact: this movie quote was used as the opening line before the music started in All Wheels Extreme show at cedar point this summer, for 2 weeks 3-4 times a day it will forever be engrained in my head..seemingly appropriate quote for my endless summer): “life moves pretty fast you know, if you don’t stop and take a look around once in awhile, you could miss it!”


Wild day for All Wheels Extreme shows

This past week has been SO wild and Really fun but today things got gnarly!
Scooter Jason dropped in at the wrong time and collided head on with inliner Jaren Grob during our first show of the day. (keep in mind, these dudes are each 200Jaren+lbs). Jaren busted his chin, his knee popped out and extra bummer he slammed directly onto his fresh Tattoos, and Jason got the wind knocked out of him so hard.
This was the first time ever for the crew have to cancel the show and evacuate the crowd midway through.
Jaren is a trooper and managed to make it through the last two shows.
Was able to finally get stitches 6 hours later ha!

We made it through the day!! Races back to hotel to watch the results of America’s Got Talent, thank you to everyone who answered my texts and tweets to vote! Congrats to All Wheel Sports for making the cut!! We are all SO proud of you! Your group absolutely killed it!

Crew waiting on Sharon Osborne to make the final call if they made it!!

So pumped!! Again congratulations to tr crew, It’s been an awesome adventure Covering for them while they were out there!

Last few days were pretty rad, made a visit to Afro pats “office” at American Side show tattoo. He has a sweet Jesus painting he got “for only $8!”

It was SO rad to get to catch up with homie brotha man and see what he’s upto!

Drive by this place, RIP Chenga in North Ridgeville…

Also passing through cedar point was Erica and Mason’s parkour team from Colorado, and surprise! Cosmo Dudley, an old BMX friend was leading the tour! He changed sports, what a small world! If you’re wondering what “parkour” is and have a minute the edits from their last few weeks on the road are up on
There only night in town, consisted of
Hitting 88mph on the dance floor during Romanian night at the local watering hole.

Imagine a crew of 8-10 people doing backflips back walkovers handstanding on bar stools.. The bar security didn’t know what to Think haha!
And since Dan Norvell still has a broken foot I passed him my camera to
Shoot some photos of the shows we are doing. I’ll upload some here soon, here are a few screenshots of my favs!


(haha Trevor loves these treats in between shows Hahahaha)
Here we have, Dorito and I have matching “arm bacon” ha


Jaren “the monster” Grob’s new ink from Eclectic in North Ridgeville, OH..

Looks like the crew we are replacing here at cedar Point get back tomorrow..
Until next time!