“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”

..a quote by Maya Angelou, enlightening. I recently made a decision to leave my bike sponsor of more than 6.5 years, DK Bicycles. I just want to say that I am really grateful for all that they did for me, I got to travel the world, make some of the best friends, got to go on Megatour, and even design signature handlebars! Really, it is the most any company in BMX Freestyle has ever done for a girl, and for that I truly do thank them for all that they have done.

I confided in some of my closest friends and mentors about my relationship with the company and how it has changed over the last two years or so. Face to face confrontation whenever possible is always better, however, across the miles, over a computer, or via text, I learned that a lack of communication can most definitely stir up some frustrations and create misunderstandings. I am someone that believes in professionalism and that it is very important to keep a healthy relationship in business and friendships and love; good communication is key. In life, I believe it is important to work hard, appreciate what you have, who you have in your life, and equally it is also important to feel appreciated and no matter how much time passes, that your hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. I also feel that even though it may be the easier route for some to “just take the money and run,” at the end of the day, I’d rather keep my pride and stay true to my beliefs. Maybe I’m from a different generation, (ex.I don’t live my life for more likes on instagram enough haha), whatever the case, it was time for me to try to enjoy what I’m doing on my bike without any stress or wonder if I am still a part of something. I am still doing what I always do, just without any uncertainty. I just read an interview with a pro skateboarder, Marc Johnson, in which he rips into the skate industry and how a lot of the skaters are just as guilty for “taking the money and run” attitude. The interview seems to parallel my situation with riding for a smaller rider-owned company that merged with a bigger corporation that is moving in a different direction. When you have a minute, read it here.

Aside from leaving DK, Stoney and I were graced with a visit from my friend Becci and her boyfriend Dustin for two weeks. Aside from getting severely sunburned and attacked by mosquitoes, I think they had a really good time. I drove them all over Austin, upto Dallas and back to ride some spots, took them to shoot guns for their first time, introduced them to quesadillas, and the idea of homecooking instead of their favorite place on earth: Mac Donalds. Ugh! haha Here are a few photos I shot during their visit:


Hmm..Lip tattoos: Denise Baca (Left), Becci (right) got “AUSTIN” tattooed on the inside of her lip 2 years ago her first visit to America, and TX, and first tattoo ever


Dustin needed a souvenir tattoo from TX also..Another fine piece of artwork by our friend Mo Malone from Triple Crown Tattoo here in Austin

Germans in Austin……Homemade quesadillas a la Nina Burrito

BecciandDustinareWEIRD IMG_8182

Why Germans should listen to me when I tell them to put on sunblock..


In America, you only need about $40 and a valid ID or passport to shoot Germany, guns are strictly for military and law enforcement.

In America, you only need about $40 and a valid ID or passport to shoot Germany, guns are strictly for military and law enforcement.

Yep, then after Becci and Dustin’s visit, Tomas Fuentes super nice kid from Chile came to Austin on his way to Woodward West to hang with Coco Zurita. Here is a photo I shot of Tomas at our friend Morgan’s (frenchie)’s back yard..

tomas fuentes

Aside from trying to show people around Austin, shooting pics, and riding, I have been keeping busy, working on a little video edit for one of my sponsors, Freegun Underwear. I am trying to get some local bands to let me use their song for it, which I think will work out great because I love to support the homies, and Freegun prefers I use music that is “cleared” to use. Once I get that sorted, should have a nice little edit out in no time 🙂

A few holidays passed since my last update, including Flag Day, June 14th, which also happens to be my birthday! It’s been a few years since I’ve had a new frame, I even sanded the paint off and clear coated it to buy myself sometime to maybe get a new one, but it never came. So in the end, Stoney bought me a T-1 “Ruben” frame, and it looks sweet and feels amazing! The specs are pretty similar to what I was running but it has a more laid back head tube angle, 74 degrees instead of 75, I can’t believe I notice that much of a difference! It’s only been a few weeks, so far so good, I forgot how exciting it is to build up a new frame! Thanks Stoney!! Huge thank you to Afro Pat for being a good friend, and “get shit done” homie, and Hanson Little at Empire for helping me put this together..seriously, thank you both so much, and Joe Rich for helping Stoney figure out what frame to get me as a surprise. I am so lucky to have so many good friends here in Austin!


