Some photos from King Fest


King Fest 2012 went down, out in Spicewood, TX. Place is more of a compound, with an indoor vert ramp layered with birch wood. Every year there’s a jam/fundraiser to raise money for more concrete so they can continue building more pools and complete the snake run they just started. The lineup of bands and the skating is usually off the chain! I attended this backwoods jam last year while my jaw was wired. I just shot photos the whole time and didn’t even bother with my dry erase board to “talk” with anyone because the majority of the crowd was wasted or trippin’ on something ha! I was in my own mute world. This year I wasn’t able to stay and camp over night but I did go for a few hours during the day to shoot some pics and hang with some homies before work. I don’t think I had ever gotten to see some of these dudes that frequent the t-1 ramp I ride at, skate a vert ramp,quite the treat!


Luke McKirdy

Shred. Luke

Luke rippin’ again

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly. roast.

Eric Hennessy gets a grind in during one of the bands..

night shot

Justin from Indiana


willy from Cleveland

Conner O


I shot so many photos, I still have yet to upload..I’m thinking about just making a zine of all of the pics I shot from King Fest’s passed, or maybe even this one alone hahaha enjoy












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