July 6, 2012, 10:43 pm
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Bananas for my homeless buddy and his clan under the tree, no $ for you dogg sorry! Keep Austin weird!

And a sweet three days home it has been! Got to hang with my man, ride bikes with my girls, witness some arm wrestling, see some fireworks and swim!
Well at this point since its not looking too bright financially for me to get a last minute ticket to Germany for the BMX Worlds I have gone with another opportunity to do stunt shows at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio for the next two weeks. It’s been a quick visit home I miss you all already! Gotta run and go pack before work tonight since I leave on one of the first flights out!

OhHh!!! Real quick, DIG BMX Magazine issue 89 just came out and I got a SIX page interview, holy cow batman that’s by far the longest one I’ve ever gotten! It’s out now in the UK, and will be out soon on this side of the pond. Thank you Ryan Corrigan for hookin me up with your subscription copy to mail home to mom 🙂 I’ll hit you back when I get another! 🙂
Here’s a preview of the first 2 pages.. Initially I didn’t realize this portrait Dolecki asked to shoot while my jaw was wired was going to be for anything other than just a fun portrait. Haha thanks Rob!


And some photos from the last few days here in Austin..

This homie named “Spanky” decked out for the 4th..

A final photo of my grill by the jaw surgeon taken yesterday for my 6 month follow up. Still numb on the bottom row but cleared and smilin again! Woohoo!! Good to go!

Here is a text between my winter roommate Dave Krone and I related to the new issue of DIG BMX mag, him and a lot of our friends and house guests all got write ups in the same issue haha!

And this was my last breakfast for awhile with Stoney this morning xo


Stay classy..Austin! Ha


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