I started a blog!
January 24, 2012, 11:04 pm
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Welp here it is, it’s finally a rainy day in Austin, TX and I started the long awaited blog for all of my adventures and photos that don’t end up on twitter, Facebook or get used for (hint hint you should visit that site ;0)

So I just started riding my BMX again, after overshooting my landing and getting sent straight to my face in the bottom of the Housepark bowl back in October, I spent a lot of my time off the bike taking photos as a way to stay involved with bikes, get more familiar with my camera, and share some rad photos with my homies.   Here is a fancy X-ray photo of my jaw I got at the dentist a few weeks ago. The metal plates look like chain links haha biker for life!

Thanks to Troy Lee Designs I am able to protect my face from here on out with one of their badass lightweight Moto-X helmets. Huge thanks they also sent me some knee pads and gloves woo!! Fancy!

So here are a few photos I’ve shot and haven’t gotten to share yet from being off of my bike..I’m sure I’ll post more, i’m seriously just stoked to even have this first post up at all!

Stoney D has been rippin up t1 ramp lately, rollin' in first run

yup, pulled up behind this truck today ha

Allied Compound beast of a roll-in, fun times!

Sometimes, you gotta wear a "Fall Risk" bracelet haha maybe I should wear one all of the time

Paul Rad getting rad over the hobbit doorway


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Do those metal plates come in the half-link model???

Comment by mike meister

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