Halloween was sweet, but Fun Fun Fun fest is here!
November 2, 2012, 4:47 pm
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This year’s Halloween festivities finally came to an end, and after 3 days dressed up as “Pocahontas” I had to change things up a bit. Initially at the Halloween store I purchased a few gag items for Stoney, a “Jamaican cigar” and a “Jamaican Lei” or so they were labeled. In a last minute scramble to change up my costume, I went for it, and straight of East L.A., Cheech was born.


me and Neil, the golfer

hi 5’s holmes!

Well that was interesting I spent all day earlier helping out with the ramps for Fun Fun Fun Fest  ramps “Ride the Plank” jam. A lot of the ramps were re-used from Texas Toast. Here’s some previews:

This is going to be a blast, my long time best friend Stacey Mulligan and her boyfriend Eric rolled into town late last night from Colorado to attend this music fest, and ride bikes for the weekend! She brought her BMX bike and is ready to shred..ramps best friends and some of our favorite bands playing, this is going to be a blast!

Burly Matt, me, Cory Foust, Stacey and Eric

Neendawg and Stacedawg

…Did I already mention? This is going to be a blast!!!!!!!


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