Only 100 degrees..chillll
June 12, 2012, 9:20 am
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Although today was a casual 100 degrees, I still managed to get a few things done after a wild weekend and also help some people out along the way.

I had an amazing Saturday surprise with Bee and Dani, I somehow amazingly got my shift covered last minute for a surprise girls night/ early birthday celebration for me the girls got me tickets to see the Blowfly at the Scoot Inn!
It was rot rally weekend still, and the plan was to finish up our denim vests and ride bikes down the strip before the show ha!
The lineup for the evening included some pre-gaming bottles of fun. Here beecAm speeds up the vest decorations and got my iron maiden back piece sewn on in 5min woo!


By the way, I am WAY pumped on the cheeseburger I scored for my vest.
The Blowfly and his band were in full effect, I think the three of us gals had the most fun at that show. We danced our asses off and even hung out and poached some photos with blowfly and his band.
Denim vests!

Blowfly himself!



An unforgettable evening to say the least! Thank you girls!

Ugh! This morning I was on my way to pick up some homies to go to the pumptrack, I am heading northbound on Comal st., and this lady heading eastbound doesn’t even look or stop and cuts across and almost t-boned me! She totally would have but I leaned on the horn jammed on the brakes and power-skid 180’d out of the way. The car behind me skidded into on coming to avoid hittin me and this dumb ass lady just kept going!
That was the first time in my life sans rain or snow that I had ever done a 180 in my car. Thank god for Subaru’s reliable braking and turn radius abilities! I was livid and shaking.. Did that just happen? Pay attention people!

Picked up two homies who are attempting to stay sober and got them out hauling buckets of water, digging and sweating out all of the bad while patching up the pump track for this weekends jam at Walnut Creek!

Huge thanks to those dudes, and beecam for going up there to help out!

We are all trying to put in a few hours at least a few days this week to help
Get stuff running nice 🙂 can’t wait!
yeah zine issue 5 is gonna be sweet! And so is the Yeah Trip! Kicking off from the jam! Yeehaw 🙂



Music Monday
April 25, 2012, 6:49 am
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Last night I met up with some friends from Cleveland here in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse for their Music Mondays feature film, the Weird World of Blowfly.

Though Cleveland is a rough place at times, it still rocks in its own way, especially at Now That’s Class in my mind is one of the best bars and music venues ever! While living in Cleveland and bartending at NTC, I was fortunate enough to experience live performance by the Blowfly himself aka Clarence Reid and his band, one of the greatest southern soul singer song writers of all time. The bar only three years young risked it all to book the Blowfly for their 3rd year anniversary party. I was bartending the night of his performance and got to hang out and serve food and drinks to Blowfly and his band, which amazed me after hearing some of the raunchiest lyrics I’ve never heard! It blew my mind that someone so sober could write such songs! A legendary black weird al meets 2 live crew but better Hahahaha

Needless to say the blowfly movie was a trip and I would recommend for anyone with a sense of humor and good musical taste.


Pre blowfly extravaganza, I ventured up north to cedar park, TX to the brushy creek skatepark, “no bikes” but
Somehow managed to not get kicked out or have the cops called and had a blast! That bowl is gnarly but fun, smaller concrete version of the skatepark of Austin bowl RIP..



On our way back from shreddin this spot we got to pick up Aussie Adam from hospital, woo! here he is sigh of relief that they had kept his passport safe 🙂