Wild day for All Wheels Extreme shows

This past week has been SO wild and Really fun but today things got gnarly!
Scooter Jason dropped in at the wrong time and collided head on with inliner Jaren Grob during our first show of the day. (keep in mind, these dudes are each 200Jaren+lbs). Jaren busted his chin, his knee popped out and extra bummer he slammed directly onto his fresh Tattoos, and Jason got the wind knocked out of him so hard.
This was the first time ever for the crew have to cancel the show and evacuate the crowd midway through.
Jaren is a trooper and managed to make it through the last two shows.
Was able to finally get stitches 6 hours later ha!

We made it through the day!! Races back to hotel to watch the results of America’s Got Talent, thank you to everyone who answered my texts and tweets to vote! Congrats to All Wheel Sports for making the cut!! We are all SO proud of you! Your group absolutely killed it!

Crew waiting on Sharon Osborne to make the final call if they made it!!

So pumped!! Again congratulations to tr crew, It’s been an awesome adventure Covering for them while they were out there!

Last few days were pretty rad, made a visit to Afro pats “office” at American Side show tattoo. He has a sweet Jesus painting he got “for only $8!”

It was SO rad to get to catch up with homie brotha man and see what he’s upto!

Drive by this place, RIP Chenga in North Ridgeville…

Also passing through cedar point was Erica and Mason’s parkour team from Colorado, and surprise! Cosmo Dudley, an old BMX friend was leading the tour! He changed sports, what a small world! If you’re wondering what “parkour” is and have a minute the edits from their last few weeks on the road are up on
There only night in town, consisted of
Hitting 88mph on the dance floor during Romanian night at the local watering hole.

Imagine a crew of 8-10 people doing backflips back walkovers handstanding on bar stools.. The bar security didn’t know what to Think haha!
And since Dan Norvell still has a broken foot I passed him my camera to
Shoot some photos of the shows we are doing. I’ll upload some here soon, here are a few screenshots of my favs!


(haha Trevor loves these treats in between shows Hahahaha)
Here we have, Dorito and I have matching “arm bacon” ha


Jaren “the monster” Grob’s new ink from Eclectic in North Ridgeville, OH..

Looks like the crew we are replacing here at cedar Point get back tomorrow..
Until next time!


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