Oh yeah, so in the midst of all of these changes, my friend Mo and I decided to take a Motorcyle safety course so we could get our “M” endorsement on our TX drivers license, a requirement in order to take the test here in TX. We opted for Total Rider school’s Basic course since they offered it earlier in the week. I couldn’t afford to take off a weekend from work since the 3-day course was from 6am-noon. Our instructor goes by “Uncle Mullet” and if you ever need to renew your motorcycle license and would like to be entertained while you get informed, this is the guy to go to. I sent these photos to a few family members who agree that they would rather my new hobby be “Basket weaving,” (which incase you didn’t realize, it’s a lot safer).

Mo Malone and I with “Uncle Mullet”



The course still went on “RAIN OR SHINE” and so we went the poor man’s rain gear route and picked up some “fresh” trash bags haha, actually held up pretty good all things considered.


the fleet of Kawaski Eliminators, I think they were 125 cc’s..nothing crazy but super fun!


And we completed our course! We mastered the parking lot! My friend Tom, “Tom 516” from Long Island lives here in Austin now helped us out, threw a new front tire on the Honda we have been trying to get on the road. I bought some side mirrors, we got the timing adjusted, and now whenever we have some extra $, ‘can take it to get inspected, and registered so we can finally go on some rides!!! Yay!! Here she is pre-new front tire and mirrors.


In addition to new bikes, motorcycle education and parts, I invested some birthday cash into a portable radio I call the “ghetto blaster” that uses the same battery as my drill and is rechargeable! Woo!! This little thing kicks so much ass! Took it to San Marcos park on 4th of July for a session before work, and it got everyone at the park going! It was about 100degrees out, no shade, but the jams kept everyone’s energy in the bowl and gave everyone a boost to keep the session going; I love this thing:


I have been loving life, and appreciating everyone I have in it, my friend Adrianne just had another birthday, her and I lived together in Arlington, TX at one point circa 2005 and have had so many laughs! Cheers to many more! Shot from birthday dinner at Bouldin Creek, babe-fest..


Oh and even though I had to work, you better believe that I was cheering for the annual Nathan’s International Hot Dog eating Championship, held every 4th of july in Coney Island, NY! Reigning champion, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, ate 69 hot dogs for the win this year in the mens division and Sonia “the Black Widow” Thomas ate 36 3/4 hot dogs for the ladies title. HA! That’s a lot of freakin dogs people! Screen shot of the TV from the preliminary..


All of this excitement, and then a trip home to Long Island to see family and good friends?!!! SO RAD!!!! I broke down my bike and flew home with it, july 5th to try to catch a family gathering, my mom and her sisters at our cousin’s place in East Hampton. Unfortunately, one of my aunt’s wasn’t feeling well and they left a few hours before I got there, but mom and I made the best of this beautiful place to ourselves, played scrabble and swam laps in the pool.

IMG_8484 IMG_8487

I almost forgot how beautiful Long Island is, driving passed all of the wine vineyards, farms and lush green caves of trees..and then there’s the BEACH! and the pizza, and the bagels, delis, lots of family and some of my best friends ever! Here are some photos from the trip, I got to see Steph and Sam, hang out with Biscuit (Mom’s dog aka my bro-ski), :


tar beach (Marie’s rooftop in flushing), dinner at moms, Point Lookout (a lot smaller since Sandy)..

TAR BEACH dinner at mom and chris's POINT LOOKOUT

Point Lookout with mom and ice cream <3, and a different beach day with aunt diane, aunt janette, marie, cousins nick and alex


Marie’s crazy Fish ornament, haha we had a blast

Marie's crazy fish ornament

Got to shred some BMX while I was home, great session joined by Thad, Dave Hall, Darryl Nau, and Jimmy at Owl’s Head skatepark in Bay Ridge, we rode as long as we could in the rain until the ramps just got too wet.


I also had the pleasure of attending my cousin Laura’s engagement party, congrats Laura and Joey! Dad, Dana and I and we danced our bums off ha or as dad says, “we cut the rug.”

IMG_8519 IMG_8528

My buddy Brian Kaminsky hit me up on his way back from the beach threw my bike in the back of his truck with the surfboards and we went to visit the “Boondocks” some Long Island trails. Got to catch up with Chris Hald and Darryl Nau and helped dig for a few hours. IMG_8522

Got to spend time with little sister, Tami ha she is 14 and almost at tall as me now!


And I finally got to meet my friend Dave and Lauren’s baby, Penelope! They are having a destination wedding in 2 weeks in Mexico, Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but we had dinner and then a nice evening of ping pong, skeeball, and Cinnabags, a signature cocktail at the Tender Trap in Brooklyn joined by John Lynn and Thad and even ran into “Wormz!” as he rode by, haven’t seen him in forever!

