“Burrito and the Lightningbolt” by Benedict Campbell and Autumn Spadaro

This really awesome film maker/photographer Benedict Campbell and his assistant Autumn Spadaro put together a lovely short film about my friend Dani (aka Danilightningbolt) and I (aka Nina Burrito). 
What a super cool experience this was, after watching it, I felt so excited and grateful for everything in life, the choices I’ve made, and the people I have met, all connected in some way from two wheels bicycles or motorcycles. This film helped me to remember how I got here, and to slow down and appreciate all that we have here in Austin. 💙  what a great job Ben and Autumn, thank you! Please feel free to share this work of art. 

Click here to watch: are some photos shot by Ben and Autumn from the shoot at the t-1 ramp:
Terrible One

Fox BMX 

Common House Art Collective

Benedict Campbell
Huge thanks you to everyone who made this project possible! I hope you all know who you are 🙏🏻 💛-Nina B



When opportunity knocks..
September 5, 2015, 6:50 pm
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You answer! My friends hit me up about a casting call for a Harley Davidson catalog shoot, I went through a few rounds and got a call back! Along with my friend Dani aka @DaniLightningbolt and a few other fellow BMX/skate homies.  It was a day’s worth of rockin’ head to toe Harley apparel, and riding their new line of bikes. To add to the excitement there was also extreme confidentiality rules in place no personal photos or visitors on site. Which made waiting for the 2016 catalog even more exciting!   Here are some of the Pics that turned up print, and also on Cycle World’s website reviewing the new line of bikes:


If you go into any Harley Davidson dealer keep your eyes peeled for my friend Dani on a banner! Can order a print copy online of catalog or stop by dealer for a copy. 

Benedict Campbell, photographer on set, took some really amazing shots for this project. We spent a few extra days working him and his assistan, Autumn Spadaro-Cali, on a short film of just Dani and I both riding around with our BMX bikes and shredding.  Keep your eyes peeled for that to drop here is the link to the trailer: