Thank you Woodward West!

It is Girls Week at camp Woodward West !

The Yeah Zine Trip has been a blast so far. We got to meet up with Tammy Donahue and the rider formerly known as Miss Cory Coffey who is now Mrs.Cory McGee (congrats!)


It was great to catch up with the girls and ride with the campers! Woodward West totally hooked us up and let us come shred for a few days, wish we had more time to stay longer, this weeks crew was so fun!
Last night I rode the dirt jumps with Cory, Tammy, and all of the BMX campers!!!! Roasting marshmallows after around a bonfire was the jam 🙂

We gave out some product had a couple games of “foot down” this morning


We got a bag full of fresh ripe avocados on the side of the road..California freshness! Been adding those to every camp meal we remembered to bring em to!
Oh and SO random, Kareem J.Williams made an appearance at Woodward camp. Photo opp!!


Thank you Shawn Dorton, and everyone at Woodward for having us, Letting us follow you though the lines in the bowls and at the jumps, and for overall being awesome! Until next time..

This update is brought To you by 4 hour a traffic jam off of hwy 14 south en route to Long Beach. Ha! Hit ’em with it! Btw, Lindsay has “punched muffins” while on a riverboat trip and “cheeses” “deli meats”..”and it feels cool!”

Yup. Story Time on the road hahaha!


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