X games weekend 2012

So after Woodward West we made our way to Long Beach, CA and stayed with our friend “B-Dubbs” [ben ward]. He was an amazing host and even had pizza waiting for us!

Thanks B! He showed us around, we hit up the MLK park, drove past VIP records (totally the record shop from snoop dogg’s music video “what’s my name” they were all standing on top
Of yeahhhh!!)

Then got some food at Pike bar, a restaurant around the corner from his crib owned by the drummer of social Distortion and ran into our modwest friends who Aaron Bostrom, Burly Matt of
Neighborhood BMX shop in the LBC shared some fish and Chips with Jess while this band killed it, steel guitar rules!

Then off to Xgames we went at the Staples center downtown LA. This year marks the 7th year for girls at Xgames having a presence, doing what we do, spreading the good word of BMX to all the young gals in the crowd at the interactive ramp park who want to try BMX. The yeah zine trip ladies held it down and had a blast. We even got to break away to watch some of men’s park and street.

While we were there, we also continued to get more signatures from Xgames fans on our petition to get Women’s BMX their own category at X games!!
Learn more and sign the online version here

Having, The legendary “Condor” aka Matt Hoffman sign our petition made my weekend!



I spent a lot of time in the sun passing around our clipboard to get more signatures, the crowd seemed baffled that there wasn’t any girls events for BMX, and overall the feedback and support is great! Just need ESPN to recognize and acknowledge us now.

Some fliks from girls BMX sessions


Long days in the sun riding and trying to gain the attention of Xgames goers to see that girls ride BMX too PLUS having minimal credentials to get around the event was exhausting!! Totally didn’t get to call or see anyone that wasn’t at Xgames this year. I guess I will just have to come back! Haha

California was a blast, so was the Yeah Zine ! We left after BMX big Air Sunday to return the rental van back this morning. Ha! LONG ass drive but we made it!

“Big Island” Mike and his beautiful gal

Me and Chick Flick bMX producer Natalie Wade rockin our HEX nano wristbands

Angie and I with some big Cactus somewhere in Arizona! Drove straight through, stoked to be back in Austin for a few days!

Donuts with Lindsay before her flight in LA..
Mountains of Arizona

I missed it here in Austin, can’t wait to see my Stoney and his doggies and wish my two bffs Adrianne Franscini and Jim Hunt a happy July 3rd Birthday! šŸŽ‚šŸŽ‰


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