Ohio!! What a fun day


Group kitchen photo, best wishes to the cast members who flew to NYC this morning for the TV show “America’s Got Talent”
I believe theirs airs July 17th so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to vote!

So, the stunt show rehearsals the past few days have been kind of hectic but only getting better. The choreography is pretty wild but myself and the other replacements are starting to get the hang of it. Here is a preview of the course:

There is trampolines and a few badass “Parkour” and free running along with a Razor Scooter, an inliner, and 4 other BMX riders. If you are visiting Cedar Point anytime soon the show times everyday except Tuesdays are at 3:00, 5:00, and 7:00pm. 🙂

Since today was Tuesday the crew had off from the shows and so a bunch of us set out to ride Chenga 2 skatepark. It took forever to get everyone there between airport runs and borrowing team rental van it was nuts!
Jerren our inline/head guy must have over did it in rehearsal and tweaked his back so after the airport run we got him to Ramsey Chiropractic to see Dr.Jen and Dr.Buddy Ramsey! They were SO awesome and fixed him up right away! He went from gimping around to walking normal in under ten minutes!! Thank you Ramsey family!
Dr.B even lent me his van to go visit his son Porter at Ohio Dreams . Got to ride Chenga 2 with a handful of original Chenga homies and then last minute trip to Ohio Dreams! So fun! It’s almost 2:30am, just made it back! A long but most excellent day.. Enjoy the pics!

This is Mason at the laundromat, Parkour stuff, So wild!

Me, Paul Rad, Dorito, and Smashface Cory Welker at “the deuce”

Cory, with a rocket ice pick Barspin

Crappy photo of Paul manualing across the rail


Some of the DK Bicycles Race team was at Ohio Dreams as well.. Here’s me and Tommy Zula with the DK rig.

Dorito warned me the park was slippery before I got there but I was having so much fun I totally forgot and washed out doing an air straight to my elbow :*(
Yet another “toll to Rock and roll.” 👎

Here’s me Paul with his filthy mustache and a “shitluck” tee shirt on “if you’re scared goto church” (nice one! Campers loved it!) and Porter Ramsey, our friend and awesome shredder Ohio Dreams tour guide 👍
The drive out wasn’t too bad but I don’t think anyone who has AT&T phone service’s phone worked at all until about 30min outside of camp! Ha! If tomorrow wasnt such a long day there was a badass slip and slide used for ski jump practice into a pool, next time I am so hitting that for sure!!!!!! Thank you some of my awesome Ohio family for making today amazing! 😊 goodnight!


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