It may be hot in Texas, but we still have more fun than most!

Did a little roadtrip for the day with some of my girls, Mo Malone, Brittany Campbell (aka Beecam), Dani Windhausen and Denise Baca. We left around 9am, and got to the Allen park around noon. It was easily 100+ degrees out and we had hoped this meant it would be empty but it wasn’t. Swarms of kids on scooters infested every corner of the park. We still managed to have an awesome time, film some clips and shoot some pics.
We headed over to lewisville bowl around 3pm and the heat was so bad that the park was deserted. We discovered real fast that there was barely any shade anywhere. Thank goodness for 7-11 big gulp cups of ice and 2 for $3 gatorades or we would be dead.
We wore ourselves out in the heat, stopped in Deep Ellum for some tacos with our friend Johnny and then booked it over to the Alliance Skatepark for the last few minutes of the session. Here’s a few pics from the trip:

Dani was roasting this bowl, but we still couldn’t escape scooter wrath.

Mo shot this one of me, so stoked! I sent this one to Freegun as a thanks for the new tank top 🙂 thanks Mo!

Alliance skatepark

Mo shredding the vert ramp

Eventually, we made it back home sunburned and dehydrated but amped on going back to Dallas soon nonetheless! Super fun trip! I think we all tried some new things, what a refreshing trip. For more pics from our trip, can peep our Instagram(s) and follow: @denise_baca @beecam @mo_malone and @nina_burrito..

In the meantime I went swimming and riding everyday before work, Beecam and I watched some of the Vans bowl contest at the US open of surfing Huntington Beach, CA, there was a live stream on the computer while we took turns blowing up this floatable donut to bring to Barton Springs.




Then some homies from Long Island came to town, rolling about 7 deep! Hailing mostly from Glen Cove and Locust Valley, we had Steve, Mike (aka Junkyard dog), Jake, Dave, Matt, Pauly C, staying with Elliot and Tom 516. These comedians were a trip, we had a great time showing them around Austin.
Their final day in town we hit up the San Marcos skatepark, went swimming and then hit up Lockhart for some BBQ and and another skatepark Sesh there. Too many laughs, hopefully they will come back soon!






There were several mannerisms and inside jokes from their visit solely based off Junkyard Dog’s “originaaaal” antics. Here we have the arm slap salute:

And Dani learning how to do the “murph”…

Too much fun!

Dani and Denise just finished a little roommate edit, just in time for Yeah Zine video contest! I am stoked to have helped film some clips and contribute to their project..
Watch their edit here:

In addition, Beecam put together a fun little BMX Babes in Austin edit for the same contest filmed mainly at Housepark from majority of the local gal shredders. I have a few riding clips 🙂 thanks B!
Watch that one here:

What an amazing week! I am getting ready to leave for Xgames in a few hours after work..then continuing on the yeah Zine trip! Woo!! Post more soon..
Keep having fun in the meantime 😉


Thirsty Thursday’s! Skate or Die man..

Today was an awesome day! Woke up after only three hours of sleep and hit up Housepark with our homie Scotty from Austin Land & Cattle. The weather was perfect, the sun had just risen and the park was shaded and nice and cool. Scotty let me cruise his skateboard for a bit haha so fun! Stole this from his instagram:

After that Stoney and I paid Dr.Roy Mullens, Austin sports chiropractor (aka the MAN!) a visit and he fixed us up proper. Apparently my neck is still jacked from broken jaw wreck but I left there no longer feeling like “zoolander” and can look and turn left yet again!
(google that Mullins he is on my top list of dudes with the Ramsey Chiropractic my homies/family in Ohio)
Woo! Then lunch at Thai restaurant “Tataya” with Stoney and his mom was the I am still full! 2 peppers hot there is no joke haha and thats if you like spicy, beyond that is true Thai hot, be careful!
The rest of the day consisted of a quick session at the T-1 ramp before work.
Met this skater Taylor Brown who I am pretty sure hit 88mph today on the ramp haha! Him Connor, Shawn, Lee and “thing bad” D-ron killed it! Another bonus was Melanie Denton came and got to ride with us before she leaves us for her move to Greenville next week. Enjoy the flicks! Then bring your asses to Shakespeare’s Pub on 6th! $5 Liquor pitcher night, I left t-1 to bartend haha come entertain me 🙂
Mel and I..

Taylor Brown..



Thing bad..


Connor goin for Saran wrap thing ha

I had some fun too ha

ROT RALLY IS HERE!!! This is what 6th is starting to look like..

I'll be in the alehouse all night, gear up see ya soon ha


Mel signing off tryin some airs..


Get well soon Adam Hough!
April 21, 2012, 7:17 pm
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Our homie visiting from Australia had a crash at housepark yesterday, hit his head pretty hard when he looped out in the street section off one of the tall wedges, smashing his head sans helmet resulting in a Fractured skull, bleeding on the brain. Let’s all keep him in our thoughts and hope this becomes one of his millions of stories he has to share with us.
I went to visit him last night he was able to talk a bit so that is a good sign!! 🙂 man I hate hospitals, get well Adam!


January 29, 2012, 12:49 am
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Today was sweet! Went to housepark to help Paul Rad film some clips for an edit he is working on. The park was SUPER busy and then I remembered that today is Saturday ha, kids everywhere! Made it hard to film but Paul got some clips done.
This guy on some homemade rollerskates I see every so often his name is Biff and he kills it! Here’s a sample of him getting rad:


Afterwards headed to Mabel Davis park and met up with Stoney and his skater friends from Indiana. Paul got some more clips and I got my grind on, man that bowl is awesome!