Thank you all for helping!

Man, I just really wanted to say thank you to everyone that sent me get well messages, donated $, and helped me through the broken jaw recovery. I thought I knew how awesome BMX was before, and I never imagined I would be anyone that the community would have to pull together for to help out but man you all saved my ass!! Living “check to check” and with no dental insurance, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have ended up partially toothless and homeless without your help! So I just wanted to say thank you, it means so much that so many people care and from all over the world! (French fries crew Ouis Ouis!) Good karma does come back your way eventually!!
Okay okay enough cheese sorry ha!
My good friend, teammate Etnies BMX and DK Bicycles Brian Kachinsky auctioned off his bike yesterday on EBay to help me with my dental bills! So freakin awesome!! It sold for enough to cover most of my one tooth that got broken in half during the crash that makes my mouth like an electric fence if I’m not careful how and what I eat. I can’t wait to get that fixed!! Thanks B!
Homie Matt D Legacy Merch printed some “Nina B” shirts to help as well. Originally for the Trail Pirate site Halloween Jam at 9th street, now available at Empire BMX


I am almost done with this gnarly stuff! Apparently the dental rinse they gave me while my jaw was wired was really good anti microbial rinse but it turned my teeth brown almost grey! At least after last dentist visit and a good cleaning I can smile with a lot more confidence šŸ™‚ hooray for payment plans!
So far just need to wait a few months to see if my bottom front teeth will stay alive or if they will die and have to go..and get a few crowns and fillings so can finally chew without pain. If anyone needs some good tips or blender recipes send me a message! I am more than happy to share!
My best friend back in NY is a school teacher who shared my crash with her students and they sent me some rad get well art work! Thank you Ms.Suchan’s class!! Xoxo





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Nina, what’s up. Glad you’re doing better, and back on the bike. Are those benefit t-shirts still available? I went to the Empire BMX site and couldn’t find it. If so, let me know cause I’d like one.

Comment by Damian

Heyo Holmes! Yah I don’t think there’s a link on the site but I think if you order by phone they can hookit šŸ˜‰ cheers man thanks!!

Comment by thrillerburrito

Hey Nina ! I was checking out your blog and I realized I never received my tshirt šŸ˜¦ I was just wondering if that was normal and maybe you guys had just forgotten, if so don’t forget me ! I totally wanna shred riding your shirt :))
I hope you’re doing going, on every level !!

Comment by Alice

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