May 14, 2012, 7:22 pm
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Hey Jess, screw the map, there is a sweet azz wall ride RIGHT behind you!

I am really excited to be back here in BCN, I haven’t been here since 2005 when I came to visit Stacey Mulligan while she was studying abroad! She took me all over town, so much looks familiar but definitely miss you as a tour guide Stace!!

Aside from dodging crazy scooters, taxis and buses, so far so good! Jessica Ausec, Angie Marino and I are pedaling around Barcelona for the next 17 hours. It’s beautiful weather but cooling down fast. Made it back to the hostile to grab a hoodie and post this quick little update. I have €39 left for one week after my bus fare to FisE in France. We leave tomorrow. Haha “are you gonna eat that?” may be my new motto for the next week ha! Headin back out to the streets!


This statue of Christopher Columbus pointing towards the “New World” actually has him pointing in the WRONG direction ha ha so naturally we had to call “dude” out ha

To be continued…


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