Hey Austin, TEXAS TOAST is coming!

While we were in Barcelona, Jessica and I made our way to this single speed BMX/fixie shop and saw our new friend Jaume who came with Bea Ibanez (1st place FISE). The name of the shop is 360 BS and this is the link to their blog which covers their trip to FISE 

He also hooked us up with some sweet plastic pedals from 

(muchísimo gracias!)

here we are out front of the shop with Jaume..

Bea, from Barcelona has a rad photo up on the Radio Bikes site doing a no-footed can over the spine, and kills it, mostly riding trails. Jaume sent me this pic of her and I at FISE..

L-R Nina (2nd), Bea (1st), Angie (3rd)
Now that I am home, I’m looking at the calendar to see what is next, looks like YEAH zine is doing a trip in June from Austin to Xgames, The masters are middle of July in Cologne, Germany, then NIKE is doing a contest that will have a girls demo at Huntington Beach during the US open of surfing again this year at the end of July.  Looks like I need to get back to work..oh and low and behold this most excellent event coming up in October:

Click here for the details on the Odyssey site 🙂

Someone want to plant me a money tree in the yard so I don’t have to work any more? hahaha



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