Lauren, Penelope and DAVE GHANDI HALL! TENDER TRAP! Brooklyn

I also got to see Nana and Aunt Terry before my trip ended, it made my trip to see you both! Dang! I wish I had more time!! At least I got to see my friend Tara and her boyfriend Adam, they are still relocated since Hurricane Sandy, holding up alright in their temporary spot until they get their place back together or find a new one. I made a pit stop to see Pete Miranda, better known as “Pistol Pete” and his lady and family who live right by my dad for a hot minute on my way home from the trails. Ah!!! And then there’s Chris Rubinich!!! Unfortunately I missed out on getting to see his son Joseph,nor did I catch his lady this trip, (she has a wild schedule nursing school and work) but he filled me in. My friends are the best, catching up like we didnt miss a beat, embracing whatever short time we have. Everyone is doing as good as they can be, and that makes me feel at ease. Smiles for miles, I made it home safe, and eventually so did my bike and the bagels! I miss you all already, thank you mom and chris, dad and dana, and marie for driving me around and feeding me lots of NY delicacies. Until next time……..


Some photos from King Fest


King Fest 2012 went down, out in Spicewood, TX. Place is more of a compound, with an indoor vert ramp layered with birch wood. Every year there’s a jam/fundraiser to raise money for more concrete so they can continue building more pools and complete the snake run they just started. The lineup of bands and the skating is usually off the chain! I attended this backwoods jam last year while my jaw was wired. I just shot photos the whole time and didn’t even bother with my dry erase board to “talk” with anyone because the majority of the crowd was wasted or trippin’ on something ha! I was in my own mute world. This year I wasn’t able to stay and camp over night but I did go for a few hours during the day to shoot some pics and hang with some homies before work. I don’t think I had ever gotten to see some of these dudes that frequent the t-1 ramp I ride at, skate a vert ramp,quite the treat!


Luke McKirdy

Shred. Luke

Luke rippin’ again

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly. roast.

Eric Hennessy gets a grind in during one of the bands..

night shot

Justin from Indiana


willy from Cleveland

Conner O


I shot so many photos, I still have yet to upload..I’m thinking about just making a zine of all of the pics I shot from King Fest’s passed, or maybe even this one alone hahaha enjoy











BBQ weekend fast forward to Las Vegas!

Man, despite all of the rain we had this weekend in Austin, I managed to hit up two kickass BBQ’s.
I had heard the reviews about Stoney cooking at our buddy Chase Hawk’s place back in the day, and since its been awhile since they’ve gotten together to cook the rain this weekend was a great excuse! I finally got to indulge! Homemade mashed potatoes with hatch chiles, plump brined chicken grilled to perfection with homemade BBQ sauce, corn on the cob, burgers and steaks our friend Scotty brought from Austin Land & Cattle some jalapeño cornbread.. Everything was SO good!!

Chase and Lauren’s English bulldog Lucy just got back from the doggie groomer and got her “nails did” haha
As Chase and Sean’s bartender at Shakespeare’s, I know if they are out that they usually order 3 Olives Rootbeer flavored vodka w/coke. So I brought them a bottle 100proof rootbeer vodka made by Smirnoff. This discovery was made courtesy of Mason Fleet at the Cedar Point shows in Ohio ha! I warned everyone, this stuff is no joke! Our friend Hollywood had been watching football all day drinking beer got into it and drank about half of the bottle! 😲
He seemed okay but when we dropped him off at Stoneys and came back from pedaling around town, the dude at thrown up all over..even worse; all over Stoney’s dog!!!! Poor dog!! And poor Stoney for having to smell that for the last few days wooF!!

Then Sunday afternoon i got a phonecall from Portland homie Shad Johnson that he was in town with lady!! I met up with them Forrest and Allan (other nice Portlanders living in Atx) at Home Slice for some delicious Pizza!!! Even though they do not have Canadian bacon at Homeslice (Shad’s favorite) he still seemed to enjoy it 🙂


Later that afternoon i got a picture message from Aaron Ross, he got his new smoker running, and cooked up a storm of smoked brisket and ribs! I fired out some veggie kabobs and boom! Another feast among BMX homies!

Some veggie Kabobs I made



In a slight food coma, I managed to start my application to be a substitute teacher in Austin; a way for me to use my degree in the meantime! Woohoo!! College transcripts are on the way! I spent yesterday running around mailing stuff working on my resume and reconnecting with friends and former co workers who are also teachers. I don’t have a degree in education but hopefully having a Bachelors Degree, being world traveled, bilingual and spending several years at summer camps with kids and a clean background check will help me get the position.

