Edits upon edits! 

If you’d like to see a really well made video covering an event I hosted in December click on this link:
This was the first ever FOX WOMENS BMX JAM I held at the Walnut Creek Pumptrack in Austin, TX.

 My talented friend Angie Marino designed the flier turned out awesome!


If you would like to see an impromptu iPhone edit of a women’s weekend event in Cleveland, OH Last weekend, I shot an edited the entire thing on my phone, click here to watch the link (turn it up if you like 80’s hair metal! If not maybe turn it down haha sorry mom)

So that edit was made on the fly, I was coaching at the event and really not able to ride with a shoulder injury so I figured I would make myself useful and try to showcase the fun vibe as best I could for being on the sideline.  

At this point, if you’ve watched both video edits, the first one was done so nicely the quality, production editing and sound was just beautiful. I really owe Fox Head Inc.a major thank you for supporting the ladies and hiring a Filmer and photographer to cover the event.  It just does not compare to what I was able to scramble out on my phone. The female riders are absolutely progressing so much and I feel there needs to be more coverage and events like Fox supported to keep everyone inspired, motivated, aware, and to want to get involved in this movement. 

Between both videos I’m pleased they were are available to showcase the good vibes, and bring excitement to our scene. Here’s a few last pics and clip from rays:

Swarm! Swarm my pretties! Haha  

I hope to see you at the next one!-Nina B


Edits upon edits! Plus my Dixie Tricks Weekend adventure

I am still catching up on blog posts here, for those of you who didn’t get to peep it, my edit for Freegun Underwear dropped as soon as we got back from the yeah trip!
Major thanks to Angie Marino and Darryl Tocco for major assistance with Final Cut Pro..ha, I finally graduated from iMovie woo!!

I am real excited to have finally finished this edit, I started initially filming for it last November when my Aussie friends Leah and B-dogg were visiting, when I had a good street bail and I ended up tearing my PCL in my knee. This took me out for several months. But after some rehab, and good physical therapy I regained some confidence on the bike a this last trip got me pumped to get this done! Thanks again everyone who helped me film!! (Angie Marino, Lindsay Hale, Stoney!, Jamie Allender, and Danny Downey). Huge thanks goes out to Austin locals heavy jam style band, “Tia Carrera,” especially their drummer Erik Conn for the song recommendation, be sure to follow them on Facebook, maybe we will see them again this year at a Texas Toast after party?! Okay here’s my Freegun edit, share and enjoy!

And now that you’re done watching that one…

I flew out to Frisco, CO about a week after the yeah trip, to help coach at Dixie Trix women’s dirt jumping weekend. It was combined with Plus Size BMX’s “Outlaws of Dirt” contest.
Here are some beautiful photos of from the weekend, the campsite view (a few hundred yards away from the jumps) and I hope thy convince everyone who sees them to come to next years event!


We had some storms that rolled in on us but that didn’t stop my tent buddy Carley Young and I from smiling or entering the muddy downhill slalom and slopestyle events with the MTB gals. “It’s like cutting a pizza with my BMX tires all this mud, ha”


Sometimes a full face helmet is what’s up!
I also got to spend some quality time with legendary bad ass (LBA) Anita Joy Hodgin (left) and my bestie Stacey Mulligan (right).

These gals, together again, on 20’s?! Amazing! In addition to seeing these lovelies I got to shred and instruct with all of my favorite MTB gals I haven’t seen since the good old days at Rays.. Holy wow, what a weekend! Made so many new friends too I can’t wait until next year! Thank you Tammy Donahugh and her dude Jimmy and all of the gals who came out for putting together such an amazing weekend! A Dixie tricks edit just dropped on The Vital BMX site here is the link:,23060/970biking,307

Some parting shots from beautiful Colorado, gals and guys who love bicycles and dirt, don’t miss next years event at frisco!..




Riding a ditch with Beecam and Danny one day while filming final clip or two for edit..

This group of little kids came bombing down into the ditch and one of them did the best run of the evening, blindly pedaling full speed off where the ditch dropped down a few feet into the mossy stream of ditch water, kickstand down, he was soaked and skidded for several feet.. And lived to tell! Amazing entrance I will forever remember at this spot. Here is a photo for you to enjoy of his lil homie with a sweet mullet for the final parting shot..


