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Holy shnikes! I got nominated for action sports hall of fame! Please vote here:
Nina Buitrago

After about 20+visits to the dentist I just yesterday got my final crown put in! This is exciting news because it means After one or two more follow ups I hopefully will no longer need to visit the dentist to repair anymore teeth from my jaw-breaker crash last October! Woohoo!! I have to admit although everyone at my dentist is super nice, it is kind of weird when you walk in and everyone’s like, “Nina!!! Yo girl how’ve you been? How was your trip to Woodward? Oo you cut your hair!” haha it’s like girls night out.

I also pedaled my Fairdale over to the Alamo Ritz movie theater for “Terror Tuesday’s.” It used to be a $1, but it went up to $3/ticket. Still not a bad deal for a grab bag of awesomeness! Last nights featured film was “Lady Terminator” which so over the top ridiculous. If you can imagine a super low quality Indonesian version of terminator 2, but instead of machines vs. humans a story about “The queen of the south sea” seeking vengeance on men hundreds of years later…
Tons of fake blood and the acting that you can tell they are trying not to laugh during their lines. Here’s the link:
lady terminator

Besides adjusting my headset on my BMX and giving it a little tune up in between laundry I had an awesome Tuesday.
My good friends Sterling Roberts and Matty V just launched their long awaited coffee roasting company here in Austin! Visit Flat Track Coffee or follow them on instagram and twitter “@flattrackcoffee”
They hooked me up with some of their Guatemalan Roast, it is delicious! Hit me up of you’re interested in buying some or coming over for a cup 🙂 or if the place you work needs to start carrying some good coffee!
Oh Austin, you have lovely sunset skies..


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