So I spent most of last night preparing cookie dough to help with Yeah Zine sales at Interbike for the next two days.

My buddy Ryan Corrigan (master ramp builder) hit me up about a “soft opening” for the new concrete ramp park in Pflugerville! (north east Austin) my toe has been SO painful and mad at me but of course I couldn’t say no and stuffed a shoe on well enough to try to ride! This park has been done for the last few months but no one has been allowed to legally ride it because the city hadn’t yet finished the landscaping!! Torture for the locals! Well today is finally the day, It will be open to the public, BMX and skateboards. A heads up to fellow grinders out there either remove or switch to plastic pegs before you go! There aren’t many rules at all, not even one about helmets!! (which I highly recommend along with a mouth guard-this place is fun but SLICK!!!) So be sure to at least respect that one rule about the stinky plastic pegs so there won’t be any beef and the city will hopefully continue to build more parks.






Well, I made it to the airport and so Las Vegas here I come! stocked with cookies and Flat Track Coffee. Hoping to network it up!

Speaking of which, I already met a gentlemen on the plane named Emil who is Lebanese and as it turns out he and his wife run the huge “Mediterranean Festival” here in Austin the end of every September! AND!!! Its next weekend!! I am SO psyched!! He gave me the lowdown on the few Lebanese food spots around town, and shared a bit of the history of the Lebanese families here in Austin how long ago they made it here to TX back in the 1800’s, and how most of 6th street used to be owned by the Lebanese. Pretty interesting! He filled me in on what parts of town they predominantly lived in back in the 1930s and 40s. I shared with him what little Arabic I do know and he said my accent is great! Feeling a bit inspired! There may be a trip to half price books in my future- soon! Even more confirming why he looked so familiar ha! Lebanese brother! Haha he looks like a bunch of relatives on my moms side. Craziness.

Anyway, I am killing the rest of the time on this flight by finishing this update. I packed a bike lock (heavy duty kryptonite U-lock) with me in case I am able to borrow a bike to go to Kinkos off the strip to pick up some business cards I had made for Yeah Zine. Getting through TSA with it on my carry-on wasn’t too bad but I wouldn’t recommend it. It seemed to depend on how that particular TSA agent personally felt about bike locks ha! Somehow I got lucky and made it though, phew! I learned something new!

Vegas, (sigh), I am already tired.

Thirsty Thursday’s! Skate or Die man..

Today was an awesome day! Woke up after only three hours of sleep and hit up Housepark with our homie Scotty from Austin Land & Cattle. The weather was perfect, the sun had just risen and the park was shaded and nice and cool. Scotty let me cruise his skateboard for a bit haha so fun! Stole this from his instagram:

After that Stoney and I paid Dr.Roy Mullens, Austin sports chiropractor (aka the MAN!) a visit and he fixed us up proper. Apparently my neck is still jacked from broken jaw wreck but I left there no longer feeling like “zoolander” and can look and turn left yet again!
(google that Mullins he is on my top list of dudes with the Ramsey Chiropractic my homies/family in Ohio)
Woo! Then lunch at Thai restaurant “Tataya” with Stoney and his mom was the I am still full! 2 peppers hot there is no joke haha and thats if you like spicy, beyond that is true Thai hot, be careful!
The rest of the day consisted of a quick session at the T-1 ramp before work.
Met this skater Taylor Brown who I am pretty sure hit 88mph today on the ramp haha! Him Connor, Shawn, Lee and “thing bad” D-ron killed it! Another bonus was Melanie Denton came and got to ride with us before she leaves us for her move to Greenville next week. Enjoy the flicks! Then bring your asses to Shakespeare’s Pub on 6th! $5 Liquor pitcher night, I left t-1 to bartend haha come entertain me 🙂
Mel and I..

Taylor Brown..



Thing bad..


Connor goin for Saran wrap thing ha

I had some fun too ha

ROT RALLY IS HERE!!! This is what 6th is starting to look like..

I'll be in the alehouse all night, gear up see ya soon ha


Mel signing off tryin some airs..


It’s “only” 82 degrees..
April 30, 2012, 9:08 pm
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..and still I am loving Austin. Greetings from housepark, what a crazy week it has been. I got my official first real crown put in can finally chew on the right side of my mouth yay! Four dental visits in one week and a second crown prep later I am 1/3 of the way finished fixing my teeth 😄


Amazing that this little tooth is over $1,000 ha!

