Trifecta Tuesday
May 2, 2012, 3:55 pm
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Tuesday was rad, started off at the “airport mini” ramp with Stoney and Dani where Dave Krone was already shreddin his new cult set-up. Dani and I worked on opposite airs, she started learning 5-0 stalls and Stoney dialed in his front 5-0 grinds.



Krone being lazy taking the ruckus to the water fountain 10 yards away ha!

After airport mini, we met up with some Arkansas skater homies and our boy Todd at an undisclosed backyard ramp location..Hollywood had already knocked himself out by the time we got there..maniac.

Todd..”extra terrestrial”


Dani and I just chilled at the backyard ramp as we weren’t officially “cleared” to ride it with pegs. wah. So her and i just rested up until the third stop of the day, housepark. We rode from about 6 til 10pm, wild session! The lights at housepark at night by the way are horrible haha but we still had a blast! Miss Mo Malone came out for last hour and graced us with her fast lines in the bowl.

I must say it is a miracle I can walk I am so sore hahaha but here’s some random pics from the last few weeks I forgot to post. No captions needed ha!





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