This week is INSANE! #sxsw #chickflickbmx #sistersession #simplesession

We just got back from Colombia in time for one of the craziest weeks of the year in Austin, South by Southwest (sxsw.). What this means is almost every type of music and celebrity you can think of will be in town and yours truly will be bartending downtown at Shakespeares Pub.. I have a had a few 16hour days already!
Tonight is also the first ever premiere of the long awaited Chickflick BMX video! First ever all girls bmx video with full parts from Natalie Wade, Jessica Ausec, Camila Harambour, Angie Marino and Nina Buitrago. The DVD is now available for pre-order at a discount of 15%off until it gets back from the distributor. Visit the website to order yours now! I will be working on an Austin premiere as well. Watch the trailer:

In other fun girls BMX news, Simpel Session is going down this weekend in Tallin, Estonia. The top 13 spots have been filled for “Sister Session” the girls class. Again I SO wish I could be there with all of my ladies right now, I had to make the call with my knee, still pretty fresh after hitting it again in Colombia, I cannot risk crashing on it again until it heals a bit more. I have been following all the girls on Instagram and watching the Yeah Zine site for updates. Looks like they are cold, bundled up and LOVING the course! I am off Sunday to watch the Sister Session live stream 11:20am Eastern Time click here to watch. Go girls! The course looks amazing!! Mark your calendars! I set several alarms haha.

In the midst of all of this awesomeness, I have managed to catch some skateboarding and music before my shift yesterday. Here are some photos I shot at the Thrasher Death match event at the Historic Scoot Inn where my friend Beecam (Brittany Campbell) works.

I got to see Chelsea Light Moving one of Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth’s side projects..

And enjoy a set by the Black Angels local psychedelic rock from Austin.


It was great to see some friends outside of work 🙂 everyone seemed to be in between “sessions” either riding or skating, or working too. Nice little one hour reunion with friends got me even more stoked on this week.


X games weekend 2012

So after Woodward West we made our way to Long Beach, CA and stayed with our friend “B-Dubbs” [ben ward]. He was an amazing host and even had pizza waiting for us!

Thanks B! He showed us around, we hit up the MLK park, drove past VIP records (totally the record shop from snoop dogg’s music video “what’s my name” they were all standing on top
Of yeahhhh!!)

Then got some food at Pike bar, a restaurant around the corner from his crib owned by the drummer of social Distortion and ran into our modwest friends who Aaron Bostrom, Burly Matt of
Neighborhood BMX shop in the LBC shared some fish and Chips with Jess while this band killed it, steel guitar rules!

Then off to Xgames we went at the Staples center downtown LA. This year marks the 7th year for girls at Xgames having a presence, doing what we do, spreading the good word of BMX to all the young gals in the crowd at the interactive ramp park who want to try BMX. The yeah zine trip ladies held it down and had a blast. We even got to break away to watch some of men’s park and street.

While we were there, we also continued to get more signatures from Xgames fans on our petition to get Women’s BMX their own category at X games!!
Learn more and sign the online version here

Having, The legendary “Condor” aka Matt Hoffman sign our petition made my weekend!



I spent a lot of time in the sun passing around our clipboard to get more signatures, the crowd seemed baffled that there wasn’t any girls events for BMX, and overall the feedback and support is great! Just need ESPN to recognize and acknowledge us now.

Some fliks from girls BMX sessions


Long days in the sun riding and trying to gain the attention of Xgames goers to see that girls ride BMX too PLUS having minimal credentials to get around the event was exhausting!! Totally didn’t get to call or see anyone that wasn’t at Xgames this year. I guess I will just have to come back! Haha

California was a blast, so was the Yeah Zine ! We left after BMX big Air Sunday to return the rental van back this morning. Ha! LONG ass drive but we made it!

“Big Island” Mike and his beautiful gal

Me and Chick Flick bMX producer Natalie Wade rockin our HEX nano wristbands

Angie and I with some big Cactus somewhere in Arizona! Drove straight through, stoked to be back in Austin for a few days!

Donuts with Lindsay before her flight in LA..
Mountains of Arizona

I missed it here in Austin, can’t wait to see my Stoney and his doggies and wish my two bffs Adrianne Franscini and Jim Hunt a happy July 3rd Birthday! 🎂🎉

Thank you Woodward West!

It is Girls Week at camp Woodward West !

The Yeah Zine Trip has been a blast so far. We got to meet up with Tammy Donahue and the rider formerly known as Miss Cory Coffey who is now Mrs.Cory McGee (congrats!)


It was great to catch up with the girls and ride with the campers! Woodward West totally hooked us up and let us come shred for a few days, wish we had more time to stay longer, this weeks crew was so fun!
Last night I rode the dirt jumps with Cory, Tammy, and all of the BMX campers!!!! Roasting marshmallows after around a bonfire was the jam 🙂

We gave out some product had a couple games of “foot down” this morning


We got a bag full of fresh ripe avocados on the side of the road..California freshness! Been adding those to every camp meal we remembered to bring em to!
Oh and SO random, Kareem J.Williams made an appearance at Woodward camp. Photo opp!!


Thank you Shawn Dorton, and everyone at Woodward for having us, Letting us follow you though the lines in the bowls and at the jumps, and for overall being awesome! Until next time..

This update is brought To you by 4 hour a traffic jam off of hwy 14 south en route to Long Beach. Ha! Hit ’em with it! Btw, Lindsay has “punched muffins” while on a riverboat trip and “cheeses” “deli meats”..”and it feels cool!”

Yup. Story Time on the road hahaha!

Salt Lake!!!!!!

We got to SLC, and visited “The Wood Shop” an amazing rider-owned bike shop by Cameron Wood.
I got super lucky, he happened to have a 3/8 Profile axle with some extra 14mm adapters to replace the one I broke back in Colorado Springs. Huge thanks to Cam and his buddies Rob Wise and Shawn “Elf” Waters for rigging up my wheel!
This shop is super nice, all of the displays were made by Cam from mostly free pallets and scrap wood found around town.





After the Wood Shop, we headed to Matt Beringer’s house to shred his backyard. His roommate, Ethan, hooked us up and took us through the lines, so much fun! It had been a dream of mine to ever get to ride this yard, definitely one of my top favorite backyard set ups ever!

In addition to the yard, the garage ramp was a trip as well, totally ramped out. Did some air guitar before we rode it..

Afterwards we met up with Redbull homie Fuzzy Hall and his family for dinner, thank you!!

We then raced to the Layton Park to catch the last 10min.before the lights went out to shred with a girl rider named Chastity who driven an hour and a half to ride with us!
That was awesome she was stoked I followed her for a run along with every other kid who was trying to get there last runs in. Good times!
Looks like the Hall family acquired a new furry family member, Fuzzy’s daughter Madison couldn’t let go of this stray kitten another rider found running around the fence of the park haha!! Still not sure what they are gonna name him/her, “Tranny” cat? haha


This morning we woke up and Lindsay made us breakfast, thanks girl!

Then her Angie and I pedaled down to the Tanner trails to scope them out, pretty cool spot!!! Hopefully we can find someone to follow through the lines later today 🙂 the hike back up the mountain was INTENSE!!! Glad I ate three pieces of French Toast for breakfast ha!


Thankfully we conquered the hill!!


Just loaded the van, picked up Mini and Jess, and now we are headin to the Layton park to ride with Chastity and anyone else who is down! 😄 been a rad day 6 and 7 of the #yeahzinetrip

Hey Austin, TEXAS TOAST is coming!

While we were in Barcelona, Jessica and I made our way to this single speed BMX/fixie shop and saw our new friend Jaume who came with Bea Ibanez (1st place FISE). The name of the shop is 360 BS and this is the link to their blog which covers their trip to FISE 

He also hooked us up with some sweet plastic pedals from 

(muchísimo gracias!)

here we are out front of the shop with Jaume..

Bea, from Barcelona has a rad photo up on the Radio Bikes site doing a no-footed can over the spine, and kills it, mostly riding trails. Jaume sent me this pic of her and I at FISE..

L-R Nina (2nd), Bea (1st), Angie (3rd)
Now that I am home, I’m looking at the calendar to see what is next, looks like YEAH zine is doing a trip in June from Austin to Xgames, The masters are middle of July in Cologne, Germany, then NIKE is doing a contest that will have a girls demo at Huntington Beach during the US open of surfing again this year at the end of July.  Looks like I need to get back to work..oh and low and behold this most excellent event coming up in October:

Click here for the details on the Odyssey site 🙂

Someone want to plant me a money tree in the yard so I don’t have to work any more? hahaha