“Burrito and the Lightningbolt” by Benedict Campbell and Autumn Spadaro

This really awesome film maker/photographer Benedict Campbell and his assistant Autumn Spadaro put together a lovely short film about my friend Dani (aka Danilightningbolt) and I (aka Nina Burrito). 
What a super cool experience this was, after watching it, I felt so excited and grateful for everything in life, the choices I’ve made, and the people I have met, all connected in some way from two wheels bicycles or motorcycles. This film helped me to remember how I got here, and to slow down and appreciate all that we have here in Austin. 💙  what a great job Ben and Autumn, thank you! Please feel free to share this work of art. 

Click here to watch: are some photos shot by Ben and Autumn from the shoot at the t-1 ramp:
Terrible One

Fox BMX 

Common House Art Collective

Benedict Campbell
Huge thanks you to everyone who made this project possible! I hope you all know who you are 🙏🏻 💛-Nina B




Last week was a doozie! Full of not so awesome surprises like my car got broken into, my credit card # got hacked, I got a ticket for a new traffic law sign (I’m going to fight it!) and a stomach bug took me out for a whole night off work. Despite this storm cloud, I managed to get through it.

I had a surprise of my own to look forward to that would make this all seem not so bad..I flew home to NY surprise my mom early for her birthday!!
Austin, TX to Queens, NY isn’t exactly a weekend roundtrip in the car, and with my last few days “off” for the next month I figured this was the time! Thanks to a Southwest buddy pass, I flew home and “Mookie” my step dad and my “brother” aka “Biscuit” scooped me up from the airport. Mom was chillen at home working on some accounting homework and I just ran in like” hey mom!” I scared her she gasped at me like I was a ghost. I think I saw her eyes tear up with joy it almost made me cry too haha, it was intense! We proceeded to enjoy the rest of their Sunday Football ritual together cheering for the NY jets, DoH! They didnt win but we had a nice dinner out later, and it was exactly what I needed to put my bad week behind me.

Mom and I have a great time just hanging’s a pic of us from the summer spent the day at the beach, Point Lookout, still one of my favs.

The next day or two I got to hang with Biscuit for a bit, took him to the vet for an ear ache turned out to be a pretty bad infection so we got him all fixed up and also updated on his shots. Yikes $$$$!! But how can you put a price on this mug:


Going home to visit for such a short time is so hard because you want to try to see everyone, all of your family and friends but it’s just SO nuts, everyone is spread out and on different schedules, it’s hard! And attempting to surprise mom, I didn’t call anyone really except for Mookie, and my dad and Dana. I got to visit dad, Dana made some homemade chili, and then I kidnapped Tami, my 14yr old sister to the mall. Ha! We had a good time as always and shared some good laughs, miss ya Tam!!


This trip was definitely too short but much needed to help lift my spirits from last week. I had some time on my return travels in the airport to recap on some pretty awesome things I have done this summer, people I have met, so many great friends and the best family ever! It helped me to remember that no matter how hard it rains sometimes, my life and the people in it are amazing!!

I went through some of my phone pics from summer here to reaffirm the “amazing” part of my epiphany :
Got to see Iron Maiden with some of my girls Mo Malone, and Dani W at Circuit of the Americas..thanks ladies!
#bmxbabe #heavymetalparkinglot

We got photo bombed by a security dude ha

These pics make me smile and laugh, cannot forget these good times in Austin..

“..Skeet skeet right now!” Ha


It’s officially October and Texas Toast is around the corner! I volunteered the last few days help with whatever to move wood, sweep and paint before I have to be at work at night. It’s been taking it out of me doing both “jobs” but I love it!!
Dani and Lindsay framing out some ramps..

Dani giving Monty a mouthful ha


In the midst of my few days home now, some GOOD surprises came my way!
Homegirl Terry Seeberg shipped me a pair of “impossible to find” Fly Bikes Ruben Alcantara signature pedals in PINK!!! Doc had overheard me mention I was striking out on my internet search for a pair in pink and happened to have a pair laying around!! He gave them to terryburger to ship and OMG I freaking LOVE them!!! THANK you guys!!!

In addition, one of the more badass bonus updates is that I got a box load of parts from Tree Bicycle Co!! I am all smiles and will post a for real photo of the whip when I get all of the new parts on. 🙂 I am really excited about Tree because I have known these guys from ST.Louis area from as far back as my first summer at Woodward Camp in PA circa .2002. They have always been a supporter of the BMX ladies and any zines I have ever worked on. They are the kings of “rad!” Haha celebration photo of the package arriving:

Way stoked!!!!!! Time to go shred!
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