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September 5, 2015, 3:08 am
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I’ll try make this the nutshell version because several lessons were learned here, maybe they will help you if ever you are in the market for a used car.

So, in an attempt to be able to save some money, I traded my perfectly good working newer car, a 2013 Subaru Impreza, for something a little more practical, a used car with a lower payment, a 2007 Subaru Forester 5spd.  I shared my fears of buying a used car with the salesman, I just wanted something reliable with a lower payment wasn’t too concerned with looks, but i stressed RELIABLE and SAFE. He assured me there was a new clutch, newer tires, and would provide me with all of the paperwork history of work done on the car and even a receipt for the new clutch. Sounded promising, I brought it home and I noticed at night the head lights were VERY dim, like you could barely see the road in front of the car. So I took it to Advanced Auto Parts thinking I could clean them myself or get new bulbs, find a cheap quick fix but the guy at the shop came out and took a look and noticed there was about an inch of water inside each one! And that this car would most likely not pass inspection with lights like this. So I called the dealer and the service dept quoted me $1500 to install new units since they would have had to take the bumper off and each head lamp around $500. ?!!!!! I called the sales guy and had him talk to service manager and they thankfully agreed to replace them free of charge. 

After that incident I noticed the clutch had a bit of Chadder and rumbling out of first gear and on hills, I thought, “oh man is it me? Can I be this bad at driving stick?..” It is very frustrating to second guess yourself every time you get in the car, so I had some friends drive it who agreed something was up. After trying to “web MD” my car, searching forums for any known issues with this model car, or clutch problems, I finally took it back to dealer again and had one of their technicians drive it around for a day or so. He advised that it could be the flywheel, and would most likely need to be replaced, thing is that most places won’t replace only a fly wheel, a whole new clutch install is recommended whenever one part is failing.  So then I was quoted around $1600 for a new clutch install. Wait a minute didn’t the sales guy tell me it was a new clutch? 💡 I ran home and looked at the receipt the sales guy gave me and to my surprise it was from 2011!!!  So in fact my clutch wasn’t new at all!! 💪🏻 thankfully after a few weeks they replaced the clutch! 

One roadtrip and not even 3000 miles later, the brakes Completely locked up at a red light, it was over 100 degrees out, and I was the cause of early rush hour gridlock downtown.  Thankfully I have AAA so I got a  tow to the dealership.  After a few days they got back to me and told me I need new brakes, and the “hill-holder” was malfunctioning causing my brakes to stick.  The printed quote to have all of this sorted was well over $1800. 

 What I was most disappointed with was the fact that the INITIAL vehicle inspection before I drove the car off the lot everything was checked off “Green: Checked & Ok” when ACTUALLY it wasn’t. 

I got the runaround, was told to call one person who was out of town but that I could  try this other person, and then in the end I was told there was nothing they could or would do for me in this situation not even work with me on the price considering they lied about me not needing brakes.  Complete BS, how they responded to the situation wasn’t understanding or assuring at all they made it out as if I was some demanding freeloader trying to squeeze $ out of them, when I really just want a reliable car unlike the one I was led to believe I purchased.  I’ll be posting the link shortly to my yelp and BBB report.  

Lessons learned, when you’re buying a used car, seems like a no-brainer but don’t go by good faith, bring a mechanic, have them go over the ENTIRE car so this doesn’t happen to you.  Sure they did replace and fix a few things but they had the car for almost one month and half total out of the last six for repairs each time I would have to make a case and go to a manager.  “Cutting me off” telling me I’m “out of favors” for any help with this last situation was really shitty seeing as I have sent quite a lot of business there way and have written letters to Subaru of America in the past praising their service department. 
Hopefully this post will be a nice reminder to all in the market to purchase a used car to take the extra time to be cautious, thorough and patient enough with their purchase decision so you hopefully won’t have to go through what I did. Yet again, thank you to my friends, family, YouTube and bicycles for getting me by in the meantime. 🙌🏻


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