Montpellier! Ouis Ouis!
May 16, 2012, 8:58 am
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After a long day of traveling on the bus from Barcelona, we made it to Montpellier bus station. Our pick up wasn’t there, so we took a tram aka the “TAM” to the central train station where we waited a few hours but thankfully ran into two homies from the USA, AJ Anaya and Dustin (not sure his last name) who were able to message their guy to pick us up as well. PHEW!! Small awesome world of BMX to the rescue!

Here’s a few photos from the bus, this guy in front of me was super nice to let me stow my bag on the floor next to him since the seat was empty, but after awhile, I realized the “toll” was his grimy bare ass feet got to rest on it most of the trip. Eeew!


I also wanted to share this write up on the Tender Trap our friend Darryl Nau‘s new bar got in the NY Times:     Pretty awesome, I can’t wait to visit this place next time I go home to NY! Go Darryl Go!

So we are awake now in Montpellier, our bikes are built, and it’s time to go register for the contest and explore FISE! If you haven’t already checked out this website and the little web teaser video they have on the home page, do it now! haha this is going to be crazy!


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