Summer is here
May 7, 2012, 5:57 pm
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When it’s still 92+ degrees after 8pm at the beginning of May, I believe it’s a safe bet to say we have skipped Spring and Summer has officially arrived in Austin.
Issue 5 of Yeah Zine is Due out in June and has been in the works since the Fall. Brace yourselves hehe


This weekend was super busy. Friend Rob got to town Saturday afternoon, it not only was cinco de mayo, and Kentucky derby but also the pecan street festival (aka 6th st becomes a huge street fair for 48hrs).
I ended up attending Stoney’s friends wedding congratulions Roy and Mary


Yup, I wore a dress.

Then my friend from the UK, Ian aka “Kag” is driving across the USA from California to NY and had arrived in Austin for his first time. Aussie Adam
Was feeling coordinated enough to come out for his first pedal around town we hit up housepark (a scorcher!) and then Barton Springs. Fun times!


The first part of Sunday while the dudes were at housepark was pretty sweet, I made some Veggie kabobs And stopped by Ruben Castillo’s birthday party. Ruben is a BMX legend and so naturally most of his homies in attendance were too haha! It was pretty awesome to hear is dad share stories from back in the day when him and Rubens mom would work concession stand at the AFA contests. The one I remember most was why they call Pete Augustin, “disgustin Augustin!” haha apparently that guy Mooned Rdoggs mom and dad and from then on disgustin Augustin stuck ha
Anyway Rdoggs lady Kdogg hosted a nice party For him and his closest friends and also it was his cousin franks birthday. Here’s the cake:




To end the night we pedaled around downtown and heard Social Distortion playing live at Stubbs BBQ. Aussie Adam and Rob hid their bikes in the bushes out back hopped a fence to the venue and tried to act casual haha but it wasn’t Long until at least 16 dudes escorted them out Hahahaha so funny!

So just killin time we all pedaled to top of parking garage across the street the music was so loud it was like we were watching it live. Got our own bicycle parking spot
br />;

20120507-151232.jpgour view
A fun weekend indeed! Great to see a bunch of friends and ride bikes and have good weather. Woohoo!


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