Salt Lake!!!!!!

We got to SLC, and visited “The Wood Shop” an amazing rider-owned bike shop by Cameron Wood.
I got super lucky, he happened to have a 3/8 Profile axle with some extra 14mm adapters to replace the one I broke back in Colorado Springs. Huge thanks to Cam and his buddies Rob Wise and Shawn “Elf” Waters for rigging up my wheel!
This shop is super nice, all of the displays were made by Cam from mostly free pallets and scrap wood found around town.





After the Wood Shop, we headed to Matt Beringer’s house to shred his backyard. His roommate, Ethan, hooked us up and took us through the lines, so much fun! It had been a dream of mine to ever get to ride this yard, definitely one of my top favorite backyard set ups ever!

In addition to the yard, the garage ramp was a trip as well, totally ramped out. Did some air guitar before we rode it..

Afterwards we met up with Redbull homie Fuzzy Hall and his family for dinner, thank you!!

We then raced to the Layton Park to catch the last 10min.before the lights went out to shred with a girl rider named Chastity who driven an hour and a half to ride with us!
That was awesome she was stoked I followed her for a run along with every other kid who was trying to get there last runs in. Good times!
Looks like the Hall family acquired a new furry family member, Fuzzy’s daughter Madison couldn’t let go of this stray kitten another rider found running around the fence of the park haha!! Still not sure what they are gonna name him/her, “Tranny” cat? haha


This morning we woke up and Lindsay made us breakfast, thanks girl!

Then her Angie and I pedaled down to the Tanner trails to scope them out, pretty cool spot!!! Hopefully we can find someone to follow through the lines later today 🙂 the hike back up the mountain was INTENSE!!! Glad I ate three pieces of French Toast for breakfast ha!


Thankfully we conquered the hill!!


Just loaded the van, picked up Mini and Jess, and now we are headin to the Layton park to ride with Chastity and anyone else who is down! 😄 been a rad day 6 and 7 of the #yeahzinetrip


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