This past Thursday was Stoney’s birthday, went skating with homies enjoyed some more beautiful weather and got to enjoy a nice lunch with him and his mom at Polvos they have the best queso!

Here’s some flicks from the weekend:
This one is of me and Dave rockin curly hair at airport mini, half my face is numb from the dentist



Beecam throwin down! ⬆

They didn’t have any tim tams at The store so I got these fudge covered Oreos for Aussie Adam “if I had some Tim tams they would fix me right up”


Me and thee “Sheps” doin a birthday shot for Stoney at Kdogg an Rdoggs place

And Dave got a new bike and our screen door is hung finally woo!!!!!!! Yeah Monday!!!

Music Monday
April 25, 2012, 6:49 am
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Last night I met up with some friends from Cleveland here in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse for their Music Mondays feature film, the Weird World of Blowfly.

Though Cleveland is a rough place at times, it still rocks in its own way, especially at Now That’s Class in my mind is one of the best bars and music venues ever! While living in Cleveland and bartending at NTC, I was fortunate enough to experience live performance by the Blowfly himself aka Clarence Reid and his band, one of the greatest southern soul singer song writers of all time. The bar only three years young risked it all to book the Blowfly for their 3rd year anniversary party. I was bartending the night of his performance and got to hang out and serve food and drinks to Blowfly and his band, which amazed me after hearing some of the raunchiest lyrics I’ve never heard! It blew my mind that someone so sober could write such songs! A legendary black weird al meets 2 live crew but better Hahahaha

Needless to say the blowfly movie was a trip and I would recommend for anyone with a sense of humor and good musical taste.


Pre blowfly extravaganza, I ventured up north to cedar park, TX to the brushy creek skatepark, “no bikes” but
Somehow managed to not get kicked out or have the cops called and had a blast! That bowl is gnarly but fun, smaller concrete version of the skatepark of Austin bowl RIP..



On our way back from shreddin this spot we got to pick up Aussie Adam from hospital, woo! here he is sigh of relief that they had kept his passport safe 🙂


Awesome week ends at the doc
March 5, 2012, 9:16 pm
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Today is Afro Pat Schreader’s birthday, please wish him a good one if you know him 🙂

Clown Dog Bikes had a jam in front of their shop last Sunday of the month. They dragged out the street alone and shadow conspiracy grind box coffin, had some tunes and it was on! Girls guys dogs and neighborhood cats came through for a good time.


Here Melanie D myself and Jess Hirn pose for a quick pic with Rockette our furry cheerleader hehe

Stoney Got the urge to cook up some fish, I don’t normally eat too much fish when not by an ocean but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, it was delicious!



My friend bRittany aka “Beecam” invited Stoney and I out for fun time at “Pinnballz,” a BYOB arcade that has almost every pinball machine I can remember and then some as a kid. Even got my fortune from Zoltar ha!


Bee and I killed it at the basketball game and got a bunch of tickets, we all ended up with some friendship bracelets hell yeah!! All winners here 🙂


The next day was even more fun, went down to 9th street with Rob D and Mike Meister and dug out the mud pitts in the “right slacker” line, and even got to ride them!
Thanks rob for the iPhone shot!


Got the trails bug and decided to checkout Red Box, super fun!

And then as if the day couldn’t get any better, stopped by t-1, and Mike, Rob and I got to have a sesh with some of my favorites: Garrett Byrnes, Joe Rich, Bob Scerbo.. So awesome!!

Badass day of shredding made an awesome dinner with friends, and woke up to a grapefruit knee :/
Knee jam in the stem from 2/20 that was healing so nicely erupted in my sleep. Thanks to homies Lauren and Mike for helpin me sort out all the compress and ice attempts this morning before Stoney took me to doc.

I’ve been here at the doctor long enough to write this update ha! So far doc says she will give me a shot of antibiotics in my glute and be on antibiotic pills for next few days. Hopefully this works instead of goin the lancing method where they go in surgically, ugh!!!! Greetings from el doc, but on the upside what an amazing week. Bummed I missed out on Toronto Jam this weekend, Bea at magnolia BMX did an awesome job covering the jam, thanks Bea! Congrats to all the ladies for shredding and making it out in one piece 🙂 woohoo!!
Also, Dk Bicycles is somewhere still in Austin, pumped to ride with them again when my knee thing gets sorted!