Initial verdict on my knee..
November 27, 2012, 10:58 pm
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Just got home from visiting the doctor, from his strength tests, he concluded that I have sprained the Posterior cruciate Ligament of my knee. As per Joe Rich’s initial advice I ended up doing some of my own research to see what exactly he was describing and get a better understanding of what I did to myself.



This description is pretty dead on, blunt force while my ankle and knee were flexed as I hit the street from the top of the ledge I bailed off of.

Treatment: ice the back of my knee, ibuprofen for two weeks until follow up appointment. Projected healing is 4-6 weeks off of the BMX and limited to flat road bike rides. I’m hoping to take care and be back ASAP!

To pass the time, yesterday the Aussies and I went to the gun range. It was my first time at an indoor range, and the Aussies, and our friend Emily’s first time shooting a gun. It was ladies night so it was only $7.50 an hour plus the cost of ammo. Not bad!We started with some 9mm handguns then worked our way up to the rifles. This photo collage posted by b-dogg ha! #america #tx




Fun fun fun. Leah came with me today to see dr.Mullins he pinpointed the problem with her back she has an inflamed nerve. So we hit up the craft store on our way home today and grabbed some paint. Leah got some acrylics and I got some clear coat and spray paint. Going to pull my bike completely apart and give it a make over to pass the time. Here is a before photo:

Also hi Afro pat! (He just moved to Florida) 👹


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