Broken Axel and filled with Pizza

After driving through the night and sleeping in Pueblo we woke up with the sun and finished the final hour of driving. We made it to Memorial park and had almost the entire place to ourselves!
I’m super bummed I broke my axel mid grind down one of the rails there and rolled my ankle pretty bad. I must have done the rail at least ten times just fine but I guess I’ve just been grinding SO much since I got those hub guards the axel finally blew up.

20120618-150837.jpg 😦

But!! The best part of this crappy situation was that Duncan Gore, Colorado Springs legend and longtime friend came to save the day! He showed up to loan me a spare rear wheel he had until I find another axel. My DK BICYCLES teammate Dane Beardsley showed up with some other flat landers and rode with us. I mainly just took photos since my ankle blew up too


Then Duncan hooked it up and took us to Louie’s for Pizza!!! That ruled!! Thanks Dunk! Here’s him with his kiddies 🙂


And now we are off to Denver to pick up Jessica Ausec!!! So stoked!!


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Hub guards. Work well

Comment by AdamHoughBMX

yup, hub guards work well until your axle breaks ha!

Comment by Nina Buitrago

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