Finally coming up for air!

That last week and a half was crazy, lots of hours working to make up for not being at simple session, which we ended up watching Sunday morning.

I got so many amazing shout outs from announcer homies Darryl Nau and Zack “Catfish” Yankoush, and twitter shout outs from girls everywhere, Aaron Ross, and text messages from homies all over the world giving me a hard time for not making it this year..AgaIN!!!!! Second year in a row. Bummer I couldn’t make it but I am so grateful to have been there in spirit!!
The ladies class was awesome to watch, Vanessa Gerner had one of the most entertaining runs, pedal sliders across the course, just pure fun! I was stoked to see some new faces this year Katya (Russia), Georgia Wheatey (UK) and Minato from Japan to name a few.
All of the girls threw down. They didn’t show the first part of becci’s run and her peg manuals but I know she killed it! Angie flowed the course well, shanice went for some flairs and Cami took advantage of the street course and grinded up and down ledge and banger was hangover toothpick down the rail! So stoked on this! Wish I was here SOOO badly, words cannot describe….

Aside from Simpel session Natalie and Morgan Wade posted some photos from the first ever premiere of Chickflick BMX in Tyler, TX! Follow them on Instagram @texasmwade @nataliebwade for the pics..
This just in.. The first 5 orders of Chickflick BMX will receive a signed poster!


In between riding sessions catching up with what’s happening at 9th street and Housepark, the weather has been beautiful! I am still going through all of our photos and clips from Colombia..
Figuring out what to do..attempt an edit?

Last night of sxsw after hitting my knee again at 9th street and getting cut loose from work, I ventured out to see final show of NY homies the Unstoppable Death Machines at Holy Mountain.
There was a drunken-high Ollie contest set up by “No Comply” the local skate shop ..decent amount of pro skaters were in town and tuned up ready for their of the Baker dudes Brandon Sansafeankski (<–butchered name) could barely push forward and crashed several times headfirst before he could even ollie. More sad then entertaining really but yet again Austin's own local skate beast Tyler Tutaj still dominated.. I think last year he cleared 6 decks, switch!

Unstoppable ripping it up:

These dudes are from Queens! I met them in Cleveland at Now That’s Class the bar I used to work at whenever they played there. Funny that we rolled in the same hood and it took until Cleveland to meet each other. Ha! Anyway, they had a fun set and the rest of the night was a tired awesome mess. I found this photo of Jimmy Finley, (skate legend/former BMX rider/concrete worker) after he ate it bad bombing a hill. Loose trucks on his skateboard or maybe a rock in the road.. Lets just say, this photo just about sums up how we all felt by the end of SxsW. Scraped up bloody delirious and somehow, still smiling:

So glad it’s over!
And now peaceful life shall continue, riding bikes bikes bikes, eating and sleeping normal hours, and attempting to transport cool stuff via my Fairdale like starter plants for the garden 🙂

They made it! 🙂


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