Going to Colombia!
February 20, 2013, 12:05 pm
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So I have been slacking hard at blogging but keeping super busy healing my knee, went for the MRI and thankfully no surgery needed! Just lots more physical therapy, so I have been at it for a few weeks now and have been rolling around testing the waters.

And how I dislike skipping so much good stuff in the past month, I feel obligated to just carry on starting with this trip!

My friend, roommate Lindsay Hale and I couldn’t believe our eyes when we searched the flights to Colombia after some friends mentioned some super crazy deals to Bogota. We couldn’t pass it up, the flights were more affordable than for either one of us to fly home to NY or Utah from Austin! So we booked our flights, I rehabbed my knee like crazy and we drove up to Dallas for our flight we are boarding right now!!
This is all so surreal, I am way excited for this adventure, my grandparents (RIP Olga y Gustavo) are from Colombia and are a huge reason I made an effort to learn Spanish. They e always showed me photos and described to me what it was like growing up there. I am so excited to finally see for myself what it’s like! Thankful for the BMX community, we reached out on Facebook to some Colombian bmx riders and networked with any connections we could find and everyone we have talked to has been so welcoming and helpful! DK bicycles distributor has offered to host us and show us around. Stoked!

We had a long day of getting ready and driving to Dallas and staying up to staple together copies of yeah Zine for the lady riders down there.

Tired faces!! First plane boarded!


I will do my best via this blog, nina_burrito, @yeahzine and @linzeehale on Instagram #yeahtripcolombia to keep everyone posted 😄



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❤ it ,fun to see all things your been upto , go girl

Comment by jill

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