“Burrito and the Lightningbolt” by Benedict Campbell and Autumn Spadaro

This really awesome film maker/photographer Benedict Campbell and his assistant Autumn Spadaro put together a lovely short film about my friend Dani (aka Danilightningbolt) and I (aka Nina Burrito). 
What a super cool experience this was, after watching it, I felt so excited and grateful for everything in life, the choices I’ve made, and the people I have met, all connected in some way from two wheels bicycles or motorcycles. This film helped me to remember how I got here, and to slow down and appreciate all that we have here in Austin. 💙  what a great job Ben and Autumn, thank you! Please feel free to share this work of art. 

Click here to watch: are some photos shot by Ben and Autumn from the shoot at the t-1 ramp:
Terrible One

Fox BMX 

Common House Art Collective

Benedict Campbell
Huge thanks you to everyone who made this project possible! I hope you all know who you are 🙏🏻 💛-Nina B



It’s almost Saturday!

Greetings from a Uhaul somewhere in Austin, It looks as if my trailer hitch didn’t come with lights so I am killing time until they get them installed! “Trailer lights? What are you towing?” Looks like I am going to have to bring the Honda in for some TLC, brake fluid is leaking and the clutch cable keeps popping out..eek! Super stoked on acquiring this motorcycle thank you Logan! Can’t wait to get it purring again!
Here’s the car, getting the stinking trailer lights installed..

The gals have been taking it back to the parking lot basics, bunnyhop a and manuals.. Pretty stoked on these sessions haha we drug out the left over Bunnyhop Pizza we built for Texas Toast Jam last year.



Haha making fun of paparazzi-dog-watching-mom-shred-BMX Sesh..

I got a copy in the mail of Chickflick BMX DVD and did a little/big video premiere in our backyard the other night.
We projected it up on the wall, a lot of people stopped by for it and were stoked! Here’s the link to the trailer again:
The video is for sale now at Empire BMX
My photos of backyard BBQ premiere aren’t anything to post here really but!

If you missed it, we are going to show the video THIS Saturday to warm up the crowd before the Subrosa “Get Used to It” video!! 21+up only and I will be bartending! Come support the ladies and Subrosa! And enjoy some $5 Liquor pitchers until the videos are over..

Don’t be square, be there!

Latest sightings, I had an evening off with Stoney, pedaled up to the White Horse to see his friend Jordan’s band jam out, and wow! I heard someone yell my name and boom! My college friend from NY, Ro was in town her first time in TX! Great to see her 🙂 so random!


She looks exactly the same, cutest little thing! Hehe

Aside from that I am getting stoked on this Colombia edit!! Clips are sorted, music chosen, now it’s time to throw it up on a timeline..

Any day now!

And a late breakfast for lunch with fresh eggs from Brent our homie at Project Loop straight from his chicken coop! I scored at a friends birthday gathering he brought them to, everyone there was vegan except for me! Ha, Bon appetit!

Thank you Brent!
I made a delicious scramble: Carmelized onions, garlic, sauteed kale, tomatoes, pinch of salt, touch of mild cheddar, black pepper and some cayenne with avocado..mhm.


After this uhaul bit is done I’m dropping the Moto off and headin to the trails before work! 😜
Ps thank you to Austin local Kim for catching some flicks of me and some homies at Housepark the other day..
Click this link to peep some pics maybe she caught one of you?!
Photos by KTYarborough